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  1. Hi all I've jacked in the DJing and sold all my gear. Now it's time to sell my music. I've got almost 5 complete case logic cases of CDs holding up to 100 per case. This would be a great buy for a newby. It would take forever to list exactly what's in there, but I can do it upon request. The collection covers music from the 40s up to about 2006. One box is just dedicated to 70s and 80s. I've got most of the now that's what I call music collection from Now 11 to 57. i've got mastermix Prodisc 29 to about 70. You can contact me either by e-mail f
  2. Hi folks I don't actually do any DJing any more, but I do have a DJ that works for me. Sadly, he's been put on long term sick and is unable to work for some time. I need cover for a Wedding near Daventry Northampton this Saturday. The gig is 7.30 till 11.30 with background music from 6 till 7.30. I'm especially anxious to get cover for this one as it's a venue that has put a lot of work our way and i really don't want anyone to look stupid or the bride and groom to have to worry. Please either call me on 01327 706648 or contact me via my contact form at http:
  3. Hi I remember doing an 80s night in the very late 90s at a local pub when I lived in Birmingham. the pub was packed week in week out. I knew the regulars, they knew me, they'd even stop me in the street to ask if was going to be there next week etc. A DJ, a good one at least, knows how to sequence his music so it creates the right tone, a bloody jukebox, whatever the format can't do that. the world's gone mad. Darren
  4. Hi Simple, he hadn't paid us, it was the brides family that had paid us. The bride had already said to ignore him because he was totally hammered. When we ask for requests from clients and guests, we're very clear that they are requests, not demands. We compromised and played 20 minutes of beatles, after the first 3 songs, the dancefloor was empty. The customer isn't always right, even if they do pay, especially drunk customers. Darren
  5. Hi all I'm not going to get into the age old price war thing again, but I really do find it odd that in Daventry where I'm based, where the DJs here are charging on average £150, how come I can charge a minimum of £250 and still have a fuller diary than i've ever had. The reason is, I don't accept the typical yellow Pages bookings where they're just after the cheapest they can find, they can get a quote and if they don't like it, they can get stuffed. I've also got a clause in the booking agreement that says any mistreatment of DJs roadie and/or equipment will result in the end
  6. Hi I've got the original 12" version on vynal and on Classic Cuts. In the Midlands it's Monkeyhouse and Tin Tin's Kiss me, and the original not the too synthetic 1985 Dr Calculus mix. Fine tracks both Darren
  7. Hi Here's my top five most requested of last year... 1. queenn, Don't Stop me Now. 2. Sizza sisters, don't feel like dancin' 3. Pussycat Dolls, Dontchya. 4. Take That, Relight my fire. 5. girls Aloud, love machine. For kids parties, the number one request is Green Day, American Idiot, by a country mile. Darren
  8. Hi OK, here's what tends to work it's way into my list more often than others... 60s... Monkeez, I'm a believer Beatles, she loves you rolling Stones, honkey tonk woman. 70s... Earth Wind and fire, September/boogie wonderland Wild Cherry, Play that funky music blondie, heart of Glass 80s... KC and the Sunshine Band, Give it up. Jermain Stewart, We don't have to. Adam Ant, Goody two shoes Kenny Logins, Footloose. 90s... Livin' Joy, Dreamer. Bucketheads, The bomb. Take That, relight my fire/never forget. Steps, Tragedy. I like t
  9. Hi all Been a while... how do you define a good DJ/mobile disco company. At the end of the night, if the venue or the customer comes and say, thanks, everyone's been saying how much they've enjoyed themselves tonight. If the customer says they would recommend you to others. That obviously means you either met or exceeded their expectations. Regardless of how big or small your rig is, it was spot on for that occasion. Most people tend to fail because they don't realise they are there to serve the customer, they are in the business of customer service, not DJin
  10. Hi I love it when I hear this type of thing about going for cheaper options. doesn't it just remind you of going for cheaper DJ's? Having cheap web hosting is a little bit like buying cheap amps, it'll do the job, but it'll have a lot of limitations. Why do we expect customers to pay top dollar for our services but when it comes to paying top dollar for services we need, we get all scroogish. Mysteries of the mind. Darren
  11. Hi all Cheers for the responses. Ironic isn't it that yes the actual DJ work is really busy, never been better, I've just lost all my enthusiasm and passion for it, and I promised myself that I'd never do anything I wasn't passionate about, and it's now more about getting the money than DJing. Regarding the contest... I had over 200 entries so that's quite a list to shortlist, so I sent the list to several of my friends and a couple of marketing people and asked them to send me their 10 favourite names. That got it down the a final 18, it was then just a case of contac
  12. Hi all As some of you will know, I've been running a contest from my web site, web address in my signature. I've now shortlisted 5 finalists for a public vote. I'd really apreciate you popping over and placing a vote for your favourite as I really want the best one to win. the domain will be used to set up a site for a new venture I'm working on. I'll be offering a service whereby individuals and organisations will be able to build their own site for a specific event, eg. Wedding, school reunion, family get together etc. the idea is that all friends, family, co
  13. Hi Anything by Oasis. Sorry I think they're well overrated. Darren
  14. Hi james Blunt, naaa sorry doesn't do it for me. Over rated and over played. As are cold Play. For some real heart pounding sturring stuff try Within Temptation or Nightwish. alternatively, if you like more mellow oriented stuff try Rufus Wainright, absolutely masterful song writing. Darren
  15. Hi god almighty! tit for tat, grow up people! If you spent more time investing in your business, and that mean studying marketing rather than slagging off those that have done the studying, you'd probably understand why some of these marketing techniques are so damn obvious you wished you'd seen them presented ages ago. Personally I think Richard Mills has it spot on, anything that is slightly american is seen as somehow "not what we do over here" mentality. In the last 3 years or so i've made some very slight but very profound changes in how I present my services to Wedding cli
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