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  1. HI all this is interesting,, I have just bought some of these with the 15inch ul subs.......in mine they have a metal tophat! also dont worry about RMS it doesnt mean squat! hench cheap cheap 8in speakers being 1000rms . What I wanted to ask is about you said 8 or 4 ohms....how? mine are 4 ohms I run through 1 amp and 1 amp for the subs as my amps really should only be run no lower than 4 ohms..... I had a tip from Brian Redd at www.DJtutor.com I use a BBE Max2 2 way active crossover.....its really the daddy... cant boost it up enough makes it all sound very top quality notice the diffe
  2. Its a shame, I started at 16 as a pub dj.around 1980....my dad was the landlord.........i copied others to start with but really enjoyed learning about the Job of being a DJ. I had a wide knowledge of music before me even at 16 something that seems to be lacking today. How many times have you played something 20 years old and some erk says that he thought it was original from some dreadful rap artist. I moved near reading at 19 and quickly built up a good rep regular nights 4 times a week this of course helped with the wedding bookings so while yes a pub DJ doesnt get as much money it can
  3. Well guys i have had both set ups..... light boxes...and things balanced on the top of them. eventually sticking them together with gaffer tape..to keep them together. or now i have the speakers on poles and cloth look .................... whats your thoughts. Personally, especially looking at some recent posts i think the light box thing is old fashioned.....a bit phonix nights.....I had them yes i know dont knock it. I do think we all should try and be original and i dont think the look i have is yet! Im surprised including myself that more djs dont have s
  4. I havent always but recently 18 months have been.....and making it a bit of a joke. I started 1980 and was a regular on the south london pub scene it was alway the hawai 5 o theme tune then... I started using the them from rocky to finish...... and a lot of the other djs started to choose there own film themes. i like theme from the film the big country. good for pubs i think...gives you an identity. i know one of the guys used the theme from hill street blues, and another theme from a summer place. infact its such a good idea im going to think of a new one to start using.
  5. Thats what i was thinking to be honest if i blow them i could always put something nice in the boxes.... the 12inch top part will be handy smaller venues..........i have a couple of abs 15inch plastic njds so i was thinking of sticking them on the poles....along with these bins............... i was worried about the power of the speakers but perhaps there being honest where some companies pad the watts out........???? appreciate anymore feed back any one heard these?????
  6. I have brought some MR202688 - INTIMIDATION SPEAKER PACKAGE http://www.htfr.com/more-info/MR202688 for around £100 in almost new condition this was a drunken mistake......hands up time.........i know nothing about them shall i keep them or sell them on?
  7. I respect Liverpool but my blue boys came home for us tonight.......and the dog stayed upright most of the time
  8. thanks but i had something different in mind..and i can buy 'trade' good buy even though cheers jason
  9. I am looking to buy a new speaker set up on a budget and to be honest was going to buy a 15in tweeter speaker and a separate bass bin set but by soundlab...i have there 15in plastic speakers and they have been fine bit toppy so i thought the bass bins. i now realise i can go down the Behringer line. not sure to go for the similar set up as above but a cheaper option is the 2 x 15 with tweeter Behringer P2530........ could you tell me how heavy the 12in are build quality..i.e. and could anyone tell me experiances with a 2 x 15in set up am i better off with a separate bass bin.....due
  10. Hi.... I buy a lot of product in China etc. for my 'other' business, i checked on asian sources website also googled led lighting china...and found there are only a couple of companies making the led lighting you are talking about (as all the products are made by a 3rd party) go have a look price it up if your buying few maybe worth it. regards jason
  11. Ramada Inn East Horley (near Guildford) dreadful system in both performing areas you have to be seen to use there system, but nod and a wink sussed out that you use your own say using speakers as monitors. there system with amps and speakers cuts off as soon as you speak or play higher than background. it caused a lot of confusion for me , how they can pay for all that equipment that just doesnt work !!!! how can they book a party , wedding, etc. hoping that the DJ will suss out the system without them officially telling you, so they cant get the blame if the inspecto
  12. REPORT http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/biggrin.gif Nice little hotel near wokingham station. nice room with bar near the dance floor so can get congested, Staff were helpful, and friendly low ceilings so beware...... ease loading etc as side door to venue.. no problems
  13. News Update arrrghhhhhhhhhh to be honest ok,,,,, bit of a walk to either of the 2 performing areas I used the porters trolley that made it easy...seems this is the norm Seems you have to plug and show to plug into the hotels sound system which has a level cut off on it!!!!!! but its a nod and a wink that you use your own pa as the hotels cut off as soon as you start speaking or turn the music up beyond a whisper. honestly it must have cost them a fortune for these systems hidden speakers amps etc.... but there no good for doing a disco at all. the first night th
  14. I just have a traditional one by no particular artist,,,,used it for 20 years also never really thought about it, to be honest most people arnt interested at that point.... but as i normally go slow after that for 15 min or so..... give couples a chance to kiss and cuddle etc a slower version is better for me. followed by dina carol Perfect Year etc. seems to work so if it works dont fix it.
  15. sounds like a great party...can i come???? http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/pepsi.gif
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