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  1. hi could you post some links to a suitable external sound card to use with a laptop running windows vista thanks.
  2. no the base units lasers or motors wore out and someone was selling a base unit only on ebay so though i could change it
  3. can you use a different cd player base units to the controller ? if not will maybe the same make but differnt model work.
  4. my amp is fine to run at 4ohm each side, i dont fancy opening up the back, there must be a simple way of daisy chaining these. any help would be appriciated
  5. maplins do one that looks a bit like an rcd that you plug into the socket in the wall, then your extension lead goes into that.About £8. Worth it , but will only work once so if it does blow and you suspect the electrics are dodgy dont plug anything else in . they are worth it by the way, £8 to save your gear , you can also buy a tester that plugs into the socket, that will tell you if the socket is not right , tester
  6. looks good , what amp and speakers are they? might be worth just tidying up the wires on the back of the lights for a more tidy look, velcrow strips are handy or "ye old gaffa"
  7. any idea how to link 2 together to run off one side of the amp? It has a speakon input, a "jack input" and a "jack through" . My Webpage" i tried going from amp to speakon, then running a jack lead from the Jack through" to the "jack input" of the second speaker and it didnt work.
  8. do you know if you can link up different heads to the base units via the data cable on twin cd players?
  9. hi ,any body know where i can order a replacement cd player ie/ drawer and all the workings, laser , motor etc for one side of a gemini twin cd player, Thanks.
  10. birdie song , told my roadie never to play it as a general rule , was requested for some cheese , he put it on , packed dance floor lol
  11. Hi my cd players both sides have started to play up , i cleaned the lenses but it seems to return , Seems worse when they are first switched on then after a while it usually gets better.Any ideas , was told it could be the lasers have worn out and its not ecomomical to repair as it mat be a prob with the circuit too board
  12. Well start with charts, obviously try to play the radio stations versions, if its in the charts its on commercial radio so shouldn't be a prob as you can state that . although personally i wouldnt play sex on fire.later play the party dance stuff
  13. ill try cleaning it with that stuff and let you know,
  14. one of the volume faders crackles on mine and you have to tap it to make it work, any ideas where a replacement can be sourced, thanks.
  15. the aerial is built in in the router altough it does have extra ethernet ports at the back if thats any use, do have power though in the summer house, not sure what a wi fi acess point is
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