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  1. I'm particularly interested in this mixer - it looks fantastic but would really like to read some user reviews on it, if anyone has managed to get their hands on it yet? Cheers
  2. They are as bright as a 250w halogen, but look at the price of them!! Once you move into moving heads (forgive the pun) then Discharge lamps are in my opinion the only way to go.
  3. I agree there are 'levels' of cheese. Indisputable, past it's best, only for the die-hards and at risk of ejection from any function apart from a kids party is anything by Black Lace, the Birdy Song, Wurzels etc. Next stage - girlie nights, gay nights or mega-cheese lovers only includes the Macerena, Saturday Night, Cheeky Girls, Las Ketchup etc. Then you have Party Cheese - the stuff a good british party often thrives on - this includes YMCA, Grease Megamix and the likes. After that is what I call Cheesey Pop - at the smellier end of the scale is S Club, Steps, B*Witched,
  4. Same here - client meetings are vital to a successful, smooth-running and personalised wedding. Be client led, client focussed and it will pay rewards!
  5. Welcome Jay - hopefully you will be able to find your way around here! I'm still trying lol! Enjoy
  6. I use an Ultimax Wheel and Winch in either 4ft or 2ft for the majority of my gigs. Sometimes I use the winchpods with overhead bar (2m or 3m) and other times I just use a pair of T-bars, depending on the gig. But frontage is important. too. I agree the S&H and Deckstand Booth Pro both seem overpriced, but they are very nice. I had a Deckstand Booth Pro but returned it and bought an S&H instead. Both are good bits of kit and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. If anyone is interested in a review/comparison of the 2 I'd be happy to write one. I hated
  7. I used CDs when I first started, then moved to digital for a year whilst still carrying my CD Players and decks to every gig, then realised I didnt ever use the CDs anymore, so put them in the loft, moved to a PC-based system with the laptop as backup and have never looked back. I just cant imagine going back to CDs now.
  8. I keep a very close eye on my bass bins and the second anyone puts a drink down I whisk it away and put it on a nearby table right in the middle of a group of drinks. If the person makes a comment I smile and mention that the bass bin vibrates and will knock his drink off, and also that I am sure he appreciates that liquid and electricity dont mix. If he makes anything further of it I suggest politely that he considers his actions of dumping his drinks on someone else's property, when there are dozens of tables around the room specially designed for that task. I even offer to train h
  9. I've tried both the LED and conventional PAR36 on a mirrorball and in my opinion the LED just doesnt do it. It does create a wash, and there are reflections arond the hall, but nothing as bright an piercing as the standard pinspot. So - £32 for an LED or £6.63 for a conventional one, inc bulb. I know which I'd use!
  10. This is a very old thread now but still very helpful so thanks Chris. I am looking at buying 2 or 4 DMX Moonflowers and my shortlist is Datamoons, Spins or T4s. Datamoons are top of the list for the simple reason they are so much cheaper than the others (although my heart really fancies Spins for the inbuilt programming) Is there anything else available today that compares? I can buy a pair of Datamoons, in flight case and with controller for £240, and individual lights from about £100, so they are a bargain!
  11. QUOTE (JonWhittaker @ Aug 13 2006, 08:38 PM) Am a part-time police officer so I think I'm checked already http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/tongue.gif Probably a good idea for a kids-entertainer. You can never be too careful these days and if I was arranging a party for one of my kids (not that I have any... yet) I'd be asking if the entertainer was CRB checked. I've seen the nasty people that there are out there. So when you take your kids to MacDonalds do you insist that the person who serves them is polic-checked? And when they have thier feet measured for shoes, and the a
  12. Icarus - IF you could even find such a decvice I doubt it would be possible to carry it. As an example, a decent 1000VA UPS will set you back around £150 and weigh around the same as a powerful amp. This will just about cope with a modern PC, and at a pinch an amp. If you want to run lights too then look at 2000VA minimum. try finding one! A (illegal) workaround for the limiter is to connect all your lighting via the limited sockets (bar 1 for safety) and then connect your sound gear somewhere else (kitchen etc). If you see the lights go out, turn down the sound. That way you are still c
  13. highslayer

    Par Cans

    You dont say which parcans you use, but generally parcans are just the power of the lamp with pretty much no overhead. So - PAR36s are usually 30watts. Add up the total wattage, divide by 240 and that will give you the ampage which you match to the controller. Assuming you have ample on the controller, why not just use either 2-way iec adapters to put 2 cans into 1 socket, or fit with ordinary 13a plugs (with 3a fuses), connected into standard 2,4 or 6 way extension sockets and replace the 13a plug on that with an IEC to connect to your controller. If you do it right, you can (for exa
  14. If its a PC then no problem, but anything else I take apart either breaks, or has bits left over once I've finished, or err - 'looks' different!
  15. As far as I can tell, almost the entire funky lighting range is either a direct copy or reverse-engineered versions of standard lighting effects, just cheaper. As they havent had to spend any money on R&D and they are made in a cheap labour environment they can be produced at a cheaper cost Perhaps if anyone has any of these products, and maybe the one it is copied from they could see if the build quality is the same? If so then there should be no problem leaving the 250watt units on for a couple of hours at a time, whatever the manufacturer recommends.
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