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  1. As long as there are weddings there will be a demand for mobile discos.
  2. Yephttp://planetsmilies.net/vicious-smiley-1821.gif
  3. That is now correct, as the Dangerman Sessions was a collection of covers.
  4. You might want to check our source It's not their first new album in 10 years, the Dangermen Sessions came out in 2005, making it their first new album in 3 years. & baggy stars???? Wouldn't that make them something like the Stone Roses of Inspiral Carpets? I can see where they're going with that though, an attempted (failed) reference to Baggy Trousers, but the wording makes them seem like a completely different genre. It's old news anyway, It's been advertised on their myspace page for weeks. The Plan is to play the album in full (in album running order) then finish wi
  5. Not at all, I have a motorcycle in my garage, at the moment I choose not to ride it. I also have a laptop which I take to gigs, I choose not to play music from it. At last, the voice of reason
  6. I wonder how many would ask for that if they realised it was about a junkie?
  7. As does Can U dig it by PWEI
  8. Crazy horses is a classic. Nuff said.
  9. We request a link back, it's not a condition of having a link to your site. There's a big difference.
  10. I don't have a link from here to our site. I won't be dictated to & believe in a "forced" link back is unethical.
  11. Somebody did it on that guilty pleasures show last week (can't remember who it was& I've taped over it now) But possibly what is causing the confusion?
  12. Corabar Steve

    Leona Lewis

    Isn't it for charideeeeeee? Has anyone got the whole album? Is there anything on there that's up tempo enough to actually dance to?
  13. Backup mainly, but I have always worked with 4 decks since I went over to CDs (one playing, two cued & waiting & one for faffing about with) & the habit stuck. Started up as just backup & one gig I thought there here, I might as well use them & I've been doing it ever since. Ouch! One thing I've never left in the van or trailer (when used) is my music. That always goes back indoors. Most of the replacements have arrived the rest should be with me tomorrow morning.
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