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  1. Hey All... Been a while, hope all are fine and dandy... I have an issue with one of my ACME dynamos... i have had a little search on the topic, but canny find any answers (tho i could be blind) The transformer has blown. I have taken it out etc but i can't seem to get hold of a replacement anywhere. Can you help? the original is from 'Sunrise' and model no is SET110LV(35-110W) Anyone able to help??? or suggest an alternative? will try and get a pic up of it (when i can get the bleeding phone camera to work right) Thanks Peeps. Jon
  2. Hey Peeps.... :Thumbup: Please pm me on this one.... If you are free and want to work on the 27th Dec in Faversham (Kent).......... Best prices please... 30th Bday, local pub (low ceiling) 7.30-11.00pm This only provisional at this stage pending prices.... Cheers Jon
  3. Yeah.... Hoping that Gary still wants to speak to me!!!! Have PM'd him... I am sure he will reply when he gets five mins.. Have had the HD2500 since May 07....! and the Ext HD since June 07.... Denon Uk is my next port of call... But am very very concerned about all the tracks on the Ext HD
  4. Guys and Girls... Firstly, a belated thanks for all your posts, phone calls, msn messages etc... They have been most graciously received... However, the reason for the delayed response on here is that i had possibly the worst Saturday of my life this last weekend (in DJ terms..).. Following all the issues i have had, this weekend just topped it...(read below) After all the issues in uploading the firmware update, and speaking to certain inidividuals that have been helpful beyond belief, i went out to purchase another external hard drive, just to back up the one that i have
  5. Ok... Thanks for Marky Mark for some input and non dodgy updated firmware.... However.. next issue has arisen! I have bought another external hard drive as a back up... Guess what.... I can't seem to get it to format in FAT32... Mr Woolworths why did you have to stop selling CD singles... Is this because of vista??? Anyone reccomend software to format my new ehd??? Why can't i just buy something that is already ready to use?? Why do i have to keep faffing about to use this bloody HD2500??? Yes, if i sound shirty it is coz i am..... I already have
  6. hi peeps..... I have tried every which way possible... on memory stick and direct onto the root of the HD2500.. Both in subfolders and not... Completely stuck.... could it be something to do with using vista? Just to add insult to injury.. I scanned the internal drive last night too... It WIPED the drive... I really am not a happy bunny at the mo. Help!!!
  7. Anyone?? There gotta be someone???
  8. Hi guys.. Have finally got round to uploading the updated file (need to) as advertised on here and via the email i got (V1400) However, I can't seem to upload it on to the Denon.. It says that i have uploaded the version 1004..... although the Bin file that i am using is the one from the denon website saying that it is 1400 I have tried doing both by USB and copying the Bin file directly onto the Denon... Any ideas??? Jon Anyone???
  9. Hi ya Peeps... Haven't been on for a while, so thought i would just say a quick hi again and to all those newbies who I haven't said hi to in the last 10 months or soo... life been hectic and changing again... Looks like i will be back to doing more gigs again..... I must be a sucker for punishment!!! Good to see you all. Jon
  10. Hi ya peeps... :djuhi: Haven't been around for a while i know... Many of you know the reasons why, so won't bore you.... :zzz: Things are 'changing' at the mo, and as a result, i am now not restricting myself to one or two gigs a month as i have been over the past 18 months.... Therefore i now have numerous dates available, especially later in the year and chrimbo... Work anywhere in kent (within reason) and even on the fringes..... Weddings (fairly upmarket :mikee: ) and Corporate functions is my main business area, but with the 'changes', i will look at most jobs....
  11. Hard Drive!!!!!!! lol.... went out two weeks ago, got there early, waited in the wind, rain and freezing temps... (was in a marquee too).... Managed to finally start getting gear in when suddenly i just froze...... Although i had brought some cd's with me, the majority of tunes were on my hard drive that i use alongside my HD2500... (Internal hard drive just been cleaned out for housekeeping).... Oh Bugger..... Had to send roadie home to get it.... only at 60mile round trip!!!! I would have been ok if the Master of Ceremonies (who i like and have worked with a lot) wasn't ru
  12. In my humble opinion i think it is a great show.. It never will live up to Life on Mars, but that is because deep down it is a different concept.... Yeah, i know similar story lines, same characters and a very hot lady trying to 'get back to 2008' or whatever it is... But remember, we know know 95% of the cast from Life on Mars and "Joe Bugner in a skirt" (my fav quote so far) actually knows the characters through listening to Sam whilst in his coma (god i sound like a geek here)... The fact that Miss Bugner knows she has to go along with it whilst at the same time knowing tha
  13. Hey Peeps... wow, two posts in one day, i must be ill...... I have the hump....... i am a dj (supposedly) so why do i have to put up with such :cense: sound in my van when driving around???? i finally changed the head unit last week, but it is the sound really that is poooo.... anyone else drive a van such as a transit or hi-ace where there are just a couple of pokey speakers in the trim of the door or above the foot wells??? Because they are poo i really only just get a high trebbley sound rather than a warm bass and mid driven sound... Partly the van is to blame as beca
  14. Firstly..... Great SEDA Meeting last night..... Gary you looked great and so helpful as usual... Bleeding Root beet tho... Was 'having wind' all the way home.......!!! :hurt: Right, the main topic... Ages and Ages ago i spoke to Mr Mole and Mr Ansell about mixing.. They set up a couple of 'breif' (Crash doesn't describe it well enough) Mixing nigts at Seda meetings, but the one thing that really rung in my ears was Brian saying that doing a DJ Mixing course really was the catalyst for his success up till now... Well everytime i now see Brian i hear those words in my head, and
  15. Splosh


    Happy New Year Peeps..... :Thumbup: Just a quickie to shed some more light (bad joke i know) on my mirror ball spotlight... We are finding it just is not strong enough in some venues (too much ambient light or mirrorball too far away). I believe i have a simple 30w Par 36 light (think it came in a set)..... To get more light and specific light direction i am thinking along the following lines... please leave your advice... 1) Can i get stronger wattage Par 36 bulb (ie bigger than 30w) and will they be ok in the unit? 2) Get a Par 16 long nose can with a GU 50w bulb or
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