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  1. IMO, anyone who books a dj through an agency in the first instance for their wedding can't be serious. Don't worry about it, it wasnt your fault, you tried your best.
  2. I've got a qsc rmx2450 for sale. In mint condition, never been clipped as it's always been used with Martin m3+ which the limiters were set.. £500.
  3. Has anyone got/seen or familiar with Martin Mania EFX700? I'm after a couple of decent flower effect lights and these look to be all right. I've only seen pictures though on the web.. Cheers
  4. I've purchased from them with no problems.
  5. I took this video last week at my gig and other than the poor video quality (iphone) I think it shows the colours blue uplights and pink-ish rig lights work well together?
  6. I watched it and I have done one of their weddings, about 3 yrs ago.. I was watching Parky at 10pm due to IT finishing early.. :hide:
  7. As per subject? Cheers
  8. Anyone got any idea what dmx address the stairville 64 Led par cans from Thomann should be to have 1 master and the rest on slave? Or is this even possible? Cheers in advance.. :cheers:
  9. Top bit of kit and worth every penny, (or pound).. Not so sure I would put a shelf on mine, I don't think I'd trust it to be stable..
  10. with more and more venues not allowing smoke/haze machines which lights look effective without it? My opinion is some/most effect lighting looks inferia without smoke/haze. What lights are you using without any haze?
  11. I've got a couple of amps for sale if anyone is intersted. QSC RMX 1450 and QSC RMX 2450 Both amps in superb condition. 12 months old and been a rack for there duration. I have used a processor which has limiters on so the amps have NEVER been clipped. I think I may still have the boxes. If your interested in either or both pm me. cheers.
  12. I paid £20 each from maplin. I guess with the price and the cable width they are quality. Had no problems as yet (as I touch the wooden counter).
  13. Does anyone have any experience with Alto amps or American Audio amps they could share with us? Cheers
  14. Well spotted. By the way, I DON'T think the stand in the poll is to expensive considering how much as S&H is.. At the end of that day, they both do the same job (hide the mess)
  15. Your link isn't a dnx 500.. THIS IS THOUGH. I use a dnx 500. Great mixer, never had a problem (as I touch wood)...
  16. Going back to the original question. Without sounding snobbish, I believe it makes a difference in the quality of the PA you are using. I use original CDS, however some of them are recored inferia to others and as I say on a decent PA you can hear the quality (or lack of) in some CD's.
  17. I too also have an s & h booth.. Expensive but with out a doubt the best piece of kit I have ever purchased. Have a look at some pics on my site to get an idea of what it looks like in action. CLICK ME A cheaper alternative, CLICKERTY CLICK
  18. Latest You were spot on McCardle. I went to see my GP this morning. He said more or less what you quoted above. The main problem was adrenalin, which was coursing anxiety and resulting in my throat to become blocked. He has given me some tablets which if I take 1.5 before a wedding this will slow the adrenalin down. The human body is a strange thing, we can be stressed about something and not even know it. I understood the quack as I know I get a little stressed only because I want the wedding to be perfect. Thanks for your help Mac, I wouldn't of gone the doc but for you
  19. Very interesting, thank you.. I guess doing wedding I do suffer some kind of stress (even though I'm not nervous). I want it to be perfect and I guess I could be stressing whether something will go wrong? I reckon I defo have a vitamin deficency! I don't eat correctly.. It all makes sence. It does only happen when I'm doing a wedding. I DJ in a pub midweek and don't suffer from the problem then. The pub is defo not as stressful as a wedding. Thanks for the advise, off to the quacks I go..
  20. When i start a night i seem to get flem in the back of my throat. It can be heard when i start on the mic. After a while when I do more mic work during the night it loosens up and my throat is clear. Anyone know of any remedies to avoid this from the start? I think am getting old, lol
  21. I got asked by a singer friend of mine if I wanted to go out to Corfu until October working with her. Unfort I'm to busy here. So if anyone is interested (no time wasters) let me know and I'll put you in touch. Details as follows. Flight paid for accomadation provided (free) half price food 7 nights aweek, 9pm till 2am, with singer 10pm till 2am must be able to hold a crowd in as its in a pub/show bar must have karaoke gear (discs/hard drive) Must be good on the mic help the singer/shows with the sound till end of October lovely people there still very hot loads of beautifu
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