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  1. she lookes high as a kite to me! well spaced out!
  2. Hi folkes... here is the list of stuff: The set up is approx 8 months old (laptop is 5 months old) A pair of powered LD systems pro speakers http://www.djmmusic.com/itemdesc.asp?ic=LDPN12%2D2A excelent condition, these have been gigged 6 times! These are very good sounding speakers, with a surprisingly good vocal clarity and bass output RSQ NK 2000U professional multi format karaoke player, reads discs, SDcards, CD/CD-G/BLA BLA http://www.karaoke.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/...uct?sku=NK2000U Sony 17inch TFT monitor http://www.dooyoo.co.uk/tft-monitor/sony-sdm
  3. right, my 70 yr old mum, has packed in the driving now, shes had this car for ten years! Its a Fiat Bravo 1.4cc purple colour My dad has had it serviced every time its needed over the years. It drives perfect and runs like a 31k engine should! The tyres are good, the body work is a little tatty, some scratches, and paint scuffs. Some laquer has come off the bumpers etc... needs a good clean The sunroof had a small leak so he tells me, he siliconned it up!! haha its got all the books, manuals, 2 keys Has power steering, elec windows, steering wheel and 4 wheels!
  4. OHM UK BR12 speakers in brill condition. These retail at over £1400 a pair, possibly more now? http://www.ohm.co.uk/ohm_products_br12_01.htm High SPL pro speakers, in a fantastic solid cabinet. The power these can produce for a 12 inch speaker in amazing. And clear as a bell! Ive used these for 10 months now since new, still under the 24 month OHM warranty. I'm looking for around the £650 mark, as these will Pixx over F12's and other high end cabs anyday! Ask other OHM users, they really are a great top end speaker. OTHER STUFF SALE offers please...
  5. one of the forum electricians....... That will be ME then lol wattage total .... ie light 250 watt etc etc etc total say......... 2500 watts for the lot! Get the voltage 230v divide the voltage into the wattage = 2500 / 230 = 11 amps! So if your toal wattage is 2500 watts, you can get away with a 13amp suppy from a standard socket outlet. However is best to split into 2 lights/sound if I were you = 2 different leads
  6. Crikey two years ago I posted that!! time flies! Yeah I agree with the above post, you an easily overload a "ringmain" sockets system by plugging in your gear to a socket outlet that shares power with all sorts of other stuff in the building. Lets face it, its a little pot luck really, nobody knows whats on the same power ring unless it all goes off!! then you'll find out best advice is to split your total load into 2 leads.. one for lights, one for audio Jeff
  7. 2 options..... option 1 run the whole set up with 1 amp, presuming their is a crossover in the subs at 100hz or similar? If their is, your Amp will see a 4 ohm load each side, and give power to each side at 4 ohms load.... most amps will handle this 4 ohm load easily, however it comes at a price, because the lower the OHMs the amp is driving, the more heat it will create... simply because its working harder than say the same amp on a 8 ohm load. Option 2 Run 2 amps, one for the bass subs, and one for the tops. This will mean that each amp is seeing 8 ohms and won
  8. 2 of them are 18 months old, bit tatty, but not too bad other 2 are newer, approx 8 months old (better cond) all working (one of the new ones has slipped a gobo wheel, ever so slightly) just needs religning.. no big deal, you can only notice it sometimes Controller for them too 5pin DMX (will chuck in the converters to 3 pin as well) contoller is ace, dead easy and gives you Exactly what you want colour and gobo wise / speed etc looking for £220 quid for the lot! Pick-up or you pay postage spare lamps (2) also Jeff 07957 432770
  9. confirmed faulty mixer, went through the process tonight in testing each chanell to see what output it comes out at on the selector switches.... I was slightly mistaken, its only 1 and 2 that are mixed up... I can live with that to be honest. Also tested the balance being "off" too, its fine now, so dont get it?? haha was defo out when I gigged on saturday, perhaps a faulty line cable from 2500 has caused this, so replaced the 3 line cables from players to mixer... all seems fine. Dont wanna send it back over to inputs being in-correct, when I simply assign where I want anyway St
  10. yeah sorry ive not posted on this.... Yes WestendDJ have refunded the money after testing it in the shop, they agree it was faulty... another person said, its simply not worth the money at 900 quid when you can get the denon x500 and 2500 for less! So thats what ive done, got my self another x500 mixer, and the 2500 HD player Getting to grips with the 2500 at the moment... I will say the concept and simplicity of the Numark DDS 80/HD MIX was brill, based on the director of course! Lacks the functions of the 2500, however I think its a lot more user friendly and easier to see the scr
  11. The mixer is the second x500 i own... own another one already that ive used for 2 years... I know its asignable, the problem is.... Say line 1 is accepting a signal from a cd player.... so on fader 1 the channel selector pot should be on 1 to get it to "output" but you have to put the pot on 4 to get the output Channel 2 , is the same but this time you have to select 5!! It all works, because you simply select the number "that works" but they do not corrispond to the channel numbers at all If I have signals coming in from 4 sources.... say inputs 1, 2, 3, 4 The cha
  12. Sorry about my ????????? To be honest, believe this or not, I didnt even know the mamma mia track was called honey honey haha How thick is that... call myself a DJ??? Thats coz Ive not seen the film nor play the mamma mia tracks lol
  13. Last monday my new x500 arrived, along with the new HD2500 Ok, the mixer problem........ Connected all inputs on 1, 2, 3, 4 but the "routing" the input chanel selector switches do not apply to the correct channels for example I have connected input 1 line in... but the selector has to be on 5!! On input 2 line in, the selector knob has to be on 4!! And so on, so on.... all the routings are wrong, they do not corrispond to the channel inputs ....it didnt stop me perfoming, as i simply chose the correct route that gave me a signal per channel, but i'm really surprised on a
  14. Hi James, has the hangover from cala bona gone yet?? Jeff Wall
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