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  1. I'm going on a buying expedition tomorrow - Friday - and the Denon is one I'll be looking at. Bit pricey and has features I don't need, but looks good at first glance. I'll let 'ee know!
  2. I've been with 7Digital for a while now, and this is excellent news. The downloads are available immediately upon purchase, and your purchases are available for re-downloading should you need to. (Up to a limit.) The mp3 coverage and the high bitrate - 320 in most cases - makes this a no-brainer. :Thumbup:
  3. I realised my oversight soon after my last post! The VU meters on mixer and amps are lop-sided, so no, it can't be an output connector problem. Got to be either the pot as you suggested then, or an op-amp issue - something around the output stage is at fault. Whatever it is, I've convinced myself to get a new mixer anyhow, enabling the old one time out for repair or investigation by myself. Fancy a job, Kev?!
  4. "The fader never quite goes all the way up" OK, I stand corrected by a superior knowledge, but I was basing my assumption on the old rotary pots where the slider would actually end up on the metal connecting tab which was riveted to the track - presumably modern linear pots are a bit different. I will take the thing apart and mess about with the pots by bridging slider to the 'hot' side to see if the master is at fault - I don't think it will be the crossfade as this can be switched out, pretty much eliminating it as the problem. One thought initiated by Bouncy Dancefloor's post
  5. Thanks for your replies, guys. To address the coments so far: I don't think it's the master pot, as this hardly ever gets used and therefore gets no wear, and there was no difference in the balance between the channels even when set at full. (No track in circuit.) Poor reliability? I didn't know that - I must have been lucky then! And no - this one has never seen a repair shop, but as it is always wired in there isn't any movement at the back to cause problems. Oh well - as suggested maybe it's a good excuse o get a new one. So - any suggestions for a mid-price 19" m
  6. VU meters - they can be the old ones with a moving coil and needle, or the more rugged design using LIGHT EMITTING DIODES!!! Come on Mr Harris - you can do better than that! tongue out icon Anyhow - what's the problem then, do you think? Op-amp offset fault?
  7. I rarely post questions in this section as I tend to sort out my own problems fairly well, but there are times... I have a Numark DM1720X mixer which has been my workhorse now for over 10 years, and has operated faultlessly in that time whilst providing the features and layout I require. Over the weekend I noticed the VU meters on the amps weren't showing the same level - in fact one channel was about 6dB down, possibly more. A bit more of a look revealed the VU on the mixer also showed an imbalance between channels, with the RH channel being quieter. After messing about with
  8. I think the BBC is dead in the water, really. There was a time when the BBC was at the forefront of radio & TV entertainment, and perhaps then was worth supporting via a licence. These days though, there are so many other channels available, and the BBC just aren't producing decent, informative TV as was once the case - take a look at East Enders - that's what my licence fee is paying for now, and I don't even watch it. And hideously overpaid radio presenters? Don't get me started... Quote: "TV Licensing has a duty to enforce the licence fee on behalf of the honest majority w
  9. Hi and welcome! Drum & bass eh? Good stuff. You may be able to advise some of us on that genre, as questions on it crop up from time to time..
  10. Music purchases will swallow up a lot of your profit - iclude it in your business viabilty study. There really is no 'cheap' legal way to do it, or the general public would be doing it as well. The cheapest way to obtain current releases is through one of the legal download sites such as 7Digital, but depending on what you do with these files, you may have to purchase the ProDub license too, (there are plenty of discussions on this) which will cost you a fair whack. If you buy CDs, there is no additional expense as no licence is required, but CDs are expensive and are gradually being
  11. This is my daughter's area of liking, and my observations are that it is not popular with the majority of people. Maybe try a particular requested track and introduce it a being 'for so & so', so if it bombs (as it probably will) you come out smiling slightly rather than covered in muck. You may be lucky and find a handful react well to it, but only one track occasionally would be my advice.
