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  1. Kashmir is one of my favourite Zep tracks. I saw an amazing guitarist play an acoustic version at a festival a few months ago - incredible!!!! Jack.
  2. I charge the same hourly rate regardless of the duration of the gig. Makes life simple. Jack.
  3. Well I eventually bought a pair of Etymotic Research ER-6i in-ear earphones and I have to say I'm impressed. http://www.etymotic.com/ephp/er6i.aspx I used them at a gig for the first time last night and I really liked them. The attenuation is stated as 34 - 36db and it certainly felt that way. I swapped the flanged tips for the foam ones and the sensation is exactly like wearing those little scrunch up plugs you get in factories. They block out a huge amount of the sound from the PA but the audio from the cue channel on the mixer is nice and clear. I could also hear people when they aske
  4. That's more like it - I think I need a SPL meter LOL
  5. This week, I have mostly been listening to: Alabama 3 - Outlaw (love it to bits) Athlete - Tourist The Frames - Burn the Maps Jeff Buckley - Grace (have to bring it out every so often) Cheers, Jack.
  6. I completely agree with Paul on the value of Adwords advertising. While it does drive large volumes of traffic to your site, the number of people who go on to do whatever it is you want them to do can be very small. We have seen our traffic drop back to a much higher level after we stop a campaign, suggesting that at least some of the people who clicked through come back, but whether they are a good ROI for the future is still to be established. I see Eskie is running Adwords at the moment - how's it working for you? (I saved you some money by not clicking on your link BTW) Cheers, Ja
  7. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/oops.gif Shows you how much I know about search engines ROFLMAO. What also strikes me as weird is that your search "funky house dj" (without the inverted commas) has you at number 2, but "funky house dj woking" has you outside the top 500. You would have thought that making the search term even more specific by adding a word from your Home Page would have increased your ranking. I can only assume the spider isn't seeing certain parts of the text due to the way the pages are built. I'll go back and sit in the corner now http://www.dj-forum.co
  8. I agree with the points made above. I wouldn't concentrate so much on the price as what this person has created for others. As we all know - we can build our own sites for next to nothing. I'd encourage you to look at their previous work, see how these sites have fared with search engines and make your decision from there. Graphic design, layout and content are worth paying for and I'd say that was a cheap price. Cheers, Jack.
  9. Good idea Gary! My situation has been covered above. Cheers, Jack.
  10. I think the ones at the top are just the No1 or No2 - I'm running a Google Adwords campaign at work at the moment and we appear at the top of the page for quite a few searches where we score highly. Either that or they rotate the top scoring sites. The minimum cost per click is 5p, so it needn't cost a fortune. of course, depending on what the competition are bidding, 5p might get you listed at No 20. There is a tool that will estimate your adwords ranking depending on the cost per click and the search terms - you can use this to tweak your ad so you pay very little and show in the top 5.
  11. No offense Paul, but Google only has 5 pages in its index linking to your site and only your Home Page is indexed. As both links in and number of pages indexed affect your page rank it looks like Google ain't doing you any favours. This is borne out by the fact that typing in the query "paul velocity woking" (which no-one looking for a DJ will do, but it gives the engines something to look for) finds you at No.1 in Yahoo (well done) but nowhere to be found in the top 500 in Google or MSN. Cheers, Jack.
  12. Good points Ian, As you suggest, I'm using a laptop to save ME hassle, time, effort. Sure, I could justify some sort of cost increase if I had 10 times more songs available than someone using CDs, but I doubt that's true at the moment. However, there are plenty of Djs on this forum using CDs who are charging far more than I am - so I don't think the two things can be linked that closely. The prices we all charge are governed by lots of things, but the gear we use is probably way down the list - we use the gear we use for mostly personal reasons. The extra license is just another cost to be
  13. QUOTE (DJF @ Sep 13 2005, 12:21 PM) putting police on petrol stations and limiting the amount of fuel. last time sum stations where £10 and some £20 I think they should do the opposite - it's people filling up when they don't need to that are causing the queues. I filled up this morning 'cos my tank was empty - it cost over £50. If they introduce a £35 minimum, then people with half a tank wouldn't be able to fill up and, hey presto, the queue disappears :) But, of course, they will ration it and limit it to £10 and people who have 3/4 of a tank will squeeze another £10 in even though th
  14. QUOTE (ian @ Sep 13 2005, 01:52 PM) But I don't see any reason why a band can't release a CD which doesn't have that stipulation on it. For example if a band write a piece of music and then make a CD of it, they own all the IPR so they can introduce any rules about it being for domestic use only or they can choose not to. You are correct. I have written songs that have showed up on CDs that are available for sale on the Internet. As I'm not signed to a label or publisher I can decide on what people can do with these songs. You can play them, copy them, do what you like with them (altho
  15. Just paid 94.9p in Perthshire - 92.9p at Tesco
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