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  1. Hey Chris, Without sounding to cliche, I find lighting to be something of personal taste, depending in your budget. If you have no limit, get some moving heads; I have four Phantom 50 LED heads and use them as my 4 main fixtures, with two LED bars for some floods of colours. I'm not into into the 'static' RGB LED lights that are taking over the disco lighting market, although that said I do have a couple of ADJ Mystic LEDs which are superb at filling the dancefloor (or ceiling and walls) with light - you can pick up a pair up for less than £200 now. Again, it all depends on wh
  2. At £250, not sure why you'd invest in anything from Electromarket! I had a youth project with a tight budget, and we bought KAM's KBA amp series to run subs and tops - no problems at all in the past 3 years, and really take a lot of punishment for what we paid for them. I've even had an old KAM KDJ series amp, and 11 years on it's still kicking hard. That said, if you're prepared to spend up to your £250 budget, look at Crown amps - for that money you won't get better; seriously good, reliable stuff. p.s. for good sound you need flawless audio from source to output - th
  3. So I found my old Constella Tremor while turning the house inside out to decorate. Have plugged it in, and sadly the motor on the mirror is done. But the gobo wheel still goes; the lamp is intact; would hate to have to chuck it, as when it's working properly it's a superb light. I've seen another thread from a few years back about Constella's owner going into retirement; does anybody happen to know the guy, and furthermore if he happens to keep any spares for the Constella fixtures? It's a long shot, but if I can get it working again, I'll be over the moon :)
  4. Hi :) Let me start by saying... do not buy DJ equipment from maplin. The majority of it is over-priced crap. I assume that's where your ProSound speakers came from? I'll say what I say to all my clueless friends - WATTS don't mean anything; that's just the power required to drive the speaker optimally. But anyway, on a less ranty note, let's do this bit-by-bit: MICS Wouldn't touch the first one. The second one is made by KAM, but to be honest if you look about, there are decent wireless KAM mics cheaper than that. KWM6 and KWM11 I think; look them up, not bad for the p
  5. Happy New Year all! 2013 seems like the right time to get some more kit upgrading done, but need some advice. I currently own two RCF 412A speakers (amazing!) and one RCF ART 705-AS active sub (the old one, not the SUB 705!) for gigs that need it. As much as I love the sub, it's a bit on the weighty side. Some might argue that 37kg isn't that heavy, but nonetheless I need something that can live up to the sweet low end of the 705, but with a good few pounds less to move about. On a £800-£1000 budget, my options seem to be to buy a new sub like the digital SUB 705-AS, which com
  6. Hi ant096, I assume your just looking for some fixtures for your disco? Or do you have other uses for these new moving heads? Honestly, regardless of that, I think you underestimate how powerful the Phantom 50 LED fixtures are - not just in terms of brightness, but overall functionality. The only (very minor) thing they lack is that the prism doesn't rotate. And I use them for shows in cathedral-size venues with no problems. While I don't doubt the Indigos are incredible effects, it's asking yourself if you really need to spend in excess of a grand more on light output that yo
  7. I have a pair of Wharfedale Titan 12's I use for such occasions. Not sure how the EVP cabs compare, but the Titans are lightweight, loud, decent sounding, and come in at the same price as the EVP X12's. Have never heard of RCL, but having searched them up, wouldn't touch them with a 10ft barge pole. If these really are your only option, i'd punt for the Wharfedales :-) D.
  8. Hi James, When you say "the music lets us down", do you mean your sound system or the actual music? I ask because there's only so much that getting better speakers will do to improve the music :tongueout: Still, sorry to say that you've fallen for the 'power' trick - 1000 watts virtually means nothing. I run just two straight forward 400w active speakers from RCF - which aren't just a couple of hundred pounds... but because they are built with very high quality components, and ultimately can achieve high sound pressure levels (SPLs), they do a good job. Speakers are meant t
  9. Yes. Yes they are! Connecting multiple speakers to one output changes the resistance on the channel, which is why that gets a bit more complicated. The PSR-15s are rated at a good 1400w peak and 350w RMS I believe, so running a 400w RMS amp should sit pretty with them. Generally speaking, some folks would say if it's a 350w RMS speaker, stick no more than a 350w RMS amp through it. But at 400w RMS per channel, I'd be very surprised if you blow anything up tongue out icon
  10. Right. So. A channel is one output from the amp - most amps have two channels, typically one for the left signal and one for the right signal. There's not much more to channels than that. The output per channel is what power you'll get from each. So your 2 x 400w = 2 channels, each producing 400w each, at 8 ohms. You'll find that, at 4 ohms, they'll have a higher power rating, because there's less resistance. The lower the resistance/impedance on the channel, the more power it will drive. (Although keep in mind that some think that double the resistance means half the po
  11. Definitely. The way a gig usually works for me is have some background music going from start at about 7.30 to the buffet around 9. I don't say anything in this time (although if someone asks me to turn it up and has a request then I'll happily do that for half an hour before hand). Before the buffet I'll say my welcome, introduce myself, open myself for requests, announce the buffet and mention that the disco will get into full swing in about 30-45mins. I'd say that bit right there is crucial for a start; I give the audience a little kick to let them know that I exist, that they can
  12. Finally, I can give a proper review and verdict of the Art 412-A loudspeakers. Had a gig last night in the local golf clubhouse. Good space; can seat 150 including their dancefloor - but was probably only playing for about 70 people last night. I decided, even though I would usually take my 705-AS sub when I was using the Mackies, not to take the sub with me to see how the 412's handled full range signals on their own. I have to say, I was and still am speechless. Once the party was going, all the 412's wanted to do was pump out the bass. My EQ (Pioneer DJM700) per channel wa
  13. I agree with Dave. Funny that you should say it's a Behringer that's causing you problems as well. I was using one of Behringer's (at the time fairly new) 24 channel FX series mixing desks for show sound in a large school hall with just a simple 400w amp and some 15" Eminence-loaded speakers. I know a 400w setup wasn't going to be massively impressive, but I know it would do the job with my Pioneer DJM700 running through it. The behringer however wasn't all that capable. I had the gain controls virtually fully up along with the faders about 3/4 way and still was getting a rather w
  14. True dat!! So many non-motorised LED effects that simply don't do enough; I want my effects to rotate and move around - even if it's just a goboflower effect. The likes of little LED moonflowers and the revo effects don't cut it for me :lame: I would suggest that brightness needs to be significantly improved. I was (and sort of still am) contemplating swapping out my iMove 5S HID heads for some compact lightweight LED heads, like the X-Move LED Plus heads from ADJ. What's putting me off is that at 4m my HID heads can throw 2650 lux, whereas the 10w LED will put out a poor 280 lux.
  15. Sounds pretty reasonable! Found their website; do you have a link to their ebay shop?
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