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  1. I use them more than Thomann, never had had any problems, excellent service and prices match if not better sometimes.
  2. Hi All, Dont really have a clue but has anyone used the numark AVM02 to switch between computers and dvd players or does anyone use anything else ? Thanks Tec
  3. Did a hen night a few months ago in a resturant - Great fun . All the staff were female and the Cheff so i was the only male then to make it interesting they had a ANN SUMMERS party. DId'nt know where to look !!!!!!!
  4. Just wondering where you can get your hands on a replacement gear unit for the denon Cd player Drawer - I was told by a mate that when your cd drawer becomes sticky (Worn gears) There is a replacement unit that can be fitted ? Thanks Tec
  5. Any one know where to pick up speaker covers for Mackie SA1521 at a reasonable price. Thanks Tec
  6. Active .. was in the same situaion a while ago looking to spend around about the same - went for the mackie SA1521 and never looked back. Bought four tops placeded them on top of each other - savage. Also have the bass bin's so you can make a serious stack. The great thing if one speaker goes your still left with another - this did happen to me once and some music is better than no music. The only down size is that their heavy.
  7. Abba and JOE DOLAN - you cant go wrong.
  8. Thanks John for that, i've a crew cab jeep which should be capable of transporting the equipment, and after talking to fellow Dj's and advice from this forum i 've decided to purchase them. With the money i'm saving i purchased some wind up stands as well which should make them easier to put up. I'll post a review of them when they arrive next week Tec
  9. Yea i contacted djkit - a few things 1) Speakers will not be in stock until 6 weeks - thats nearly christmas 2) Since i live in southern ireland i cant not claim the VAT back which makes them 17.5 % dearer whereas with music store they create a vat free account . 3) Free shiping with musicstore and a 3 year waranty -no problems send it back free of charge. Looking at the pros and cons
  10. AN update on this. HAving checked out the RCF, The HK ELIAS i've come across mackies at a serious low rate check this out http://www.musicstore.com/en_EN/IEP/Mackie...-PAH0006715-000 and see what you think ? AM i Mad to go for these ?
  11. Well, Anyone know where to purchase a flightcase for Short Par Can 64's ? Tec
  12. Yea, Thats exactly what i am looking for one set of speakers that will do the lot for the majority of gigs 150-200 people. Only bring in bass bins if absoluty necessary Tec
  13. Well, Now in the process of testing and listening to the syatems mentioned by everyone so i'll let you know what i fond them like. An interesting option that a dealer has offered to me is the new RCF ART 7 Series - has anyone come across these ? Tec
  14. Its time to upgrade, I’ve had my Mackie 450 and Swa1501 for the last four years and they have served me well. Indeed they have pulled me out of a hole sometimes. However in the last two months, I’ve blown the bass twice in one cabinet and the horn in the other (my engineer reckons it’s a faulty amp in one of them) the bins are ok; one of them is not as clear as before but will do the job. I've been looking at setups like a dynacord P5 etc but to me I love the flexibility of the active system. It was thru this site that I made my mind up to purchase the Mackie’s a few years ago so I would
  15. Tec

    Mackie 450 Speaker

    Do they sell the parts as i'm based over in Ireland ?
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