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  1. :thanks: All it was a freebie from work,I use a sm58 radio mike any way and its brill and only ever use decent battries. So I will waste no more time on it,if it was gonna be a quick fix ok. Thanks for the quick replys
  2. Hi all at work we have an Audio Technica atw-t28 radio mike with the atw-ro3 reciver,its been hangin around for ages boss said it dont work,well hes not wrong. Theres a few small dints in the mike head nothing major the rest looks like new. The thing is ive just took it home to try it and it works if you stay 10 inches away from the reciver,move a little further away nothing,shake it holding the middle of the mike signel now and then,hold the head shake nothing base shake nothing. I cant get the case off only opens as far as the battery,oh it also says flat batt even tho its new i have s
  3. I must just be lucky the only thing that has ever failed in over 25 years is lights,even then its just the bulb. Or maybe its because I look after my gear all of it. Im not saying you all dont but I never over drive anything,dont need to. My gear is important it earns money. I no an elvis impersonator hes had the same gear for nearly 30 years(apart from cd players there 8 years old) He uses H+H speakers amp, A,n,H mixer and wouldnt swap it for anything and belive me it sounds great. I think hes as bad as me tho his gear is well looked after,gigged every week and hardly a mark on it.
  4. Winamp is fantastic does what it says on the tin,its the easyest media player to use. If only winamp made propper dj software,incorprate the ease of use etc . Ive got the best part of 30,000 in my computer,I use pcdj when gigging,but always have winamp running in the back ground,it searches a hell of a lot faster! Be for you all ask yes I baught pcdj its great but winamp is faster! and I use a pc not lap top. Why do I use a pc? Its faster,stable,I just hide it,use a tft, wireless keyboard,mouse and even play vidio,s in the background(depends where i am) But it never stalles stutters
  5. Get winamp its free easy to use,the free version burns at 8x I use it all the time to make cd's for the car.
  6. Thanks all I just dont no the new stuff :fear: But I will do the radio look up :thanks: I recon just do my usual show with a bit of new stuff and all will be wll i hope. Its not till Friday But I will let you all no how it goes
  7. Hi all I dont post often but need a bit of help with this gig. Im doing a leaveing do for a local pub,The landlady is a friend of mine, so she called in a favour A member of her staff is leaving to join the army. Cheesey party music I can do,but the girl in question likes cassadia etc,I need to match both together requested by landlady! Im the origonal 70,s 80,s new stuff im clue less! So can eney 1 help with new stuff to play? I will have it but never play it!!!! Help please as I only do 70,s and 80,s nites not young girls going in the army! Please any play lists games e
  8. Ive got a pair of wharfedales the evp15 there great also a pair of peaveys pro 15 cant fault them.I use warrior amps an is1000 and a elite 1k8,ive had the is1000 for 5 years cant fault it its been well gigged bit batterd but never ever let me down even when a band pluged in to my speakers!(thay asked if they could use them but didnt remove my input :aa guess what blew? not the warrior!) Any way in my opinion I cant fault the warriors I mainly use the 1k8 now as it powers the bass bins aswell with ease,money well spent in my opinion. Take a look at why buy new.
  9. stevie

    How Many Tracks?

    18670 but a lot never get played :damn:
  10. stevie

    I Am The Beat

    Shure is I played it last week. I remember when it came out as a single it didnt end you could leave it playing for ever just reapeated beat :bouncy: Showin my age lol
  11. Im still here,dont post often just dont have time. Some may remember most won't.But here's a quick reminder for those that do and for every one else that dont. My partner left me for another bloke(a younger man 2 years ago) I have my children. Ive managed to keep my house look after my children,full time father and still hold a full time job! Yes im a single father my youngest is 5 middle 8 eldest 10(all girls) I get no help just from friends(sittin when im working). Im a full time chef now still do gigs tho but not as many as I did. Ok im moaning sorry. Any way still love dj'i
  12. Hi me again ive just got home from work yes in the pub and yet again we have beaten buget just! Its like I said tho you have to move with the times,ive spent the last two hours talking to customers what they want would like to change etc. But we always go the extra mile and it works. I need sleep back in the morning at 9 and we dont open till 12.We work hard do our best and it works. Just remember every one there is no I in team and its all team work and what a team we have. Any way going to bed take care all
  13. I will put the pics on next week then it will explain its self its neat tidy :cense: heavy :damn: I wont have time till tuesday nite ish so just wait they will be on here. Oh I use two power leads to share the load amp mixer on 1 the rest on the other seems to work ok and all custom made by me. Any way take care all have fun enjoy the weekend thats what its all about :bouncy:
  14. Its easy well where i do gigs. I will take some pics this weekend and post them. My mixer cd players amp mike reciver light controler are all in one flight case so two mains leads two speaker leads a dmx lead and its up and running no messin settin up :ads: Oh gaffa tape keeps it all neat. I will take picturers this weekend and all will become clear but i think its neat
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