  12. I'd say Matt is correct, and they want you to pay for some basic knowledge anyone can glean. Search Engine Optimising isn't magic, it's just a case of having compliant code with good relevant content, whilst keeping JavaScript and CSS to an external file. There other minor points, but nothing you couldn't discover on the web. Please don't waste your money. My qualification? Nothing really, but do a Google search for "mobile disco exeter" (my local town) and see who's at, or near the top.
  13. I wouldn't sign it, as it hasn't even been copy-edited, so probably hasn't seen a solicitor either. Much of it is very wishy-washy, with no strict guidelines - see section 3. Section 5: Anyone make any sense of the first sentence? Section 8 is unfair - I'd expect the agency to be able to source a replacement DJ. Section 9: It's no business of the agency how long you are on the 'phone for. Section 12: Why is it the DJs responsibility to obtain all details? This should be down to the agency. The last sentence is nonsense. Section 13: No way. Agency should be liable
  14. I'm not convinced that there exists this 'pecking order'. What I think we have is a minority (from all sections) who feel they are better than everyone else - you'll get this in any profession I suppose, not just DJs, and is part of the shadier side of human nature. I don't feel particularly 'looked down upon', despite the fact that I've only bought one bit of gear in the last 10 years or so, and charge what many would see as menial rates for my gigs. There's no reason for the high earners to feel threatened or feel the need to belittle me and the majority of DJs who are in a si
  15. Luckily the generator is (apparently) a 40KVA one, so should be pretty stable power-wise. But I've built my own kit to deal with dodgy waveforms and to prevent them from getting to my CD decks - a hefty linear power supply feeding a computer grade sine wave inverter. Hopefully all should be OK.
  16. A towel is all you need to deflect incoming nuclear missiles - everyone knows that.
  17. And they start to smell and make odd scaping noises... Marc's advice was good - buy one good amp now and it'll last you, but do be VERY careful of those speakers - don't run them any louder than you do at the moment or you will damage them, and there is a chance that that may damage the amp also, depending on exactly how they fail. As for running all 4 from one amp - yes you can, as long as the amp is designed to cope with a 4 ohm load - that's two 8 ohm speakers connected on each side. Most decent amps will take this no problem, and if you can afford one that'll accept a 2 ohm load,
  18. Very good, Mr Harris. tongue out icon I also take a couple of pens, a marker pen, odd tools, a comb (not that I need it at the moment), a hair dryer for those winter evenings and the CD players that won't work, a fan for those Summer nights when Niagra falls seem to have been diverted to your brow and mints in case a nice young lady should wish to speak to me. I don't carry a towel - perhaps I should...
  19. Experience is the key, as you said. Glad all went well, but don't be too complacent about marquees - I've got one this weekend where I'll be running off a generator, and given the weather forecast we'll all probably be paddling around in six inch deep mud, and I'll most probably get the van stuck - but not to worry, eh?! tongue out icon
  20. I could have saved you all that bother if I'd gone and looked it up myself! tongue out icon Anyhow, there's now someone I need to go and correct...
  21. Interesting thought, and somewhat worrying, but down 'ere we are all honest people... But there are a heck of a lot of sign-written vehicles on the roads, and hopefully this kind of scam is rare, and the insurance companies are aware it goes on - I would never settle on a claim like that; It would go to the police and the insurance companies - as I use the van so little compared to the hours in the week, I'm fairly sure I could prove I was elsewhere at the time, although I accept nothing is certain.
  22. No - I know it's not so simple to categorise, otherwise someone would have bunged it in a pidgeoh-hole by now! Just hoping someone could have come close, and Wendy seemed to know more about it than most of us! Anyhow, interesting stuff still being added on 'tother thread. :)
  23. <showing my ignorance> Wasn't the 'Summer Of Love' 1969? </showing my ignorance>
  24. I've noticed no real difference either. People have always popped outside for a chat or whatever, and a few going outside to smoke makes little difference to the numbers at the type of gigs I usually do.
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