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  1. Just popped in to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. i haven't been around much lately and for that I apologise, but I will be around a lot more in the New Year. All the best to all and especially those of you I know well. Eddie.
  2. I have the ART525As and they are amazing, I sold my twin Bose L1 outfit and have never regretted it. I tend to mainly use the pair of them on their own, but for the bigger gigs have used them on top of a pair of ART705A subs, 3kw+ RMS and sounds amazing, but you need a very big hall really. As for the 'Are they better than Mackie' ? No question about it, and I have had SRM350s and SRM450s. Not cheap, but you do tend to get what you pay for!
  3. We were in Sidari in May this year, we stayed beside the Canal d'amour on the outskirts of the town. Very quiet where we were, but within 10 minutes walk all the life you could want. Would definitely go back, great place.
  4. Off first thing in the morning. We do love going to Greece and in particular the Greek Islands, we have been to Zante (Argossi), Kefalonia (Skala & Lassi), Corfu (Sidari) and Athens. We decided on a cruise as it visits many of the islands we have not been to as well as a Couple of countries we have never visited, Crete, Cyprus, Rhodes, Turkey, Mykonos, Santorini, Kos, Bosnia, Croatia, Corfu, Kefalonia, Katakolon.
  5. Fly out to Crete next Thursday, then onto the cruise ship to travel around the Greek Islands. Hoping a don't put too much back on but am planning on having a great time. Pity though Matt, don't go to Zante this trip, nearest is Kefalonia on the second week!
  6. Hope you are both well, and hopefully see you both in a couple of months!
  7. I lost weight tongue out icon It was on a diet called Lighter Life, it costs a minimum of £66 a week and is a full food replacement program consisting of soups, shakes and bars, it also includes some psycological councilling to identify the triggers and reasons why you overeat. Since I started the diet 2 of my mates have also been on it, one here and one in Exeter. Although I have lost the most by far, all of us have lost a lot of weight, Nigel, has lost 6 stone and reached his target weight and has also completed the maintainance programme which lasts 12 weeks (this is where they
  8. Thanks all, Yep still around! Don't have the Bose L1s anymore though so it wasn't that, and I ain't rich, I spend it all on DJ and Camera gear! My personality has changed since I lost the weight, I am a lot less inhibited and I made a point of having a laugh and a joke and went out and had a bop with the Bridesmaids during the event, I taught a few how to do the Macarena properly, and put them right on the Cha Cha Slide (its amazing how many people get that wrong RIGHT FOOT LEFT STOMP, LEFT FOOT LEFT STOMP, almost everyone does Right foot RIGHT STOMP WRONG!!!) So I think they just saw a
  9. Thanks, the fifteen years bit may explain why I had a serious proposition made to me the weekend before last, to spend the night at the hotel with one of the Bridesmaids. Shocked me to my core, but a massive ego boost when I got over my shock. Funny thing was, she wasn't drunk (she had had a couple of drinks though), and she was a really attractive girl in her mid to late 20s, I passed it off as a joke, but she was serious, even when I explained I was married she said not to worry, no strings and what she doesn't know wont hurt her. I apologised, thanked her for her really kind offer and said
  10. I'm finally back, I have had no access for over a month except the one time I used my Vodaphone dongle. I have been on to Virgin they denied there was a problem, when I told them if I didn't get access soon I would swap my provider, hey ho within 48 hours I have access, what a coincidence eh? Been driving me mad. I Had cleared cookies, once I even tried reloading windows, turned off the Modem for two days whilst I was at UNI, tried 4 different computers in the house all with no access. Suddenly they all work, funny that!
  11. For those of you that know me, here's the change! 11st 01lb loss to date! No photo trickery! Old Me 31/12/07 25st 13lbs http://i332.photobucket.com/albums/m338/EdBray/EDFAT010.jpg New Me, 04/08/08 14st 12lbs http://i332.photobucket.com/albums/m338/EdBray/11stfront.jpghttp://i332.photobucket.com/albums/m338/EdBray/11stSide.jpg
  12. Okay, a while on and my thoughts on the ART525As, I LOVE THEM, I am getting some fantastic comments, they sound fantastic and they are a doddle to carry around. I will be trying them above my two RCF ART705A subs this weekend for the first time as I am curious how they will sound and as it is my own 25th Wedding Anniversary party I can try them out as I like. Hope the DJ isn't crap! Oh, and they don't really need a sub, they sound great without them due to the 15" drivers, but as I am curious as to how they will sound with subs I am giving it a go this weekend. I will update yo
  13. They can and they do. Thomann will NOT honour any warranty with the plugs cut off. There are many types of EURO - UK mains adapters available, but only 3 satisfy the PAT regulations they are these: This one for EURO Transformers This one for 2 pin EURO plugs another type for the 2 pin plug And This one for Schuko Euro plugs with an earth (never use a shaver socket with this type of plug) All of these adapters are captive and will be acceptable for PAT, if they are not captive they are not acceptable. There are many styles and colours. For a couple of quid, why take the ri
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