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  1. Try some swing esp. Paul Anka ( try rock swings ), easy listening stuff, stuff with a low bpm. Slow love songs etc. instrumental versions of songs I think there used to be some cds about for this type of things . Music to eat to - or something. Ask them if they have any tunes in mind.
  2. Local village show night tonight , should be good normally is. Lots of younger teenages to put with tho. Pub fun day tomorrow from 5pm. Outdoor gig on Monday So its all good but busy Cheers
  3. Hermes house band - country roads rikki and daz - rhinestone cowboy Barndance Boys - Yippie I Oh theres a few more but @ this time of night it hard to remember :P cheers :cow:
  4. Hello Ive havent posted for a long time so I thought I would tonite. Im at the wedding venue now - managed to get wireless access, and working with a folk type band. theyre doing a barn dance - caller type thing. Now they started had a break which I filled now theyre on again. How do you lot find working with bands where 'we' are both totally different? They had a few dancing to start with but now theyre back on after me nobodys interested!!! now I like to work with other people and entertainers so I cant help feelin a little 'sorry' for them. :hurt: Your opinions p
  5. Buy a GREEN morphsuit. Classic fancy dress costume. Did a gig in one last week - wot a laugh lol . Go on !!!
  6. Go on lets have your thoughts, Im really considering buying a pair soon. But need a bit more £ and some more views? Quite like the usb/sound card option for pre-agreed play lists. And the scratch and effects of the whole unit looks good aswell. £ price doesnt seem too bad either. Anybody got them? good or bad reviews Thanks G
  7. djgb

    What Would You Do?

    Yep done exactly that later on this year for a couple who want to do their own thing at their wedding. Fair enough it'll cost you £x amount, - not tellin them its the same as if i was doin it or not. Now I'll be there most if not all of the night just incase, but its totally up to them to play the tunes they want. At least this way they get what they wanted, any potential new clients dont assume its me if things are not so good and like a SUPER HERO I can step in and save the day if it dies on its backside LOL. :Thumbup: Granted they were a bit bemussed with the price at first
  8. Grease mega mix !!!! :hide: quite long and heard it toooo. many times now !!!
  9. Nothing for me this weekend either, but the missus wants to go shopping :damn: Unless I get a better offer LOL :msn-wink:
  10. Did a wedding last night. Things run late they didnt have a first dance till about 10.30ish then I had to finish @ 01.00. So nice easy night in that respect but it was over an hour and 1/2 to get there, home @ 03.30 packed away by 4. I dont know about you but after driving that long at night its hard to switch off and relax. Ahh the joys of being a mobile dj eh LOL!!!! But it was all good and got a couple of potential bookings from it. :good: Cheers all G.
  11. Isnt there a similar thread already running bout this question? Its on here somewhere try looking though the whole site :pro: :good:
  12. Try 'Crazy little thing called love' by Queen. Seems to work for me ? Gets the party going after the slow ones and is a good tune that covers quite a few ages and styles of music.
  13. djgb

    Cheesey Hits!

    Depends what you class as CHEESE - ONE MANS CHEESE IS ANOTHER MANS BREAD AND BUTTER lol Is cheese the kind of music that you tend to hear at the majority of gigs , holidays resorts etc. or is it just party music? I was told the other night that summer o 69 and livin on a prayer - was cheese? To me proper stilton is Black Lace, Village people, Grease Mega Mix etc. Anyway what does everybody else think?
  14. Wedding for me this weekend as has been the last few tbh. Off to Bpm next week and had to turn away a few gigs to go aswell. Should be worth it tho. Cheers G
  15. Tidy bud wots wrong with the homeland then? LOL
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