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  1. due to the ban has this effected any attendance in the function room at all over the duration of the night? what promted thid thought is a wedding i did last week whereby virtually 3/4s the guests spent there time out on the venues patio rather than in the function room including the B & G, leaving the function room with only a few guests to work with where only the last half hour after prompting the B & G to have a dance together (there 1st dance was at the begining) as the night was drawing to an end with the rest of the guests. the night was an overall success with who i had to work
  2. A fellow dj and friend has come across a pair of wireless microphones and receiver system and after testing it out with him it seems very good and the range of the signal outstanding as we tested it out yesterday in the morning before a gig last night. (Up to around 30 meter, we went on the far end of the venues car park and the signal was crystal clear in the function room). From the manual the manufacturers are..... Doules Electro-acoustic technology company (Professional wireless microphone system) I have not heard of this company or seen any of there products till now therefore
  3. i like it something decent from a reality tv contest for a while......my opinion
  4. they really hack me off the only consolation is that they are not an added irritation on day time tele like them continuous.......... Have you been hurt or injured in an accident we can help with our fully qualified team with a no win no fee policy claim ............adverts
  5. was asked last week well mivered to play ball room blitz so i played it near the end as the floor was pretty good throughout the night and didnt want to risk a clearance as i wasent sure how it would go down well after many requests over and over again by the same woman i played it.... guess what happened but i saved the day by getting them back up any how smile icon p.s. :bouncy: cracking one liner
  6. Do you like sports or a sport that bores you ? i find that playing a round of golf in your head drops me off (not that i dont like the sport) sounds weird i know but why not smile icon
  7. i,am just under 6 foot and 10 and half stone average build. been told in the past i look intimidating due to very short cropped hair and unfortunatly i half multiple scars on my head (from an accident) but in reality i,am properly the most get on with guy ever
  8. evening all so the script is my good friend wants ideas for a cheeky stich up for his father as he is re-newing his vows after 20 years of marrige so the day is going to be spent at haydock races for the day and then back to our local at the night so my friend (the son) wants some cheeky light hearted gag or act for all to witness.... so any ideas? (stipper out of the question though or trying to leave him bearing all to make his way back to the local also out of the question as he,s 6'7 and weighs over 15 stone :flex: ) it is this saturday so roll in the ideas please cheers
  9. i found out the new series of smallville is on E4 sunday nights now ................... :hide: :ads:
  10. now then is this what i should be doing? unit 1 (the master unit?) dip switch no 1 on ONLY or both 1 and 10 ONLY unit 2 ALL switches OFF unit 3 switch 10 on ONLY unit 4 ALL switches OFF ??????????? And by doing this will make the units alternate diredctions on change patterns, colour etc etc i.e...... unit 1 move UP - DOWN , LEFT - RIGHT unit 2 move DOWN - UP , RIGHT - LEFT and vise - versa for units 3 and 4? cheers for the in put and will give it a go, will report back with results if any smile icon
  11. evening all sttraight to the point, recently purchased a 4 set acme dynamo scanner system with a basic CA-8 controller hte problems are as follows ..... 1. once plugged in they just go through the sequence of colours and gobos etc with no movement so tackling this by switching the dip switches on the following sequence unit 1 switches 1 and 10 on unit 2 switches off unit 3 same as unit 1 unit 4 same as unit 2 intern leads me to problem 2. no change at all same actions in the previous sentence Although i then procede to this .... unit 1, 2 and 3 swic
  12. do you mean unit i..... dip switch 10 on unit 2 dip switch 10 on off unit 3 dip switch 10 on unit 4 dip switch 10 on off as DJ 007 surgessted? via unit 1 being the master and the rest slaves? how would you set this? my lighting knowledge is also very rusty What setting do the other dip switches have to be or is that N/A i.e. dip switches 1-9? also once i get the controller deliverd would that solve the functioning issue i.e. what sequences off colours, gobos and changes off patterns i want the lights to perform?
  13. i have recently bought the 4 head scanner system and happy with it although i,am having a problem with getting them to do alternate movements instead of all the lights moving in the same direction and the manual may as well be in italian for me as i dont find it much help although thats mostly down to me i guess All i can think of is it something to do with the dip switches on the bottom of the unit? reasons being firstly when dilivered the ca-8 controller was missing so had to run them on sound to light souley, although this was just to make sure they were working. therefore plugged t
  14. Mixer above for me just for reasons i dont acidently knock a volume slider or other control when pressing play or track serching etc but in my mind i dont think it really is an issue which ever way round just whats more comfortable for you, many cases these days have ajustable tilting of both mixer and cd console at a variety of angles to suit your preference anyway
  15. i have seen this happen frequently with guests not getting up for it around the 10ish o clock time at doo's i,ve done but had them tapping feet and miming the words to songs in there seats and to me its frustrating at times
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