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  1. Hmmmm, now that's interesting. I have, with literally one or two exceptions, everything listed above, but I would still turn down a 21st party on the basis that I don't think I would be able to do it justice. Y'see, I would imagine these young'uns would expect a load of unknown she-ite (unknown to me that is) rather than them thar bits listed above, which I would consider to be broadly mainstream since they get (got) radio airplay. I am very principled, and will not just try to grab any business just because its offered. I feel I need to be absolutely conversant with the genres
  2. Ah well, just goes to show, one man's meat is another man's poison
  3. nahhh, he needs hazard warning tape on his vehicle when he's driving it on a serious note . . . I always try to arrange it so I can tuck the legs tight into my subs. So that takes care of two of them and leaves one leg sticking out, projecting back towards my rig. But c'mon guys, which of you ever objected to the principle of showing a bit of leg, eh?
  4. OOoooooohh so cutting but I like it :bouncy: OK, its probably old and well worn, but it was new to me anyway there again, I am old and well worn, but who cares?
  5. Hmmm, King of Bahrain huh? Hope he doesn't cause any trouble because I hear he's always well-oiled
  6. Well, if I was a betting man, I'd probably say . . . "What d'ya fancy in the 2:30 at Newmarket on Saturday?" :joe:
  7. I build my own with a bargepole. You just have to watch out for the splinters. :joe: But I don't use a laptop, for all sorts of technical reasons.
  8. I agree with comment - lights will never be a USP. Only other DJs are interested in lights, nobody else gives a damn. So, ask yourself, do you build your lighting rig to please other DJs? One thing I use is a data projector which synchs to the music, running AVs, and it can obviously project pictures/images/video or written messages etc around the room. Though I don't consider this a USP, its just something I use.
  9. Yup, I noticed how blasé the Greeks were about it, as the restaurant bounced up and down a bit. Only the Brit contingent were looking like a bunch of Meerkats saying "wtf is going on here?"
  10. Agree with all the above except that I'd ask him to stump up a breakage/damage deposit too, but how much could be tricky. How far would £20/£50 go to repairs? But, when there's a wad of cash on the table to be lost, it tends to focus the mind a bit.
  11. Off topic, I know, but I didn't bring it here. Where is it Matt? I stayed in Kalamaki for 2 weeks, year before last, and it was 1-derfull (apart from the earthquake :fear: )
  12. Just adding my 2 penn'rth Dell used to make good computers, then they started to go down market and filling them with cr@p. So with the word Dell comes the words 10ft and bargepole.
  13. Unfortunately, the smoke didn't catch on to this rule, and it kept creeping over at every opportunity. So smokers still had their way, and polluted everyone else's environment with filth and nasty carcinogens. And so it forced a change in the law, albeit 50 years after it was first considered. I think the story about the "house" finding a loophole in the law is utter bull :poo: , though I'm sure many will still try it, till they get caught and fined enough times. Now for the good news. Since the smoking ban nearly 235,000 people have quit smoking. (source) So that's 235,000 who w
  14. Are you advocating that every law in the land should be broken, in fact or in spirit, or do we all just choose individually which ones we'd like to obey.
  15. I have to agree with Andy there, what he said was spot on. The DJ prices his/her gig (probably) on a cost + basis. The punter does not take into account the time, expertise, equipment, licences, tax or whatever. Its is more a simple question of how much are we prepared to stump up for a party and what can we get for that? And if it is beyond our budget we'll forget the whole idea. Andy's sixty quid Sid (do I hear a seventy quid Susan?) never took any work of anyone with his low prices. You were never going to get it anyway. And I agree there maybe a fair bit of truth in the sug
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