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  1. Hi, Can you help me please, I am doing a Joint birthday party 18th and 21st ( brother and sister) the Dad is providing 6 bottles of champagne as prizes and wants me to ask music related questions at random, first one to answer gets the prize ! I thought this was going to be easy at first but I am strugling, how easy should the question be ? I am planning to ask the questions in the ealry part of the evening. Have any of you got any suggestions for questions or the best way to go about this. The party is on the 10th April. :thanks: Geoffers
  2. Hi All, I have been using a customized table which has sides etc to hide all the wires etc, unfortunately it is very heavy ! I work in mostly small venues and am currently thinking about buying a 4 feet wide deck stand , that comes with a bar for lights. They look quick and easy to put up, but I wonder how stable they are , can any one tell me the good and bad points please ? :thanks: Geoffers
  3. geoffers


    Hi All, I have got a wedding booking coming up and have just spoken to the bride, she has requested plenty of reggae. I would apprciate advice on best numbers and suggestions for tracks that work well together. :thanks:
  4. Hi All, I seem to have problem with my speakers or do I ? I had all my kit out yesterday as I had problems with my main Amp during a gig on Saturday. The amp is clipping on the left side at low volume yet on Sat it was the left, so is it the speaker or the amp ? I decided it was the amp and thought I would run a few test with my second amp, What I found confused me. The amp worked okay but there is a difference between the quality of the left and right side. So I changed the speakers around, I changed the speaker leads, I changed the phone leads and even cut out the mixer a
  5. Thanks for all the advise. Geoffers
  6. Hi all, I have read a few threads on this site which say that some head room is advisable (larger amp than speakers) .Last night my main (newer amp and larger) let me down :damn: . Towards the end of gig, the left hand channel started clipping even when turned very low, so I turned the amp off. Fortunately, I use two amps and four speakers, so was able to complete the gig, surprisingly without any one noticing. My back up set of speakers are only 150 w each but have a good sound ( although heavy to carry !) I have decided to get a new amp and bin this one despite it only being
  7. Thanks to everyone for the advice ! I got my dj software and hope to buy a soundcard in couple of weeks. thanks Geoffers
  8. Hi All, I am thinking of making the move to pc djing and have been reading all the other threads which have been very helpful. I have a few other questions. is it okay to run the sound from the headphone socket on a laptop to the mixer and or amp ? or do you need to use an external sound card, if so can anyone recomend a good value one please ? Thanks Geoffers
  9. geoffers

    mini disk

    HI I am having trouble recording cd's to my mini disk player, it is conected via my mixer to my twin cd player, It has only started to be a problem recently. play back of previously recorded mini disks is okay. The problem is a soon as the record button is on the sound becomes distorted , well hollow or tinny. I have changed the conecting cable, also tried a different output socket from the mixer. I would appriciate any help. Thanks Geoffers
  10. Hi I have used front page to set up my web site, it looks okay but does not show up on any search. I have tried to add a meta tag as suggested on this site but it changes the apearance of my index page and all the text ( for the tag) is showing. Please can you tell me what I am doing wrong. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/thanks.gif Geoffers
  11. HI I get feedback when my lat top is connected to the mains and my mixer, it is okay when running on its battery. What do I need to do to avoid this please ? http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/thanks.gif Geoffers
  12. geoffers


    http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/wallbash.gif sorry I was being very thick not thinking to remove one of the speakers to find the size. okay I have removed the large round speaker and its 150 w 8 and a sign whick I am assuming means ohms. there are three tweeters and another horn does this mean my speakers are 150 watts ? if so does this mean the largest amp I can use is 150 watts per channel ? All advice gratefully recieved !
  13. geoffers


    Hi I bought all of my gear second hand in the summer and they guy I bought it from did not know what size the speakers are. They are big speakers with tweeters include in the case and they have a good sound, I have been using them with 200 watt amp.I want to buy a new amp and keep my other as a back up. I would like to buy a bigger amp as I always seem to have my amp close to full power. Is there any way of working out the power of the speakers from thier measurement ? Also I am not very technicaly minded and I do not understand the difference between ohms and watss per channel. Ple
  14. Hi, I am doing a gig in a village hall in a few weeks that has been fitted with device that restricts the sound and my customer has advised me a I need a special cable, apprently the last Disco he had the DJ didn't have one and rushed off to buy one. From what the customer has told me it sounds like a phono or jack to jack cable. Please could one of you advise me what I need. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/thanks.gif
  15. Hi All, I been doing disco and Karaoke for a few months now, I have done a few disco's but finaly got a Karaoke gig in a large country pub.(I have been doing Karaoke for friends and family for a couple of years and have wanted to do it professionaly for a long time) The gig went well with no shortage of requests and singers they even danced ! I learnt a lot to. I did suffer from some feedback problems in the later part of the evening as the volume went up. ( I have never had this problem before) I have since been told to keep the singer behind the speakers, however I am concerned t
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