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  1. Well said, for the price of a ratchet strap, it's worth doing. Saves all the costs from legal fees etc when or if something does happen.
  2. I hope this pic is not for real. Anyone who bumps into the stack (not to mention the bass frequencies moving stuff around) will not only get a cab on their head but a moving fixture too. If this is real please don’t do this!!!!
  3. I was not impressed with the cheap led parcans their output is less than a 300w par 56, if you have the money get the 1 W led type they are much better.
  4. There has just been a topic on here about external sound cards
  5. Some laptops and pc's sound cards pick up the HD and power supply noise, it's not really a quality issue.
  6. Tom

    Laser Lights

    Off topic but... If you double click on the picture then go compress yuo acn make that word doc 18MB zip it to 17MB. Just thought you may like to save some bandwidth!
  7. £2.75 a pint!!!! Do you southners drink gold :P
  8. lol i watched them with no sound on, it was very funny watching him dance!
  9. Tom

    Smoking Cdn-88

    Hello guys Long time since i have been here! Anyway, I thought i would have a play with my cd player today got some new vj stuff just wanted an audio source... I turned my numark cdm-88 on and fired up a cd, i was only getting one channel so i checked my connected and to my horror saw smoke billowing out the back of the main unit! EEEEKK! Took it apart and a capacitor on a pcb that has 4 mosphets and lots of diodes and other smaller caps was running very hot and was bulging. Can i get this part still? Should i try and replace that cap and try it again before buying anything else? I
  10. I got 2 of the cheap Thomann ones ages ago, they have internal fuses which kept blowing on mine but n/m I have to say not that impressed with the cheaper ones, fine for mood or accent lighting but don’t expect it to live up to a normal par 56.
  11. If this is what you want to do then just use some 13amp flex and wire up all the live pins to live etc, this does mean you can have live pins exposed when you use a link cable so be careful!
  12. You can get mics with usb if thats what you are looking for, i think samson do a cheap one.
  13. With all channels on or just one?
  14. Was that 'professionally' designed?'
  15. Isn't the numark one really buggy?
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