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  1. Just a quick post to let you know I'm still around, even though I've not been posting to my usual excess LOL. Also a quick (belated) Merry Xmas and a Happy New YTear to all the members :Thumbup: Jim
  2. I'm with Rob (Norfolk) on this one. If they are serious about booking you they get the contracts signed and returned pronto. When they delay they are normally shopping around for the cheapest. Take the fresh booking, send the original one a polite email saying that unfortunately due to not receiving the signed contract in the required time you are unable to reserve the date any longer as per you T&Cs. Jim
  3. That will make you a Minted Minty Dave LOL Jim
  4. What was the problem and did you get it fixed? Jim
  5. I'm getting a new laptop and have pretty much decided on the Packard Bell TJ65-AU-031, it's the one on the PCWorld advert but with a 320GB HD rather than the 250GB. PCW do it for £429. Anybody know where I can get it cheaper or a voucher or something? Jim the Penny Pinching Santa :xmas:
  6. I don't know how long the cached page remains on Google. I would download a copy of the page just in case they try to deny it once the page has gone. It may be prudent to do a charge back on your card, at least then they will have to do the running around! Jim
  7. If you feel able to do the job yourself the optical pick ups are pretty cheap and no special tools are needed. The sledge is easily removed, normally just a couple of screws to release the runners, and a push on ribbon cable. http://cpc.farnell.com/productimages/farnell/standard/42414074.jpg CPC have quite a good range of spares. I'm sure one of the lads that knows which laser it uses will post a part number for it :Thumbup: Jim
  8. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. :joe: Jim
  9. Most DJ shops will have star cloths, Flea Bay is an handy place too. Jim
  10. I posted a video on youtube a couple of years ago, of a show that I put together to Kool & The Gangs Celebration. The video doesn't do the laser any justice as the colours don't record very well and also it flickers as an artefact of the frame rate of recording. It does give you an idea of what you can do with lasers if you invest in the correct kit. This was originally done using Mamba Black with a MediaLas interface (about £500). I now use Pangolin hardware and software which is much much better, but also has a bigger price tag. (BTW the laser is full colour and cost me knocking
  11. The off the shelf graphic lasers are also pretty boring, you tend to get a couple of dozen images that they can show and a handful of animations. The images are of such things as footballs, flying ducks and roses, which normally will have little or no relevance to the music you are playing. Some of them will have an ILDA connector on them that allows you to send any graphics (in an ILDA compatible format) to the laser if you have some suitable interface and software (from as little as a couple of hundred quid, upto several thousand), however the cheaper graphics lasers will have optimised sh
  12. It appears David is correct. I you look on Electrovisions French site it is referred to as the Chaos 3, yet the picture shows it marked up as a 2002. If you then click the British flag, the site then also refers to it as the 2002. Jim
  13. It appears that there has been an influx of DJ Dave's LOL So how many have we got? Jim
  14. I have seen quite a lot of the types you mention, unfortunately they all seem to be purely music/sounds. The important bit is the relaxing speaking ovr the music/sounds. Keep the suggestion coming :dukesy: Jim
  15. :welcome: to the forums Dave. That sounds like a nice laptop setup :Thumbup: Jim
  16. I'm after a CD for my better half. She wants a relaxation/meditation CD. Not just the classical music or mating whale type thing, she wants something that also has somebody talking along with the music/sounds, the sort of thing that a hypnotist sort of does! Any suggestions? Jim
  17. I think you should be OK as you are, Sub bass pretty un directional, unlike the higher frequencies that is directional. Jim
  18. :welcome: to the Dave DJU forum :Thumbup: Jim
  19. To add to Jasons post, Most DJ software packages have trial versions, so try them and see what is best for you. It also depends on the type of DJ that you are whether you need a controller, I personally don't use one as I don't do any scratching apart from in the nether regions LOL. If you are going to rip CDs to MP3s then read up on the PDL (Pro Dub License) and then decide if you are going to need one (or if you are going to buy one anyway). Jim
  20. It's a normal landline number for Nottingham :Thumbup: Jim
  21. I note that they have removed the page from their site, where it was described as a pack with 4 lights. The page is cached on Google though. If you are going to return it I would tell them you want fully reimbursing for the postage too, as the mistake is totally theirs. Jim
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