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  1. 6'4", 21 stone and second name is Benson. It took four of us three hours to come up with that. Actually, I used to work for a dairy company...they suggested the name cheesey for my disco because I played cheesey music and worked for a company that made cheese! With my first name of Richard shortened to Dick my disco could have been called Cheesey Dick's! Another idea was CD DJ because I used CD's. That sounded too much like seedy DJ though! Anyway, back on topic. Well done England! Now watching Austin Powers II.
  2. The reason people don't complain about your LED lights dazzling them is because they aren't as bright! You shouldn't be pointing them in people's faces anyway...but that's another thread entirely! I know all the good things about LED lights, I want to love them but they just aren't that good yet. I particularly dislike the three colour only lights - red, green and blue. They look cheap to me. I've also learned that I don't care for the lack of movement. The video Daryl has linked to is a huge improvement - seven colours, gobo's, mirror movement - much more comparable to the tradition
  3. laptop on my lap, dogs on the rug, England on the box, wife in Cheshire, Adult Channel on later... :devil:
  4. I don't visit it, but I have subscribed to the forum so I get an email when someone posts.
  5. BigBen

    Lady Gaga Poll

    Ooh Robster, you've picked some classic tunes there! I love all of 'em, aside from Nick Berry! For the record, I never said modern music wasn't good. Over-hyped artists have always annoyed me and anyone who relies on their nakedness to promote themselves gets zero respect from me. If we were having this conversation 20 odd years ago I would have been slating Sabrina. Who was that Australian soap star who made a decent record but she was completely naked in the video..? That's the level I place GaGa at. OVERHYPED THINGS THAT WERE ABSOLUTELY TOSH: Blair Witch. A marketing maste
  6. BigBen

    Lady Gaga Poll

    Can't say I am the least bit surprised that the huge marketing campaign to promote a permanently half naked woman has ended up with her reaching top spot. Personally, I think she has nothing in her closet, pun intended. She can't sing, she has no persona, she can't dance and her songs, presumably written for her, are instantly forgettable. This sort of garbage would not have made the Top Forty 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years ago. I feel better now :Thumbup:
  7. Following on from yesterday...today, I've spent an hour or two at a DJ shop where I was treated to a full on light show. Blinds and shutters down, fog and haze filling the room and all lights off except for the ones we were looking at. First off, the Thin and Light is twice the size of the Kam hence the increase in both output and cost. Having seen many LED effects today I have been able to draw some conclusions. I don't like LED effects where there is no movement other than the LED's blinking on or off. Pars or fillers are OK, I'm specifically referring to effects. Therefore, I
  8. So, I've seen my first LED lights in the flesh. The situation wasn't ideal; black carpet, black walls and ceiling and no stand to get some height. The first light was the ImpossibLED. It throws out a fair amount of light, distance isn't great but probably good for LED. Coverage is excellent but you need some space between fixture and surface to get the benefit. I've been told they are too much for a small venue - like a pub. http://prolight.co.uk/images/media/11/1115/1115104/IMPO01/IMPO01-wf0.jpg They were totally silent in operation as they have no moving parts and the LED'
  9. This was meant to be funny as they did a song called Ruby. I'll get me coat. I think it could be a nice idea to recreate their wedding day and play music that is at least 40 years old.
  10. Hi Gazz. It's a real shame we aren't a bit closer, I could have done with some help and someone to have a laugh with. Not sure what I could teach you though! "...press play on CD2 when CD1 ends." :joe:
  11. I have various cases - the purple case contains the most popular CD's organised roughly by genre:cense: If it's not in there then I don't play it too often! The other cases consist of buffet style music, the Now albums, greatest hits albums, my music (as opposed to disco music), Karaoke CD's and show tunes. I also have a wallet containing all the freebie Sunday paper CD's. I carry about six cases, over 1,000 CD's, to every gig. That's why I'm moving over to PC Dj'ing! Having done one gig with a 'record player' - an 80's party - my hats are off to the 70's and 80's DJ's who carried ar
  12. That's top advice, Jason; you'd normally have to pay £50/hour for solid information like that!
  13. I cannot imagine life without my kids. They are my life. Having said that you can wave goodbye to spare time, money in your wallet, privacy, sleep, etc. Wouldn't change a thing though.
  14. Do you remember The Brat? It was a John McEnroe parody.
  15. I think the Smilies sum up the emotions I have been going through this last week! :sad: :scared: :shrug: :fear: :cense: :ouch: :wall: :hurt:
  16. Nice one, Owen. The 80's really did throw up an enormous number of truly awful songs...problem is, I like most of them..."Hold a chicken in the air, stick a deckchair up your nose..." Bliss!
  17. It's just been featured on The 100 Greatest Scary Moments on Channel 4! Number 69. It looks :poo: :joe:
  18. Brian Clough's Derby County (1972 league champions) v Brian Clough's Nottingham Forest (European Champions 79 & 80)
  19. I was gonna say kids make your hair go grey and fall out... ;) Lovely news for you both; hope it's a happy and healthy pregnancy. Mandie swears plain digestives got her through morning sickness by the way!
  20. He he he! You fell into my trap!! I've not purchased one yet...wanted to hear reactions first! I am in a state of limbo though. I do only have 1U rack space, or 3U or 4U if it's on the slanted top of the rack...but that limits the depth of the unit to less than 4". If I spend much more than £100 I would opt for something a little more substantial than the Behringer though. I think I'll just bloody leave it! Can you explain about your DBX comments please?
  21. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Compressor, Limiter, Parametric EQ, 31 band EQ, Behringer, Klark Teknik, BSS, DBX...I remember now why I've never actually got to the bottom of this subject! I have to thank you all for your time and input. If nothing else, I've learned a lot. When I first started this thread I used to get feedback two or three times a gig, mostly because of cheap gear and lack of knowledge/experience. Now, I only ever suffer feedback on the odd occasion and only when the mic is out of my hands. Nevertheless, I would like to eradicate the possibility of it happening entirely.
  22. OK, so I'm about ten years behind the rest of the world but I've just happened across DJ Mike Relm doing the "Charlie Bit Me" remix on You Tube. All I'll say is that I find it interesting and he's obviously a talented guy but aren't some of the comments, presumably from other DJ's, really bitchy?
  23. Isn't there both hardware and software that claims to be able to remove lyrics? No idea how successful it would be but maybe worth a demo in a shop or download some trial software.
  24. It does, thanks Rob. I almost always place my speakers either side of my rig or at least very close to me - safety, security, etc. It's natural for the star guest to stand in front of the rig to do the thank you's, which is fairly close to the speakers. I guess I need to try and emulate what you do - namely get them behind the speakers or, worst case scenario, level with them. Andy - those Equalisers are beasts! I suppose you pay the huge price because they are so damned good. Need to rethink my main rack...again!
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