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  1. Hi Guy's and Girl's Ref the Gig in Walton the Cleint has now wih drawn the interest so the gig s now abandoned The gig in Chertsey is for a 30th Birthday Party Female her name is Debbie contact number is 07789576222 Thanks to all those who offered help and good luck with Debbie Cheers all Pete
  2. I Have 2 gigs up for grabs I will pass on the contact numbers as i have given any prices etc. 1 is in Chertsey 6th Decemebr and 1 is in Walton 28th November or 5th December trying to find dj to fit it in Surrey If interested please pm me urgently Cheers all
  3. It real depends on the crowd etc. We wind it right up 500 miles livin, on a prayer etc then into Time of my life or if on the clubby side Now your gone or something like it. Have finished with Pink So What latly but have to be with the right people.etc. But whenn finished and packing away put on Hey jude and listern to them them leaving singing it. Some times the venue ask you to turn all music off and this cant happen sometimes I will ask if I can play it while there leaving and had a gret responce from the venue. All venues and clients are different which is wha
  4. Have to agree with others that to move the table was wrong. The trouble is as DJ every one thnks dj is incharge of everything What you should have done is speak to the venue staff and get them to move it there is a big reason why and that is has you moved it you are now responcerble for it. and therefore your PLI is at risk should someone injury themself's or even worse you do. I often go to a club and there's the pool tabe which is on wheels in the middle of the table it is so easy o move it but I don't as I don't know where to move it etc if a lady from the bar come
  5. It's what the charts have needed for long time time great tune Have played for atleast two weeks now and gets a great reaction Big HIT for me
  6. Take your point on the budget but if the price is not right for you dont buy it. or wait till it'sfree then give it a try i was amazed how many if the the free ones I contacted had not been contacted by dj's and some of them where no the cheapies iether. Give it go lets face it next year is not going to be easy. Cheers All
  7. Could open a can of worms here. I have to say that it only right that if some one produces some thing they should get paid for it. If you write a song and it is recorded then you should get paid for it. Down loading is not going to stop and is here to say and only going to get better the way I see it it's only right. How you manage that is some thing different, the rights could be sold with the tune, then there would not be all this How many down load have t you got. etc agrument. Thats my view Cheers all Pete A
  8. Well we only found this site about 5 weeks ago and yup it's another tool to use. Have to say we have got 14 bookings from for this year and 5 for next year and 8 pending all next year Total cost from to the site so far £20 of which I have £6 ponds in credit How is that you may ask well if you wait a while then go to the booking that have not be looked at they are free, so some times its worth a phone call or an e-mail which I did and that turned not only into a phone but a booking as well. Revenue from the site will be approx for this year in depoits so far £700 and to com
  9. On again horses for courses BUT In my case I have liked this system ever since I first saw it think it was about 4 years ago and it was goal to ge a pair of them which we did in JUNE this year, have to say it was to best investment we have ever made. The proof when we got the Bose we were taking bookings at normal pace and ticked over quiet happily but some dates were free and some weekends we were totally blank. If we look at this time last year we were doing some thing like 2-3 bookings a month from September till end of December. In the same period this year we have got 25 booking
  10. Anyone free on the above date for a party in Egham Surrey. Pm me for contact details Cheers Pete
  11. Hi Boy's an Girls Anyone free for the above date 40th. Birthday party. Pm me for details etc PLI ans PAT required Please note I am not putting this gig out as an agency you will be dealing direct with client
  12. Hi Guy's ans Girls We are pleased to say we are back to normal service Orange has delivered my phone so I am back on 07973658535. If any is not working tonight It's our first years wedding anniversary so we are having a do in the local pub the COMPASSES in Egham if your free please drop in and see us. Cheers All Pete an Ali Music Box
  13. Hi Guy's an Girls Due to some plank breaking into my van with a crowbar I now have no personal mobile or satnav etc. These items where hidden away out of view etc. he must have noticed their cradles etc and gave it a go cos whats he got to lose nought. Anyway if anybody needs to contact me please use my work mobile 07812768050 In a few days time normal services will be resumed But you use this number any time. Cheers all Pete Atkins Music Box
  14. Have to say Staines HMV as vinyl. Saw some articles last year stating that acts like Arttic Monkey's etc where insisting that their chart tunes came out on vinyl as a first choice.
  15. if ok to bring Adam then we can come. let me know Cheers Music Box
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