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  1. Cheating a bit played Final Countdown upto midnight then the Chimes followed by Auld Lang Syne here'e the next three Hooked on Scotland - Scotland the Brave March of the Mods which they all did the conga to then the Hokey Cokey Anne
  2. I too had a great night. Lots of dancing really wide range of music starting with swing while they were eating diner then I tried something a little different, a request session while they were eating. This gave them the chance to choose the music and not necessarly dance to it and it gave me an idea what sort of music they liked this went down very well. Elaine Paige and Barbars Dixon is not known as a great dance track but it was a couples fav tune and it made their evening. Many favourable comments both to myself and also the hotel owner. Still smiling Happy New Year
  3. There, there, there take yourselves off to bed with a nice hot waterbottle, a hot toddy, a good book, box of tissues, big quilt a couple of Lem sips (follow the instructions this does contain paracetamol). No phone, TV, music, computer or radio and get better. Or do it the girly way Get Up - go to work - tidy the house cook the dinner sort out the kids then look after the man with man flu MEN tongue out icon Anne
  4. Happy New Year keep up all the good work and the good advice :love: Anne
  5. That Proclaimers one about 5000 miles. I'm a good DJ me! Anne
  6. Snoopy is my favourite tongue out icon Anne
  7. Hi I know it's been a long time since I put fingers to keys on the forum so I had a few moments to browse and couldn't resist saying Hi again I've been quite busy lots of kids parties which appear to be my main bread and butter in the mobile world, still working full time and running the card making business. Slight problem fell and cracked a rib made for an interesting end of kids party but junior carried on I went home in ambulance but ever the show girl kept on smilling for the kids before you start thinking compo I fell over my feet on my way back from the shops. No one saw me
  8. Hi A Bug too Pure sound DAB radio Lovely Anne
  9. AJS Mobile Disco


    A good web site daughter is off to listen to the tracks You Can Call Me Al is on there Anne
  10. AJS Mobile Disco


    NRG were the live entertainment at DJ North. Sorry if this has been already said but they were very loud still very good but very loud http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/headphone.gif . Even the council man laughed when he told them to turn down the volume from 125dbs to 88dbs. My daughter thought they were great! You Can Call Me Al was the last one in their set. Very good if you get a chance to hear it/play it go for it! Anne
  11. Hi Folks long time no mailing but I will be turning out on Sunday. Got a wedding on Saturday so match sticks at the ready. I will look out the Denon stand hope to see some of you there. Annex
  12. Beachboys - Good Vibrations
  13. I always take my CD's out and put them somewhere safe. My thinking equipment can be replaced but it took me years to collect and develop my music collection. Anne
  14. Why to DJ have all the rhythm when it's the Catholics who need it http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/amen.gif Anne
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