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  1. I hope there is a cheaper option out there because for a package containing the transformer measuring 25x10x10cm and weighing 5.56kg - Fedex belgium quoted me 283 euro and DHL quoted about the same....... :wall: :wall: :wall:
  2. :wall: Now I have a problem !!!!!!!!!! I just spoke to a director at begelec and he said the transformer weighs about 5kg and would cost over 100 euro to send to New zealand from Brussels - am I snookered ????????????? :wall:
  3. I brought the gear down when I moved from the UK to NZ. I found out that it needs a new oval transformer (as opposed to a round one). It has 700w on it. I asked terralec in the UK and they quoted me 55 quid. I rang beglec in Holland (or belgium - not sure) and he said they were 28 euro. I just hope I can get it for he latter as there are no "distributors" down here (south africa is the closest but its still too far) Ill keep you posted. Thanks for your help so far
  4. so am I snookered then? I can only see one place to buy an AX700 and thats with terralec for 188 quid. Obviously would cost a hell of a lot more with shipping. Too much to pay out really. Has anyone any other ideas? I just spoke to the company that was looking at iut and said it needs a "New Power transformer for the AX700" Any ideas/comments/suggestions? cheers
  5. Hi all, Hope someone can help me. I've got an AX700 amp and it does nee werk. The electrician looking at it in New Zealand said it has 2 electrical components blown which they can get easily but the MAJOR isue is the power supply which they cannot find any where to source one. As I'm in NZ I dont fancy my chances. I will give these guys below a call but not sure if they'll help too much unless I want to buy a new one (which I dont) http://www.terralec.co.uk/power_amplifiers...ck/15680_p.html Any ideas/referrals would be greatly appreciated cheers
  6. You certainly did have the answer for me - It worked very very well for me on saturday. I did a wedding evening function at a place called Castaways (www.castaways.co.nz) about 70 kms out of Auckland - absolutely gorgeous place by the sea. I was stood outside on the deck or "dick" as they say here) with my gear and using beatrackz through itunes worked perfectly - i didnt play a CD all night (not that I took any chances - had the CDs on standby) Anyways - many thanks for the help PS Gutted I didnt charge more - the groom was a rugby player who plays for Waikato (a Super 14 team - f
  7. You dont need to tell me about them - my dads best mate is a cavan man (mu old man is from neighbouring Monaghan). What is the difference between a Cavan road and a packet of cigarettes? Theres more tar in the packet of cigarettes !!!!!!! Thanks for the info - ill try and have a look when i get home. Just spotted this in its description " Beatport SYNC is an “all-in-one” song management solution for collecting and organizing your digital music. It combines advanced archiving and ripping functions with full support for Apple iTunes and iPod playlists, gi
  8. Interesting read. Im hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have a twin CD player and would like to use my computer more often. I use itunes and its ok for playing a single track then mixing it with a CD track. (Its either that or I have to be quick with selecting the next track but that can be impracticle with certain tunes where there would be too much of a "pause").I spent alot of time cataloging the 8300+ tracks and its very easy to find a specific tune. Is there anything I can use in association with my present itunes set-up where I can mix into a 2nd tune ? Its p
  9. Opened it up as the fan doesn't work inside - how much roughly would it cost to replace it (the fan that is). There doesnt look to be any loose/damaged wires in the vicinity. I'm getting a little USB fan to blow some air into it in the meantime. cheers PS - whoever mentioned about giving ones fans a good clean, thanks for that - I opened up all my Disco lights and ....they needed a good clean!! :poo:
  10. :bouncy: Problem solved...........or identified for now. It was the blue leads that comes from the mixer (DJ5000)into the Rear of the soundLab professional SPCX23 (both pictured above) - to be specific , it was the red coloured connection into the soundlab. I'm gonna need to get the connection soldered back on....... I managed to find a set of leads (that dont look at thick as the blueys) in my box full of ....leads that do the job for now. May look on Trademe (NZ's version of ebay) for a soldering iron - we''ll see.................. So I'm just about up and running - as
  11. thanks for the replies so far guys. I finish work for a few days so can have a look at the equipment again tomorrow. I do hope its something simple and nothing potentially expensive. On a seperate note - do any of you get your amp etc serviced regularly ? I'd like to get my stuff given the once over by someone but cant find much in auckland that isnt run by a big company with big overheads. I just dont want to envisage a situation where goes on me mid-gig. I'm not really into having 2 of everything either as it just wouldnt be cost effective at all.
  12. Hello all, Well its been a while .......and since i came to New Zealand (from Manchester,UK) Ive had my fair share of ups and downs (which I wont go into of course). I brought all my equipment with me and have used it a few times in the garage with no problems. I've managed to get my first gig in NZ - a wedding in the New Year in Auckland. I'm really looking forward to it - I'm very uptodate with all the must have tunes from this neck of the woods - added to this all the latest stuff one should have .................. Anyway, today I switched everything on and ...........
  13. 1) Yes and 2) Pass. 1) Id guess that I could download Itunes from the net onto my laptop - its after that that I'm stuck Hopefully someone else could help?
  14. Hi, I would like to (if its possible) transfer all my music files (which are saved in my My Documents file plus on iTunes - Ive spent alot of time inputting lots of information pertaining to the tracks eg Genre etc) from my main PC Hard drive to my laptop (well, it'll be an external hard drive which Im gonna have to buy as my laptop, The Inspiron 4100, has no more memory spare). Can I transfer my itunes library to my laptop without too much heartache? Hope you can shed some positive light. Ta
  15. Well.............................I'm here in Auckland now. Came over in August last year and we are slowly settling in. (Have had a hell of a time shortly after we got here - after sort of finding jobs and somewhere to live in Auckland,my wifes mum who she hadnt seen for 2 years, had a stroke and died shortly after...................turning our world upside down and keeping us in napier for 3 months .....no job.......or prospect of jobs there. Thank god I kept searching and now work at auckland airport doing something Im remotely interested in and the wife is slowly getting there.)
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