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  1. I hardly dare ask, but.... what on earth did you think I meant? :scared: Sweet-talking someone on the phone.... 'Hi, what you wearing? Hmmm. you sound nice. You want to book a disco?' :scared: tongue out icon
  2. Class-D speakers are excellent! Even the budjet range are good. Bet that 4.5Kw rig was amazing! I got mine from the same peeps in Mansfield. Wouldn't go anywhere else. Jac15's on top of 500W Class-D subs - superb sound. I'm getting some Jac 10's next to add on to my rig.
  3. Well Andy, since you said please..... If you're going to build the webpage/site yourself, a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) programme is best, especially if you're not too hot with HTML and such. Drag and drop is the order of the day with WYSIWHG progs. The one I use personally is called Antenna. You can build the site or page within the programme, and also upload it to the host as well. Picture-wise, you'll need something to reduce the image size and overall bulk of a photo. There are plenty of good free ones around. If there's anything else you need, ask - but be spe
  4. Only if your mind works that way. What I meant was to 'sell yourself' on the phone. Better? :joe:
  5. All well and good if people will pay higher prices - but the majority won't.
  6. Add some tunes from the likes of 'Jim Reeves, Neil Diamond, Cliff Richard (the early stuff), The Supremes, The Three Degrees, Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, Barry White' Plenty of 60's pop and 70's as well. Don't forget to play The Mavericks - Dance The Night Away & Mambo No. 5 by Lou Bega.
  7. Yes, some DJ's have made alternative job arrangements. Mikeee has gone back to the church.... Here http://i86.photobucket.com/albums/k110/muzique_2006/mmminlogobv1.jpg Not sure what Smithys up to though....
  8. Yes, but..... You need to be able to tell a potential customer what they'd be paying for - what makes you better than a dodgy disco type etc. That's what my 'cost' page does. I'm another who wouldn't put prices on my site. Far better to 'sweet-talk' them on the phone.
  9. Marc. The DAC will work with Virtual DJ. DAC 1, 2 and 3. In the config section of the software, there is a tab called 'remote control', this gives you all the required options.
  10. 'So for 24 years I've been livin' next door to Moley. Moley - who the f:cense: is Moley?'
  11. 'Morphys'. 'Morphys Roadshow.'
  12. I normally always play one more providing I've not overrun too much. Normally the songs are already cued up after 'New York, New York'. Turn the disco lights off, room lights on, and hit play. 'I know a bear that you all know - Yogi, Yogi....' or 'Oh darlin' I'm so horny I could die....'
  13. Actually, if they ring again - I'm gonna give them Jammin Roadshows (Mark) number. I do agree though that the more posh they are, the worse they behave. Also, the richer they are, the more tight fisted they are! I also forgot to mention the very strong smell of Cannabis in the bar that night. Outside drink was also banned, but it didn't stop them. I didn't stop them either - hell, it wasn't my job!
  14. Thats the one - IRQ. A conflict of IRQ and your cards. (PCI.... huh, I know what I meant, I just couldn't remember).
  15. You could possibly have a conflict on the PCI bus. Basically it means that the new card doesn't like sharing resourses with another item. With you previously having onboard sound you wouldn't have noticed. The firewire and usb would have been installed automatically into say PCI 5. Your new card may want to default to position 5, causing a conflict. It could just be that your cards don't like the position that you've put them in. Have a look through the manual for your motherboard and see where it recomends the cards to be installed.
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