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  1. anyone got anything going in merseyside, this weekend disco or karaoke, been messed about by venue so project cancelled.
  2. hi all hope everyone is doing ok, its been a good while since i last posted due to various reasons including becoming a dad i april. am looking for a residency in a pub or club in liverpool for disco or karaoke and finding it a little bit difficult as lots of new people calling themselves dj's are popping up in liverpool and have little or no experience, verry poor equipment and charging stupid money and getting gigs lol have been djing now over 20 years have various sizes of setups and lighting, i am established, experienced, testimonials and references for my work. whats gopin
  3. up north west around merseyside, gone very very quiet, alot of pubs and clubs closing, getting enquiries off pubs asking for disco karaoke, wanting to pay bloody stupid money and i laughed
  4. i have 4ft decksatnd, that holds...................................................... 2x i colour 4, stage light 2x acme dyna twin scans 2x abstract gladiator 2x light splash 1x kam vr250 laser 1x kam 40w laser my stand holds all this plus my amp and desk on it
  5. after using this since my purchase i have had and get so much positive feedback from clients and venues as i use it with my kam 40w green laser, so all 3 are incredibly effective as my centre pieces on my deck stand. i have recently added a haze machine and the haze holds longer in the air so the laser beams and patterns are more enhanced, so if you got or getting a laser consider getting a haze machine for the lasting effect.
  6. i have tried both but i went with the option 1, 4ft prolight ALL IN ONE, as i am one man show also, it is very efficient and breaks down and stores great in car. MY OPINION IS OPTION 1
  7. tell her you are giving her a discount of 50% (which i think is MORE than generous) if she thinks its too much, just tell her you know what a professional and GUARENTEED service she gets fromyou, if that is still too much tell her to ring around then. YOU ARE OFFEREING A 50% DISCOUNT REGARDLESS WHAT YOUR PRICE IS?????
  8. have laptop with bpm, virtual dj and pcdj and twin cd deck as main source, then another laptop as spare with same programs, two cases of cds, with mixed music, box full of cables and bulbs, spare lights depending on venue. i do use cd decks mainly and laptop as backup. depending on function i DO carry spare speakers as i have a ford galaxy.
  9. after using this laser for 2 months on various gigs, stand alone and also with a kam 40mw green laser also, on dj and singing gigs, i have decided to purchase and recommend this laser to all whom use them or considering lasers. i was and still am impressed with this twin laser especially as the colours are red and violet. :Thumbup: :Thumbup: :Thumbup: :Thumbup: :Thumbup: :Thumbup: :Thumbup: :Thumbup: :Thumbup: :Thumbup:
  10. i am demoing this laser for the music shop i have used for 17 years, they only got the one in and that was the demo, now i have it for 4 weeks on demo with option to buy, allready these are not available around merseyside till end of april. anyone else got it or considering it????????? used last week on gig very bright, and solid patterns, it is DMX but used sound to light feature with mini remote for on off. very good and great feedback from audience. ANY VIEWS OR COMMENTS???
  11. i leav on silent n vibrate but only answer if i have too, if its one of my dj's or family,my mates i leave and text them and say am working
  12. i had same probs when i started doing karaoke but as updates come out each month i was chopin gand changing all the time and printing new lists, so what i do now when i am doing karaoke i explain that we have that much to select from we dont carry a list but instead write your name and song and artist on a karaoke slip and my roadie searches for it on KSLC while i am working to confirm i have the track or not, and its maybe 1 song every 15 gigs there maybe an obscure track or version of a track,i may be asked for but VERY rare i havnt got it
  13. i use a hazer now instead of smoke as the density of haze is lighter than smoke and it lasts longer in the air. nearly all newer model hazer and smoke machines use non toxic fluid. they can cause rarely a slight tickle to the throat but not often depends how much you flood the stage or venue. i have had people come up and say wen used a little that their relative or friend has asthma and i cnat use it, i reply with "the technology of newer machines is advanced and the fluid is non toxic and water based so therefore is within the same region of steam of a kettle when it boils" an
  14. lighting i have is ..................... 2x i colour 4 500w 2x abstract gladiator 1ce 250w 2x dyna scan 250w 1x duet 150w 2x light splash 50w i feel thats enuff for me till i earn enuff and change over to more led effects
  15. i am a certified pat tester after attending a one day pat testing course in 2005, i test my gear every year and my pat tester is borrowed off my old workplace and its callibrated every year, i have only been asked twice for my certificate which i produce myself on my computer and it lists the number of items tested, the date tested and next due date.
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