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  1. There is still some good software as yet uncopied/ adapted for Mac, so I still use winderz via paralells, for MSAccess, although that's about it If I was better at databases I would convert my bookings/accounting db to Bento/Filemaker, but I'm not, so I shall have to live with Mr Gates brainchild for the moment... Mac will rule the world, it's just a matter of time
  2. I'm listed on the UKdisco one, but that's it, and I've only ever had one enquiry texted through I think there is a place for these, both for clients wanting to do the comparethecuteanimal.com type of search and for DJs who dont have their own website, and are happy to take the cheaper end gigs. Let's not be snobby about it, there's a big market out there for those charging lower rates...
  3. I had the pleasure of Meeting Roger at a BBQ last year (or year before...memory fades in old age...), what a thoroughly nice guy ! Spent all afternoon chatting about the old days (and his current property ventures), had a great time !!
  4. I've been booked for a Wedding on the 29th of April since August last year, AND it's my birthday ! If one of Her Majesties minions had beaten them to the booking, I'd have charged the same exhorbitant rate as I always charge. Why would you charge more, because they have more ?
  5. Good poll, interesting results !!
  6. Couple of things to add to the several very valid points already mentioned... You want an agent to give YOU bigger clients - this will never happen, they will always be the agents clients ! Agents do have a bad reputation, but as was said earlier, there are good and bad, as with any business. Many DJs, myself included, offer work to other DJs when we can't cover gigs. Some are referred to as agents, some are multi-ops, but all are doing pretty much the same thing ! The way I work is that I negotiate a fee with the client to include a commission for myself. I then contact o
  7. Getting back to the 'flexible' points above, I believe I get more bookings and thanks because of being customer focussed and totally flexible to their needs, rather than being a good DJ (which I'm not). I also approach venues in the same way, I hear so many stories from management about "last weeks DJ played too loud"/ "threw his toys out when we asked him to set up over there"/ "demanded drinks and food" / "wouldn't stop at midnight" why oh why can't DJs understand we are in a service industry, you are not a god, you are not special, you are the hired help ! Rant over
  8. Marquee wedding Friday, Marquee Christening Saturday (never done a Christening !!!) then 2 wedding fayres Sunday Roll on a dead November !!
  9. Always a tough one when you want to do a great job, but the customer (Bride) is ALWAYS right, no matter what I seen this subject elsewhere, and some DJs get concerned that they wont be; asked for cards, please the venue, pull any girls etc etc. You must do the best job for the customer at hand on the day, and if they are happy, then you did a good job !
  10. GREAT, can you pick me up in Horsham Jas ?
  11. Smart jeans, crisp white shirt, jacket - it says relaxed and informal so come and talk to me, yet smart enough to say I mean business !
  12. Friday small local wedding at a golf club Saturday marquee wedding in Kent, suspend lighting truss from apex early afternoon, add fill-in speakers for speeches, do background music, then get down and boogie choonz till 1130 with a $%^%$£ sound limiter arggghhh
  13. There are are two main things about DJs I've found irritate me a lot - Bull5h1t and apathy I feel new thread coming on - 'Biggest DJ lies' such as "I've never had an empty dancefloor"
  14. I may know a man who could assist with that.... ;-) Ring me for a totally poptastic unbeatable deal of the day ! I don't think my area (South East) will be affected anytime soon, but you never know.. Knee jerk reaction - A: I cant be doing with people who don't value what I do (big headed YES, but I have enough experience and customer service to warrant a higher price than 130 I would however try to speak wth venue and get my normal price (445) built into their package, and work with them to market it regular gig or not, I am not leaving my sofa for anywhere near
  15. Just paint them, that's what we do for installs ! protect the cones and connections, but otherwise a base coat and a top coat or two, job done
  16. Morning chaps, just a reminder to those of us who had the DJ@ policy, that it ran out last night !!
  17. Could you guys please type with caps lock on, my eyesight isn't what is was
  18. Always amazes me how 'youngsters' know that old classic stuff... I used to do a local social club regularly, and after playing a certain song one night for a laugh, they always insisted for several years afterwards that it's the last song of the night. Probably annoys any new DJ down there, as many have never heard of it... The Yogi Bear song !!!
  19. Of course you could always do like me, and shop on the internet ;-)
  20. Note how the video ends just before she knee's him squarely in the record box !
  21. Never looked for it, but will have a look tomorrow at my gig system and see if I can help with a location for you BTW the 'drag em all into iTunes' theory would work. Create a new library with different name, make sure you UNTICK copy files to itunes (otherwise it will copy the mp3's), also disable things like get artwork etc. to speed up the process. Once all in, just go file-library-export playlist and choose a format for it - job done !
  22. Watch out for those B£00dy speed camera's along that main road to Bar Hill Steve !!!
  23. I think Jason has covered pretty much all you need to know, but hopefully hasn't scared you off ! ;-) Best advice I can offer, get a really good accountant, happy to put you in touch with mine if you don't have someone nearer Cheers Pete
  24. Just a quick update chaps - Several people moaned about having to have a backlink as part of their membership to get the cheap PLI. Several also didn't have a website, so couldn't ! I have therefore now reconsidered, and backlinks are now voluntary and will be in return for direct to links to your site only. So hopefully this is a step forward everyone will like... Cheers Pete
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