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  1. Andy, really hope your daughter is back fighting fit soon. Good luck to you and family.....
  2. I always play the original unless specifically requested for the megamix, which I played last night for the first time in about 6 years.
  3. Happy, Steve are you sure? If this forum is not for asking questions like I asked, just let me know. Anyway to anyone who was interested in how the gig went. It was a great night, that I wish could have gone on forver. The split between adults and teenages was probably 60/40 teens.. Out of the teens the spilt between male/female was probably 70/30 female. When I go to the venue, some lads were setting up "The Pod Squad", which was very much the pod used in X-factor when the contestents go in slagging off Simon Cowell. I have seen this before at weddings, but only when you go in
  4. Steve Thanks for your constructive comment. Just to let you know that yes, I speak to all my clients 10 days prior to the event. If they are unable for a meeting at their choice of venue, I always make sure we have a good conversation on the phone. On this occassion it is a surprise 18th, so I didn't feel I should actually make myself known to the party girl as it may spoil the surprise, you may think different. But instead I have spoken to her two of her best mates on the phone who have e-mailed me a playlists of the songs thay they like from 70/80/90's and 20's. The playlist look
  5. For my sins I have another 18th tomorrow night, As I always state, these are not my ideal gig, but it is an old friends daughter. Although, I do not generally take this gigs on, I do keep up to date the music, so I hope I have 'most' of the requests. I got a little scared when I read the thread of new music since now 68 as I didn't have a couple of them. Anyway, what are the must plays for my gig tomorrow night, as always your help is appreciated. Neil
  6. Cheers Gents, the ones you mention are the ones I get requested. When I spoke to her, she said they would just like a couple for old time sake, so your helpm is appreciated. I am also look forward to these suggestions......
  7. I am doing a joint 50th party in a couple of weeks. I confirmed all the details last night and she had a quite a few requests that were of the normal and I am happy with. Apart from: She wants a couple of northern soul tracks. Now I carry a about 6 cd's full of the best of Northern Soul and when somebody requests a northern soul number I pass them the cd and they choose a couple and they seem to go down well with the person who requests them. But can anyone advise me what the most popular northern soul tracks are, so that I can be prepared. She also wants a hoe down (excuse the sp
  8. I will be at the game, not missed a 'home' game during these qualifiers and I was on the verge of giving my ticket up for Wednesday, but decided that I would still go even though they could not qulaify.....Or that is how it looked on saturday morning.... Then along came Israel and changed all that...... So come on England and make sure you qualify.
  9. Cheers Brian, you help and knowledge is appreciated.
  10. I have done these in the past and they do always go off ok, with no troble. If anyone has a couple of 'must plays' for the 18 year olds it would be appreciated. Cheers
  11. Well, after taking 2 months out since my son was born, I am back this weekend and back to a function that is not one of my favourites....Yes, a male 18th? I am not a nervous person at all, apart from the opening of any function. But as a rule I do not do any 18th. For some reason, I have got two in the next three weeks, it must have been a weak moment, when their parents, whom I know asked me. So my only questions are: Do you treat these functions different to any other? What do you do prior to buffet, as the music quiz I usually have a laugh with will not suit the youngster
  12. Cheers Where do the years keep going? Or am I just getting old?
  13. I am happy to be off this weekend. Seems like an age since I had anytime to myself, Worked last night for a teachers end of year party which was great. Wife is expecting in two weeks, so I have limited the bookings to what I had already had in the diary when we found out she as pregnant. I have upset some people because when they have rang I have told them my circumstances that I didn't want to work as my wife was expecting at that time and I didn't want to be working at night as well as doing my day time job as well. I should have just said I was already working, but I am an honest
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