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  1. hi all,, thinking of upgrading the drive equipment here,thinking of a mpsd-1 duel sd card and mp3 player. would appreciate any comments that any one have regarding the usability of this player before i make a purchase. at the moment i use a twin cd player so a complete change of format and licence requirements would have to be realised i know... any advice on this unit would be very much appreciated......thanks,
  2. i use a lighting panel,keep meaning to upgrade to something a bit more modern but is has some lighting control equipment built in and would need to be electrically redesigned....
  3. makes you wonder how they managed to smuggle in such a inconspicuous device,, down there trousers no doubt.....
  4. Crickey.... this will age some of us,no hiding place now, it was the man from larimey dont ask the year..ok.
  5. oh,, i thought they only lived around here......
  6. hello and welcome, seems that you have been around the block a few times,, and yes my friend once owned a van-der molen stereo system..
  7. thanks glenn, based just south of ipswich (up the town,ooops sorry) so i will give it a look.
  8. what,, hope your not encouraging the apprentice to smoke.. or ain`t i quite reading this post right...
  9. bandwidth,, the thread has a theme running through it that says that corded mics seems to sound better then rf mics,there is good reason for this to allow different users to share the same spectrum each channel is separated by frequency which has a center frequency plus its width,however the channel is restricted to a certain width to allow more users to use the alloted band so the full set of frequency required for high fidelity speech is not passed to the mixer for amplification. my appoligies to technical people but i have tried to word it so all can understand..
  10. i am not certain if you could call the music a tool,i should say that the hardware in use is the tool and the music is the raw material that we mold and use to create or final product.. but then as one of our contributers often say! what do i know.
  11. hello all, I was looking through the loft the other day for a piece of computer equipment for a repair,could not find it but i did see a magazine laying on the rafters(no not that sort) it was a disco international mag dated 1981 october in fact,i could not help thumbing through the pages to see how things had changed,firstly there seems a lot more retail outlets selling equiptment to the budding dj-er and any body else who would like to part with there money. the thing is that the prices charged then for a peice of equiptment is largely on par for what you would pay these days for a co
  12. hello and welcome,,again, dont leave us again...... look foward to your contributions.
  13. hi gazz... equipment is all ways a personal choice especially when we are limited to a budget,you will all ways find a reaction from some of the contributors about this light or that microphone,but in the end its your choice and your choice alone that counts,,, wish you good hunting in the future as you build up your gigs,its nice to see young blood in the industry and at your age you are possibly well placed to weather the economical down turn we are experiencing at the moment.
  14. yes i have to agree,i sat down to watch the awards and lasted about half way through and was not impressed at all,spent the rest of the program installing a new hdd in one of my computers dont know which was the more aggravating..
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