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  1. Wndyvice - what is this one track that you could guarantee a full floor with? I'd like to try it down here and see what the response is, but I'm not too sure it would work. There have been a few discussions now about Northern Soul, but no-one has yet succeeded in giving us a definitive answer. As you so obviously 'understand' it, perhaps you could educate the rest of us? Please post this on the main NS thread running at the moment. Thanks. smile icon
  2. Here's a bit of text from the inside cover of one of the NS compilations I have here: "The success of Motown encouraged would-be singers, writers & entrepreneurs to grap a piece of the pop/soul phenomenon but few ever made it past the pressing plant, languishing in the long shadow cast by the formidable Gordy empire. ironically, out of this vast collection of failures came Northern Soul and it remains today, firmly rooted in the seemingly endless supply of rare American 45s." Make of that what you will.
  3. I haven't quite got to the bottom of this either. I grabbed a couple of 'Northern Soul' compilations, but the music style and tempo varied widely. The only thing the tracks seemed to have in common is that I didn't know any of them...
  4. I never do - one exception was 'Vindaloo' to some primary school kids last year.
  5. And neither will I, although I'd be interested to know roughly how many tracks you take to a gig with you.
  6. It does happen though - Moyles especially makes regular comments regarding the amount he and friends have drunk the night before, and seem proud to have done it. Possibly not the right message to send out to impressionable young people.
  7. What does an armadillo on heat behave like?? tongue out icon
  8. No, not a coincidence - it is simply more difficult to show a decent profit these days, and as I said somewhere else, if I could do cleaning for the same number of hours that I do this lark for, I'd be a lot better off. We just have to try to keep unnecessary expenses to a minimum, and get as much work in as we can - basic good business really, but just even more so. 'Tis goona be tough for some of us.
  9. I believe the most popular method these days is 'cut vinyl', this being essentially sticky vinyl letters and graphics which are applied to the vehicle. They can be fairly easily removed apparently, but if they have been on the vehicle for a long time the outlines will be visible. This is because the paint has weathered on the vehicle, except that paint covered by the lettering, which has been protected from the elements. I'd have thought a bit ot T-Cut and elbow grease would restore the paint to its original glory - I'll be finding out this weekend as the previous lettering on my van
  10. Thankyou for your efforts - as a CD user myself this is something that has bothered me slightly, as we are all aware that unscrupulous individuals lurk in our midst. Carrying a copy of the MCPS terms & conditions (by permission) seems to be the most sensible way forward for DJs in the immediate future, just in case they visit a venue that has been 'polluted'.
  11. He did what?? :bouncy: I thought he had enough already! Tight wad? Well, it has been said that the best way to get a drink out of a Harris is to stick your fingers down its throat...
  12. I don't think you need to ask about the number of people expected - the venue will give you an indication of the gear required, and you then need to hope the client fills it with guests! For initial telephone/e-mail enquiries I ask the following: Date of event. Location. Type of event Duration Enquirer's name Phone number I also record the date of the enquiry. I can then usually give a price, and if they decide to proceed I tell them about the extra hour required before/after the event. I ask specific details depending on the type of event - first dance, name of bi
  13. Hi and welcome! And yes - joining DJ Associates will probably be the best deal on PLI you'll see in a long time.
  14. Good point Neil - I wonder what the guests would be thinking as you turn up 2 hours late, not realising that you are not the original DJ but are there to save the night and do them a favour! I haven't had this situation in a long while, but if it happened now I would insist the bride/groom make an announcement to the effect that we have come in at short notice bla bla bla and make it very obvious that I wasn't the original DJ booked.
  15. Nice story! Quote DX: "...and those that do stipulate it mustn't be sign written." Interesting, and this seems to make sense and yet Norwich Union like them to be sign-written. It was explained to me that this initially (apparently - their statistics) makes the vehicle less likely to be stolen, as it is too easy to identify, and easier to recover if it does get stolen - for the same reasons. Quote Kingy: "I am shocked that your insurance company insist on your van being sign written." Ah - I see the error in my post: The insurance company didn't insist I had the van s
  16. Blimey - that's a bit of an eye-opener. At the moment I'm typing this, 8 people claim to be running at a loss, which is surprising. I wasn't one of them - I do make a profit, just not all that much.
  17. You have misunderstood me - badly, but not to worry. Anyone else had bookings directly from a vehicle advert?
  18. No. Because if I was thinking of hiring a disco I'd look on the internet. The chances of seeing a disco van at the point in time I decide to hire one seems a bit remote, hence my original question.
  19. Agreed that a sign-written van advertises what might be inside, but with modern immobilisers and alarms is this as big a problem as it may have been 20 years ago? And as for noting down the name of plumbers etc, yes - I've done that too! So - we have one disco so far who gets work from his sign-writing, and that surprises me, as I wouldn't have thought that a disco would be the kind of service people would jot down in passing, but obviously that's not the case.
  20. The NOW CDs are in general hopelessly out of date. I do a fair number of teenage parties, and many tracks get requested well ahead of release - they've heard it on the radio and naturally expect the disco to also have them. The Mastermix ProDisc amongst others helps a bit, but you are still looking at only maybe 4 useful tracks off the complete CD, and some of the big hits are (surprisingly) missing. I'll watching this thread with interest, as this is a problem I have.
  21. To elaborate: I'm having my van sign-written, for two main reasons - it is a condition of my insurance, and secondarily I feel it may be useful to the client to be able to immediately recognise the DJs van arriving, rather than wonder if it's him or not. My question is this - have any of you ever obtained work directly as a result of a sign-written vehicle? That is, someone phoning you up having seen the details on the vehicle?
  22. Let me know when - I need a change of lighting, and these sort of fit the bill. :Thumbup:
  23. I'm in my 40s, but look a lot younger - more like 21... tongue out icon
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