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  1. Hi guys I have posted this on here before but it's still gathering dust in a cuboard so thought I would place it on here again and also this missus is goind mad that I still have not sold the equipment So For Sale is the following : - 1 x Citronic CD1X CD+G Karaoke CD Player (19" Rack Mountable) 1 x Numark 200FX Mobile DJ Mixer 1 x Road Ready Case (Houses Mixer CD players and space for laptop) 1 x Pair of W-Audio PSR 15 Active Speakers. (With Padded Bags so as new) 1 x Pair of Soundlab 300 watt passive plastic speakers (Backup Speakers hardly Used) 1 x Warrior DA800 (400 W
  2. Depend on how much you have got to spend I know somewhere when you could get complete kit for £1500 hint hint !!! Including dmx lights, 2 lots of speakers one set passive one set active. laptop (including OTS DJ Software) external hard drive, star cloth etc.. dual cd-g players (disco & Karaoke), mixer, stands etc... pm me for full list and pictures of kit avaliable. Cheap Plug I know but missus wants rid of gear now I have decided to hang up the headphones.
  3. Hi Guys For some of the older forum members who recognise me hello and I have decided to finally hang up the headphones due to conflict with new job I am now doing. The Gear has been listed on ebay here :- CLICKY If of interest to anyone on here let me know and Im sure we can sort out a discount for fellow DJU member. If gear successffuly sales also got a IBM Laptop loaded purely with OTS DJ (Geniune Copy with licensce) for Sale and a 80gb external Hard Drive (Looking for around £500 ono) Also for any of the guys in the North West Area I do have 5 gigs already c
  4. Have listed complete system / gear on Ebay if any one interested ?? If it dosn't sell may consider offers for individual items. Clicky
  5. Hi Guys and Gals After very careful consideration I have decided to hang up my headphones. So because of this I have the following up for grabs ideally im looking for someone to buy the lot as I dont want to be left with one disco light, pair of speaker stands etc........ So For Sale is the following : - 1 x Citronic CD1X CD+G Karaoke CD Player (19" Rack Mountable) 1 x Numark 200FX Mobile DJ Mixer 1 x Road Ready Case (Houses Mixer CD players and space for laptop) 1 x Pair of W-Audio PSR 15 Active Speakers. (With Padded Bags so as new) 1 x Pair of Soundlab 300 watt
  6. Hi All, Thought I should re introduce myself as it has been at least 6 months since I have posted on here and there are quite a few new members. I have been Djing for the past 10 years mainly wedding entertainment, 6 months ago I decided to go back to being a part time DJ as I have a young family and didnt want to spend every single weekend out and not be able to do anything with them. So I went back to the real world of a 9-5 job what a nightmare that has been !!!!!! First Company Field Sales Job in Telecoms (What I have done previously) All went well till suddenly company went
  7. Well as a proud owner of a pair of W-audio 15" all I can say is well chuffed for the money, Nice sound in my opinion (all tho I know sounds is a very independant thing), Most of my gigs are weddings for 100 - 150 peeps and the pair of them work fine without subs etc..... Even with them just postioned on the floor and not on stands there is enough volume to push out without them ever going near to clipping. The only negative is the weight of them they are on the heavy side compared to some cabs ie the Mackies etc...... But Weight against cost the decision is yours ? Half th
  8. desperatedan

    Dire Straits

    Also a Fan but dont often get to play them at a gig, very often tho use sultans of swing whilst sound checking as works well with checking lighting, making sure dmx is working etc....
  9. Can only add to all the positive comments already expressed concerning DJ Show North. 2nd Year me and my partner vikki have attended. Good to meet up with you again Paul (High Fidelity) and see you looking so well. Thanks to Gary for the excellant demo of the Dennon HD, very nice piece of kit and was nice to actually see it in the flesh so to speak. Agree some of the Prolight LED effects where very impressive and certainly may see an investment in those shortly. Also although saddly there was no free ice creams from prolight this year I did win a pair of headphones on the hoo
  10. Ive been doing more and more weddings also ed and I have downsized my whole set up which is proving popular with most B&G's. I give the option of both set ups and I would say 80% are going for the small sutle set up rather than the full on disco. - Light wise I've only been using 4 maximum which are 2 NJD Datamoons and either 2 barrel effects or 1 scanner and 1 barrel
  11. Dont Panic Paul me and vikki will be there again like last year and we havent given up the dreaded weed yet either
  12. Yeah I'm aware of the nightmare Tiscali are hence reason for poll.
  13. Just to see peoples opinion with there being so many different deals out there some with broadband some with free calls etc ??? Currently Im with Pipex for phone and broadband one price covers the lot and get free calls to local and national numbers - But Pipex have just been sold to Tiscali (Not heard one good thing about them) so maybe I will be looking to change sooner rather than later.
  14. Just a wedding tonight at Thornton Hall for me. But Steve the S&H Booth looks really grand and vikki says you better keep it looking nice and new ready for 2009
  15. Cant comment on the class d speakers, But as a owner of a pair of the W Audio PSR - 15 I can say that I have been very impressed with them for the money. So much so I am using them more and more as my main spekaers even tho they where originally brought for back up purposes. The only negative I have with the W Audio PSR - 15 is the weight they are certainly not the lightest active speakers out there. (30kg) But they do have good strong carry handles and come with a impressive decent padded protection bag. I know sound is a individual thing but I have been more than happy with th
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