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  1. That boy knows how to live.... Married at 106....see cruise ship thread. Love those lights!!
  2. I am a dated old DJ so it don't matter.!! Quite fancy one of those LED ones.How much better than the old ones??Anyone got one??
  3. Talking of Butlins....see cruise ship thread. I met Renato before he made number 1.He was a visiting cabaret to the Butlins Grand Hotel Scarborough when I was Senior Redcoat/Compere. He was a Nutter....but nice!!
  4. Never looked at it like that before. Anyway...You can still have a Shandy....AT THE MOMENT!!
  5. I have never not been paid and I leave it to the client to dosh me up before during or after I have done a fantastic job. All these rucks you have before you actually peform cannot create a very nice atmosphere between the client and you at the function.Most of my business is repeat business or recomendations....so most know the score!!
  6. Cannons...LEDS....AAARRGGGHHH. Where and how does a MOBILE DJ get that Cheesey UV flourescent teeth and draws look. Tried some from Maplins....absolute joke!!
  7. Ok Ray.....you genuinely have my deepest sympathy and i'm going to ask you to consider doing something which may seem impossible!! At the risk of making myself extremely unpopular i'm going to ask you to spare a thought for the other person involved.I doubt wether he will ever get over what he has done.Only a miniscule minority of us would actually get in a car and knowingly go out to kill or maim anyone. Before you all turn on me please be VERY VERY sure you have NEVER EVER accidentally or delibrately exceeded the speed limit because it may happen to you.If you have managed th
  8. Cocoon/Timerider Is the tune Barnsley F.C come out to......Just thought you'd like to know!!Rousing stuff??? What tune does your team come out too??
  9. I think the boy has got it!! If the Government can't be bothered to change a ridiculous speed limit on the motorways then I feel less inclined to stick to their other limits. If somebody talks :cense: to me some of the time I tend to think the rest of the time they are talking :cense: too. I will continue at my own speed slowing down past schools and built up areas but doing 85/90 on the Motorways like most others.(except when my partner is in the car.....bit neurotic!!). POST EDIT - Don't keep trying to bend the rules here either! :nono: 9) Do not substitute
  10. Should we also deal with Speed Humps?? Probable conversation with Martian?? m= martian.....h = human m- Now let me see if I have this right?? h - OK m - Your governing bodies spend billions of your eathly credits making uprisings in your carriageways to delibrately cause billions of earthly credits damage to your means of conveyancing. h - Yes....this is correct!! m - You are indeed ...a very backward race. "They peel them with their metal knives........" Am I losing it???
  11. I'm sorry but the limits are ridiculously low. If they gave us a chance I would adhere to it?? Hands up any DJ who has never bent the rules?? LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Both.....My friend... both!! Desperate times??
  13. You'll probably end up not playing it Last week huge wedding. WHATEVER YOU DO MUST PLAY ... Goo Goo Dolls ...Notorious BIG.....Theme from Baywatch.....Same Jeans......(empty dance flloor) TOTAL 60 TRACKS. Word with the Bride...Can we ditch the MUST PLAY PLAYLIST. If you must. Cha Cha Slide....Macarena....Gimme Some.....70 Dancing. Hell....my favourite is Joe Longthorne at home.....but I wouldnt subject my wedding guests to it!!
  14. Havin a good run at the moment!! Only got three points......9 is the norm for me!! Man....do I hate those speed cameras???There are loads of these new monitors going up warning you what speed you are doing round here.Invaraibly the person in front of me is in the red. SO ....How come YOU LOT don't always get clobbered like me??
  15. Fortunately I've had a Pub who has agreed to take me on every spare Fri/Sat till Christmas.....how long it will last...not sure. Other than that ....even I can notice the lack of merriment this end of the year.....so far!!
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