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  1. Ive got a pair of Alto ELV15 loudspeakers for sale now fitted with Ohm branded 300w LF drivers. In very good condition. Can't say ive every really had a problem with these cabinets, just selling on due needing space. £200 for the pair ONO Prolight concepts Blue CD case (holds about 150 CDs) . £20 2U amplifier case (not ABS plastic). £30 PM me if interested all. Collection is from Gloucester
  2. I am a VDJ user and in the past 3 years I can't say it has let me down yet. I have been using the same Acer laptop for years too, again so far it is still serving me well. I have found that ensuring your laptop isn't full of non DJ related stuff does help the software run more accurately. Hope that helps
  3. Welsh Audio Man 21


    at present I cant fault CD pool... and the selection is pretty well balanced rather than just an odd track against a load of fillers.
  4. Some really good info here guys, thankyou! Will keep you informed how I get on! thanks again!
  5. Thanks for all the replies guys. From what you have all said, I think I may concentrate on getting through december and new years, then look at 2011, spending time and investment on a better website and further promotions.
  6. Another +1 for the Shure SM58. Got cases of the sodding things, but very robust and a very popular mic worldwide. Also a massive fan of Sennheisers.
  7. So are we thinking agencies are not a good way forward if I want to maintain a reputation... Was mainly hoping it would get me a few more bigger clients. I am really planning on pushing hard for 2011 to promote myself so looking at various avenues. Have just started a website :)
  8. But if your mixer and players are not gold plated connections, doesn't that make it rather pointless as they will tarnish...
  9. I know this doesn't answer your question, but I have never seen the point in using high quality gold plated blah blah hifi interconnects unless your mixer and playback have the same quality connections (generally they are just tin sockets). I'm not sure how you have your mixer set up, but have you tried dropping your gain a little? Does it happen, no matter what channels on the mixer you use. Does it happen when channels are down but master is up only? I know they are simple questions, but just trying to suss out where the problem is (ie. prior to entering mixer, particular item et
  10. Hi guys, I have been playing around with the idea of signing up with an DJ agent. I don't really know anyone who is, but have done some research and it seems to be worth a go. However, having never used one before, and not knowing someone who has I don't really know the best way to identify a good one. Anyone got any tips? Or can anyone recommend one in the South West (Gloucestershire) region. Many thanks in advance
  11. Are these the ones that can also be used as wedge monitors? TX112 MK2. If so, I used some as band foldback before, found them rather harsh, requiring some processing. Mind you, I found that with most Martin Mach. But at that price, you can't fault them... ideal as backup.
  12. Superstardeejay explained it perfectly! :Thumbup: A cheap and cheerful but fairly reliable crossovers are the behringer range : Click me These can sometimes be had second hand on the ebay. Oh, and you can contact me via email on: isfaudio(at)live.co.uk
  13. Our systems are in various combinations. Some are protex cases, some are Flightcase Warehouse made cases.
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