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  1. Acer make a cracking machine for very reasonable money. Ots do not officially support OtsDJ on Vista as yet but you can make it work if you follow theses instructions lovingly borrowed from "another place": I doubt I can link to another forum so won't bother but would suggest Googling "OtsDJ Support" would be a good idea and should help point you in the right direction for all your Ots related questions. smile icon Can't tell you about any other programs I'm afraid as I don't use them.
  2. A "proper politician" is in charge at last... :ads:
  3. I have read most of Gary's posts across a number of forums and if he can get in a dig he will, he is the one who is finding it hard to be objective. Rubbish, I have bit my tongue for over 4 months on this very subject whilst reading jibe after jibe from Gary about how laptop/PC users are somehow "inferior" and that the new Denon is the best thing since sliced bread and a cure for all world ills... Enough already! Big up your product by all means but stop insinuating that people who don't use it are not worthy/less professional etc. etc. etc. Take the blinkers off
  4. So all the users of OtsDJ/PCDJ etc were not running their music professionally prior to 2007? You work for Denon, have a new product to push and don't like laptops and DJ Software, we get it already! :wall: Has anyone ever told you that trying to plug your product and do down every other possible hard drive solution in nearly every post you make is becoming very very boring? Yawn... :zzz:
  5. It all depends on who you talk too. I have been informed by a number of Digital DJs across the pond (and by a few of the tech guys here) that WD are proving to be much less reliable (for stand alone drives that is) than Seagate. It is also worth noting that Maxtor, one of the other major players, are owned by Seagate and all Maxtor units now have Seagate drives inside.
  6. Two points I would make in relation to the survey: I believe there has been a significant increase in the number of couples choosing to marry abroad due to the cost of marrying here, most of these will return to the UK and still have a "reception" with a disco. Secondly, after studying the figures and small print on the Office of National Statistics website I can only conclude that the above marriage figures does not include Civil Partnerships. There has been a considerable growth in these "unions" over 2006 and I believe that this trend will continue in 2007/8. Th
  7. Gary, many DJs like using a laptop with a software solution, have had zero issues with their set ups no matter what the temperature in the venue and are not interested in buying your new Denon unit. Get over it! :moon:
  8. Chris I hope you don't mind me mentioning what I am about to post, but I feel it is relevant so here goes. I visit a Wedding Forum reguarly and last year I read with interest a thread entitled "How Much Is Your Disco?" which had Brides from across the UK explaining what they were paying. The cheapest as I recall was £125 and the most expensive just shy of £500. There are lots of reasons that the thread stuck in my head but there was one thing I saw I remember thinking to myself "I have to tell him" but I never got round to it. :aa A young B2B was enthusing about the profession
  9. I respect your position and understand your points, I really do, I am my own worst enemy when it comes to discussing the "North/South" thing, I can't help stating my mind! So... So you know what your usual clientèle will pay for an evenings entertainment, but you don't know what everyone in your area will pay, that's the difference. But not all? So someone in your area is earning more money per gig then? The thing is, until I stumbled across the website of another company in Surrey that was charging £395 a gig (that was 5 years ago), I would never ha
  10. Jose (Pepé) Reina Netminder with an impressive 19 shutouts this regular season. Save average of .854 in last five outs. Replaces New Jerzy Dudek as first-choice goaltender after veteran's series of high-profile handling errors. Nicknamed after Pepé Le Pew, the cheese-eating surrender skunk. James 'The Minister Of Defense' Carragher Captain of defense and native 'Scouser'. 2963 minutes of field time with powerplay change-up stats of 5-6-3. Awesome displays in penalty zone versus aerial offense plays. Awesome displays at club Christmas parties. Distribution ranked only 245th in EP
  11. I don't agree, you are just talking to the wrong people. There are plenty of people in Surrey where I live and work who want to pay less than £150 for a disco and will find people to do it. I'm not interested in working at that figure so I don't get involved. When you buy a car you have a choice, you might look at a used car, a reasonably priced new car or a Porsche 911. Each vehicle will get you were you want to go but you have a budget and will go with the car that suits your budget best. You can shop in Aldi, Tesco or M&S, they all sell you food but all target dif
  12. Just a thought for you to ponder, albeit a very basic assumption... If you go out for £125 a time and entertain up to 800 people over 4 gigs you are indeed putting yourself in front of a larger potential client base than if you do one £500 gig in front of 200. However, assuming that most people move within similar social circles you are putting yourself in front of 800 people who are only probably prepared to pay £125 for a DJ. Likewise the 200 people at the £500 gig are more likely to pay top dollar for entertainment if they have a party. Think about it, if you are entert
  13. UK DJ's charging a realistic fee for their services shocker... :scared:
  14. All the best for the day Pete, unfortunately I am already booked but if anything changes I will try and get along for a pint and a sausage roll. Good luck to you both. :Thumbup:
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