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    Top 5 Songs

    for the 70s i have chosen: the rubettes-sugar baby love abba -waterloo bee gees-night fever barry white- the first,last everything blondie-sunday girl any thoughts? and for the 80s..... katrina and the waves-walking on sunshine duran duran-the reflex or girls on film (cant make my mind up) huey lewis and the news-the power of love erasure-a little respect rick astley-never gonna give you up
  2. martin472

    Top 5 Songs

    Hi Guys,,i have been asked to play 5 songs from the 70s,80s, 90s and 00s for an up and comming 50th birthday party soon. My problem is condensing great decades down to just 5 songs,,any ideas? thanks martin
  3. Hi guys,, got a couple of nice items on ebay at the moment,, Martin Equipment/Lighting Bag 300443623069 Martin Ego 3 300443620176 if you want to make me an offer pm me or email martin@87woodfield.freeserve.co.uk thanks martin
  4. Hi Guys,,i was looking last night at download sites, hmv looked ok,there mp3s had a rate of 320 and where 99p, i presume you can burn these tracks to cd and they would sound ok?, are there any better sites out there i havent seen,,any ideas welcome thanks martin
  5. Hi guys, has anyone got one of these or any opinions on them please,,its a small laser i was going to point to the ceiling of events to just add a little bit. Any thoughts? thanks martin
  6. Hi Guys, my system comprises of 2 x pioneer cdj-500s, a pioneer djm 300 mixer and 2 recently purchased w audio psr 15a speakers. Modest i know compared to a lot, but i dont do massive discos, 200-300 people max. Anyway, cut to the chase martin, my mixer has 2 x trim buttons for both chanels, it then has a master volume, the speakers have a line volume and a master volume. I have always got all these terms wrapped around my head, can anyone give any advice on how to get the best out of this system. I realise each venue is different but there must be a way to set it all up properly without guess
  7. yes they ended up being 35mm, got some citronic wind up stands, they are very good, seam very well built
  8. hi guys, has any one seen these in operation or has them on their rig? i would like some opinions as i am thinking of getting some. There is also these on ebay which appear to be the same like but a chinease import without the badge,,,what do you think? LED Mini square Moving Head light for DJ party DMX item no:260617171886 thanks.,, martin
  9. hi, well i got the speaker stands today, put the speakers on them and they fitted great,,,,,then i tried to take them of and the speaker was well and truly stuck, i ended up turning the speaker upside down and twisting the pole of, has any one got any tips on making things a bit easier to get the pole of the speaker? regrads martin
  10. hi, well i got the speaker stands today, put the speakers on them and they fitted great,,,,,then i tried to take them of and the speaker was well and truly stuck, i ended up turning the speaker upside down and twisting the pole of, has any one got any tips on making things a bit easier to get the pole of the speaker? regrads martin
  11. Hi Guys,,help me out, does any one know what size diameter pole the W Audio PSR 15A Powered Speaker takes? i have looke devery where and can not find the answer thanks martin
  12. Hi all, i have been looking at these wind up speaker stands, they vary in price a lot for the same item, has any one got these or has any opinions on them please? one of my questions is can you raise the speaker on the stand, my speakers are 30kg each many thanks martin Citronic SPEAKER STAND WITH WINCH Adjustable metal construction speaker stand in black with winch mechanism. The stand is made extra stable by leg braces and non-slip rubber feet. •Mounting plate not supplied (180.178) •Maximum load 50kg •35mm pole diameter •Minimum height 1.6m Height 1.6 - 2.0m
  13. Hi folks, just put a few things on ebay,,,have a look, make me an offer if you want: CHAUVET COLOUR BANK 8 item no 300436482939 ACME CA-8 DMX CONTROLLER no 300436487086 ACME CA-8 DMX CONTROLLER no 300436487218 Prolight Transcension DMX Baby JC-1 Controller no 300436568773 Venom 10M (30FT) Speakon to Speakon Speaker Cable x 2 no 300437171625 please email me : martin@87woodfield.freeserve.co.uk thanks martin
  14. Hi, i have the following all on ebay, take a look, have a bid, pm me, make me an offer? thanks for looking martin Prosound 4U 19" EQUIPMENT CASE -no 300431115141 Skytec Twin Gobo Light (good room coverage) - no 300431111629 Martin/ Jem Magnum 550 Smoke Machine- no 300431102385 Disco Goalpost/lighting stand/dj/truss - no 300431090804 Chauvet sf9000 lighting controller, 8ch with timer - no 300431097041 Lighting Solutions 4 Way Spot Bank (sound to light) x 2 - no 300431107856 OHM Disco/Band/PA Sound System +Matrix Amp - no 300431615806
  15. Here i have 4 speakers for sale. They are made by ohm. 2 x ohm lm-5 300w @ 8ohm each 2 x ohm lm-12 200w @ 8ohm each The speakers have a few gigging marks on them but still work and sound great. I have photos and they can also be seen on request. Like the amp, i have avoided ebay, as you guys know what you are on about and dont make silly offers. Email me on martin@87woodfield.freeserve.co.uk or pm me. The speakers are in lincolnshire thanks martin
  16. I ahve a Matrix 2u1200 mos-fet for sale. The amp is heavy and has a few marks on it but is still a great amp with many years left in it. I have it for sale on here as you djs know what you are talking about and wont make silly offers. I have photos. Please email martin@87woodfield.freeserve.co.uk or pm me if you have any questions. The amp is in the Lincolnshire area. These amps feature an onboard crossover making them incredibly versatile for sub/mid or top duties without a seperate cross-over.. Powerwise IIRC 300WPC @ 8ohm. 600WPC @ 4ohm. 1200w bridged @ 8ohm.
  17. Thanks Jason, when you say sell separetely do you mean 4 speakers and the amp or each speaker on its own?
  18. Hi , My sound system is a Matrix 2u1200 amp with 2 ohm lm12s and 2 ohm lm5s. I am thinking of selling to get some smaller powered speakers but i havent got a clue how much to ask for the system. Any ideas, i would be grateful thanks martin
  19. has any one got a dmx controller (at least 4 channels) that they want to sell, i have bought an equinox nebula laser and could do with a controller for it? martin@87woodfield.freeserve.co.uk many thanks martin
  20. what do you think to it eddie? is it good sound to light? i have found them for £299, also, does it have a good coveragein terms of room size?
  21. has any one got a Equinox Nebula ? it claims on one website that it is brighter than the star cluster? any thoughts
  22. Has anyone got one of these and what are your opinions of them, i am thinking of getting one, the cheapest i have found it is £279.99 and £4 delivery,has anyone found one cheaper?
  23. i am re-vamping the rig and have been looking at led lighting. I am very impressed with the acme miracled and thought of getting 4 of these together with 2 impossibled, then i saw chauvet have a range and american dj,any thoughts please
  24. this is all very confusing...which to buy,the vue3,impossiled or revo 3? i was also tinking of getting 4 mirracled"s, has any one got any of these?
  25. ok, i have looked on the forum all over and i can not find the forum for selling some moving heads. i used the buying equipment earlier on in the week and my item got moved. where do we sell things on here? many thanks martin