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  1. Gift voucher for cinema tickets and a box of microwave popcorn !
  2. C.S


    wont be going anywhere near bovey tracey and will have 2 weeks away from the forum as big a has got posting fever. otherwise crete in may.
  3. C.S

    Whats That Song?

    No problemo!,Play it occasionaly myself at some club gigs. Came out of ibiza earlier this autumn. here how come big harris is a mod again ?
  4. C.S

    Whats That Song?

    i quite like mitchell and i really love you because you bought me lunch, shame about kingy and dukesy has gone wierd since he moved from the real england to scotland. Monkey - the lyrics you quote sound like -atari era - dirty girl (on the dance floor)
  5. I am here but we celebrate on the 24th.
  6. I am in the uk often and do talk to people there everyday, including many djs. My family all live there and are an entertainment family ,thats why i dared to comment. My main point is that many of the djs on this thread say that they have PLENTY of work and financialy are doing well, if the dj work is going to start disapearing then its going to be the djs who do a little extra who are going to get the work . Reputation is important and you have to stand out to get a reputation. I think its better to be optimistic and look to the future than sit and moan about the present. i apologise if i ha
  7. lets put it this way, the point is that you guys are still getting plenty of work ! its a well known fact that during a financial crisis people cut down big spending on new cars, tvs etc and use more money on going out. Out here in scandinavia we are up 20% on takings at pubs and clubs and just to give an example of our crisis my mortgage is up £200 a month in the last 6 months. I find it incrediblle that djs who have plenty of work can complain and moan about a lack of aptmosphere\attendance when they themselves are the ones supposed to be entertaining\creating the aptmosphere. If you are the
  8. Why are you guys complaining ? Doing financialy well and have plenty of work but not happy about the amount of people attending ? Sorry dont get it. you get a certain amount of people and you work with them to the best of your ability, end of story. I tend to try and start some games or activites when there are few guests eg a quick and easy music quiz, (cheat a bit cos i also do stand up) this tends to create a good aptmosphere .
  9. C.S

    A Scottish Song

    proclaimers - 500 miles
  10. Here in Norway it looks like being Lady Gaga - Just dance
  11. C.S

    What Would You Play

    pogues - fairytale of new york !!!!!!!!!!
  12. C.S

    Busy ?

    mind you he nearly got away with only paying 1p for it! my daughter is 20 so she thought it was most kind of andy using his pension to buy lunch !
  13. 2 nightclub gigs this weekend, couple of boxes of cds to carry ,no lugging speakers for me - tongue out icon
  14. C.S

    Busy ?

    No ! He bought a hot meal for both myself and my daughter !
  15. C.S

    Busy ?

    Well i have had a couple of hectic weeks while we have had the forum break. 2 club gigs were followed by a flight to blighty and a 260 mile drive down to cornwall , to rush ageing mother out for xmas shopping. Met harris in Plymouth and he bought lunch !!!! (should suprise kingy)! Then up to london for an evening in notting hill with some old dj aquaintences and a long awaited exam in wine and spirits the morning after. Flight back to the arctic circle and straight to a wild xmas party which involved a rather inebriated norwegian lady becoming entangled in an xmas tree and ending up on the dan
  16. i get it but i just dont remember it !
  17. thats ok cos you and arris cant get out !
  18. of course i like you nik but you aint just a dj are you ! only hate the illegal download boys and ole gits like kingy and ads !
  19. I Always mix in the breaks provided or at the end of the track where classic tracks are concerned ! you hate mixing ? i hate computer jocks ! Why ? because i get a visit from a guy once a year to check my collection and its computer use thats done it. Mind you 2 uk djs deported in the last 12 months because of illegal downloading cant be bad !
  20. oh but i think a lot of people do notice, as far as music selection is concerned it is very important and has saved me on many a bad mixing day. It is also important that mixing is not over the top ,just too much , and ruining the track , a bit like too much mic use.
  21. Shame, its a good place for a holiday. The "getting away with it "was not meant in any way as a derogatory remark, its a fact here and it is mostly uk djs who have led the way with their mixing, members on here like eskie, secret disco have been at the fore in this. I think people here tired of the old voice over and expected more technical solutions than just fade in and out. Mixing in and out of different types of music makes for a less predictable evening and personaly i love to mix eg Kiss or the doobie bros into modjo or something housey. pussycat dolls into whitney houston,c&c music
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