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  1. Sean Paul you could get away with, plus Jammin by Bob Marley always goes down well.
  2. Nothing for me, im off on holiday to Portugal for a whole 10 days. :Thumbup: :cheers:
  3. I was a Havenmate for 5 years from 1995 to 2000, and loved every minute of it, sometime I miss, I still have many friends in the industry who are now ents managers. Haven has changed loads over the years though I went to Weymouth Bay this year and it was so different from my days. My boy loves it and his only 3 he doesnt realise that his mum and dad used to be up on stage dancing to the tiger song in our yellow trousers/skirts and stripey jacket (Old school) In fact I was Rory the tiger at one point lol, dont tell you kids though. Here I am second from the top (With the huge sideb
  4. Just the Saturday for me a Wedding in Bristol, working with a bad. Then Sunday watching the footie.
  5. Nothing for this weekend, hopefully if ths rain stops I can get some gardening done.
  6. Only the one for me. I'm setting of on Saturday to Wembley to Dj the Wrap Party for the BBC show "Over the Rainbow"
  7. Just the one for me tonight a 40th suprise birthday at a golf club. smile icon
  8. Hi Guys I’m quite excited as I have just received all my details and PLI through as I am now officially a member of the DJA. This is the first time I have joined a DJ association after 10 years of being in the business and I think its going to prove very valuable to my business. I also have to say that the service was great and very easy to set up; Plus I also have a brand new spanking logo on my website now. :Thumbup: Oh Merry Christmas to all.
  9. Big one for me again this year, im off up to Wembley to do the X Factor wrap party on Sunday. I'll try and get some pics if I can. :Thumbup:
  10. This goes way back to when people sold knocked of goods or replicas from the boots of their cars, unfortunately its the way of life these days and what ever the government try to do there are some clever folks out there that will always be one step ahead of them. Plus it doesn’t just stop at music or films, how many people can actually say that they have never used or is using a dodgy copy of either windows, Dreamweaver, Adobe Pro will they also be clamping down on this as there are hundreds of Torrent sites out there providing this material. If these record companies sold music at a
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