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  1. Three years ago I had a laptop shutdown. No real problem as the back up was on. It took what seemed like hours to play the next track but in reality it took about 10 secs, but is a LOONGGGGG time with no music. Cause.. somehow a ladies black silk scarf had covered the back cooling ports of the laptop. Rebooted and after 20mins or so went back to playing as the main player. decided to add this.... 5 yrs with laptops and this has been the only overheat issue. There have been two others 1. forgot to plug in the mains and the track stuttered as the battery warning came up as t
  2. "The dance to the greatest dance music of all time, Swing! Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Glen Miller. This partner dance can be wild and spontaneous or cool and sophisticated but never predictable. During the 1920’s Lindy Hop was the dance of black American dance halls which spread across the world in the late 1930’s and 40’s. Also known as ‘Swing dancing’ and ‘the Jitterbug’, this is the dance that GI’s used to sweep the English girls off their feet, the dance that celebrated the big band sound of WW2". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jitterbug or u tube jitterbug Try
  3. Try saying that in a court when the Crap hits the fan. The courts where there is no law, will use best practice to guide them in a ruling. See SEDA and NADJ for best practice.
  4. So more than a few cowboys then?
  5. The only one I can find fault with is with the CRB Check and even that is correct under some recommendations BUT only if there is risk of the DJ coming into a supervising role WITHOUT parents or other responsible CRB checked adults not present. It can also apply to vulnerable adults. Generally the recommendation is if you come into contact with children and/or vulnerable adults then a CRB is required. It will become law soon under new guidlines Health and Safety, if he is a limited company then it is required by law. Insurance .. Stupid not to PAT ..stupid not to and as a lim
  6. Ive Had the Time of My Life - Medley and Warnes Electric dreams - Oakley and Moroder One way or another - Blondie Love shack - B52's
  7. Jimbo55

    Sound Nightmare

    Yes you are correct but there are many other ways More HERE I will try and find the noise v's time tables
  8. Jimbo55

    Sound Nightmare

    Noise levels should be measured at the work place So if staff pass in front of the speakers collecting glasses it could be measured there. The sensible work around would be to check the sound levels and rotate the staff so that the noise limit threshold verses time is not exceeded by individual members of staff. If staff are working at a bar in the same hall/venue then the noise levels should be measured there. If Staff do not enter the hall then levels should be measured outside of the hall.
  9. Jimbo55

    Sound Nightmare

    Not been on forum for a while. I have been very busy developing other business interests with my daughter and her husband doing very well with the Dj and Karaoke side of things. As many of the you may remember I have tried to bring the issue of health and safety and in particular noise limits to the attention of fellow Dj's along with many other Dj's on this forum. If you are not an employer you may not be fully aware of the ramifications of the noise at work act and how it affects the way in which employers and therefore managers charged with the welfare of their staff. As an employee y
  10. Ring my daughter and give her my businesses. Ring my son and give him my house. Walk out of front door and say bye bye to UK. Make sure I live another 7 yrs at least so the kids do not have to pay any inheritance tax.
  11. Officially not working this New Year. At the venue that I normally do I was there purely to celebrate. Venue manager knew well in advance that I was unable to take the booking. Band was P:cense:d by 10:30 and people were fed up. Manager asked me to rescue the evening. I took over at 11:15 as gear was in house but no suitable music. Get 'Life saver CD box' from car (Never go anywhere without it) 80's set into Rock n Roll.. last play 2007 Reet Petite. 23 seconds to 00:00 start Big Ben 13 seconds to 00:00 start 10 to 0 countdown....00:00 1st bell of Big Ben. 3rd Bell start ALS. Fade down Big
  12. Make sure I fill in all my expense claims!! Lost about £1500 to the tax man last year by not keeping up to date with them. Clean out the garage Eat less, have more fun and do as the doctor says. Drive slower. Got an additional 65 miles per tank full average just by staying legal. That's just under a tenner per fill up saved. Clean out the garage Go out more without the kids...Go out more with the kids Now this is the one that really hurts.... Buy a new car that is not a 4x4. Not done that since 1976. Having said that I really like the Lexus 460 Hybrid Clean
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