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  1. I had vista pre-installed on my laptop when I got it.. XP soon went back on.. Found my battery life doubled when I went I went back to XP too..
  2. yeah, I always like the smoking whilst pregnant ones because I know (according to someones theory) that they won't harm me at all..
  3. Would it be a dumb statistic cos it would prove your theory is slightly off base again? Who needs to stop smoking to whine?
  4. Usually a 3pin xlr connection. (though can be a 5 pin) Go out from that into your first light, then from the first light into your second and repeat to fade..
  5. Do you mean something like freestyler or dmxcontrol to allow you to control it via dmx using the PC? In which case you'll also need a usb -> dmx dongle
  6. Look at the cities that were used for that poll. Then look more into that city, like it's unemployment, social economic groups etc etc.. Pretty unrandom poll actually. As for the you don't care if your smoking harms anyone else? What about your kids?
  7. We weren't talking about the criminal side, it was a discussion about the health implications.. And apart from anxiety or depression how does it effect the health of other people? Hell, kids steal to get money for ciggies..
  8. (for some reason my quotes broke, hence the backwards way of doing it - damn forum) Quote From NRG Roadshow Heroin, Crack Cocain, Chrystal Meth, Methamphetamine....theirs 4....Need I continue? How do they directly harm people that don't take the drug Quote From NRG Roadshow The only reason that statistcaly it kills less people than cigarettes is because the above are illegal and cigarettes are legal, and they are legal because they are nowhere near as harmfull as the above drugs. But ask yourself why it's legal, do you think that if Ciggies were suddenly
  9. But you said it was overated.. It's not.. TBH I can't see the difference between smoking around someone who then develops a smoking related illness and murder.. Except it's slower, usually.. Use the figures that ASH provide, for an anti-smoking organisation they are seriously unbiased.. Never trust the media, it's full of lies.. Also, you didn't answer my question about what action you are taking in the fight against this ban...
  10. Makes you look cool.. And why do I still have half a button across the top of my page telling me to report offensive content? What happened to the other half?
  11. Apologies if this has already been posted (I can't be bothered to read 12 pages!), but hasn't there always been an option for a pub to be non-smoking? Most don't because the smoking pubs would then take their money. Although I don't agree with the ban, I can see why a blanket ban has come into play.. Errr, apart from smoking in your work van, and posting on DJ forums what exactly are you doing to fight this ban? I remember you gave me a hard time when I worked with the people from where I work that were introducing a smoking ban (making it fairer to smokers).. That was action, pos
  12. Usually gets pointed out that they can go back inside.. Sometimes politely, sometimes not so politely..
  13. NiM

    Second Thoughts....

    Feeling Fine Got anything by Stardust - but not Music Sounds Better with You?
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