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  1. I'll be hoping to find somewhere to park mine too..... :joe:
  2. Mighty Quinn

    Wedding Music

    If there is a guest there called Eileen...... I'd also steer clear of Dexys.
  3. Ahhhh but technically you went there last year......but came back this. NYE gig wasn't it tongue out icon
  4. Must be the winner!!! I just like to call you my bitch - Dave McCullen
  5. Have an ultimax deck stand with winched gantry and it is great. Was there however a new upgraded model available.... seem to remember seeing something at bpm show.
  6. Mighty Quinn

    Drum N Bass

    Any suggestions for tracks or CD's Cheers Quinn
  7. Still looking for a few more moonflowers if anyone fancies bring some along for the "Focus on" section. Let us know what you got to see if it's already on the line up. Cheers
  8. Not forgetting Kaz who has spent literally weeks putting together a data base of almost every disco and dj in the East Anglia region. Upto over 400 now and still going strong. Well done mate.
  9. 28 Hours with no sleep. Lots of pushing and panting and moaning and groaning. Sounds just like that upstairs gig we did at the corn exchange in Ipswich. :joe: Congrats mate. All the best to you and the family.
  10. On visiting a customer last night they have requested an hours set of Commercial Drum and Bass - Mid 90's to 98. Had a little look through cd's last night and now taking a look online. Any pointers to some classics.
  11. Who me......nahhhhh. Small quiet night with a few mates..... Eric, Ringo & Pete. http://i246.photobucket.com/albums/gg84/MightyQuinnDJ/CamPics004.jpg http://i246.photobucket.com/albums/gg84/MightyQuinnDJ/CamPics010.jpg http://i246.photobucket.com/albums/gg84/MightyQuinnDJ/CamPics001.jpg Sorry no celeb pics but was quite strict with camera's and phones. Charity concert with line up including Eric Clapton, Ringo Star, Pete Townsend, Gary Broker, Joe Walsh & Andy Fairweather-Love. The build up to midnight was so intense. 1500+ People and with a few minutes to
  12. Alright for some....... mixing it up with the celebs!!! :joe:
  13. Seem to recall last year there was a link to a "Welcome to 2007" Jingle available to purchase where money raised went to charity. Anyone seen a similar thing for this year.
  14. i found out that compacting your set down does help in set up time, now got mine down to half a hour, and it used to be a hour. Ask about strip down time for last Thursday lol........ After 2 hours 20 mins i stopped looking at my watch and started praying. tongue out icon
  15. One a roll........ it's Light my Fire by Club House ft.Carl
  16. Oceanic - Insanity Can't stop huming it now DOH!!!!
  17. Well just a quick update........ My HC4500 is up and running. If I new what the problem was with my laptop and why it wouldn't link to the controller then I would gladly post what the problem was and how to resolve it....... However;......... it's still a mystery. Used controller a little on Saturday night and it worked great.
  18. Frankie goes to Hollywood - Relax............. when you wanna c...
  19. First thing is finding a suitable venue. Any Thetford forum members out there that could help with this.
  20. Am looking for myself at the mo. This seems quite cheap £449 for a 17" dual core with 2Gig of ram http://www.pcworld.co.uk/martprd/store/pcw...gory_oid=-27749
  21. Think Marcs gonna win this hands down
  22. I had em both with me at bpm but you were too busy chasing round after the young lady in white shorts on stilts with the front wedgie :joe:
  23. Mmmmmmmmm looks so pretty........ if only I could get mine to work. In fairness it's not the controller or the software it's my laptop. But even laptop techy guys haven't manged to sort it yet. Real mystery....... don't know where to go next. Will carry on watching the video clip lol
  24. Sunday Swapshop / Items for sale Items so far 1 Sennheiser HD215 Headphones 1 Behringer LC2412 DMX Controller 2 Chauvet DJ Squeeze 2's 2 CA8 Controllers 1 ABS 10U x 6U Mixer Flightcase. 1 Roadready 6U Flightcase 1 Acme Duet 2 Acme Panthers Various cables and leads.
  25. No it'll just mean he's on the forum even more! in the day
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