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  1. http://www.denondj.com/DiscontinuedProducts.aspx officially discontinued. i havent seen anything new from denon for a while
  2. You should be able to boot it onto the CD rather booting onto the C drive. You might need to amend the boot order in the Bios to do this. From here is should be pretty simple. Do a new install and you should see options to delete the existing partition, which will completely wipe the disk and start again. TIP : if the disk is a decent size then partition it. then you can put data on the D: drive and Windows on the C:. This means if the machine needs to re-install again, you don't have to worry about the data on D: because you just delete the C: partition and re-install.
  3. Bit of a strange one at the local WMC. Wedding / Christening as a result of a custody case. I don't think they want too much fuss, aside from the 150+ guests of course. I've talked to them and they don't seem to be good at getting back to me. i'll just take it as it comes.
  4. The lines are blurring between the genres but ... R&B Jay Sean - Down Beyonce - Single Ladies Rihanna - Rude Boy Pitbull timberland - carry out / if we ever meet again Flo Rida Chipmunk Akon - Beutiful / sex chick kid Kudi Older R&B Beyonce - Crazy in love Eve - Tamborine Sean Paul ODB - Got you Money try .. tinie tempah followed by pendulum ? for a bit of drum and bass feel Rave it up towards the end Basshunter, Cascada, Manian, Dizze Rasca, Hands up for Detroit, Scooter Bassline ... look at Wideboys Remixes, Addicted to Bas Alb
  5. A deep 10u mixer case from thomann, as i only use the hd2500 and the x500. i actually have this case for sale as i have moved to a laptop.
  6. Hi, can I ask where you got the LED strip from for inside your booth ? Cheers
  7. Itunes will cross fade, but Ipods don't. Therefore unless you are using a laptop ... no crossfading .. Sorry.
  8. I work in a similar way, although I am just getting used to Traktor (with X1 Control) and what it can do. I have an 8 bar of the incoming song already synced over the top of the playing song, then loop the outgoing with an 8 or 4 and drop in the incoming over the top, using the bass cut where necessary. Then on the outgoing i chop the loop -> 2, 1, 1/2 beat over the incoming, then release the loop on incoming and drop the fader on the outgoing so it hits the vocal or hook on the incoming right on. It gets a really good reaction as they know what is coming and are just wai
  9. up until recently my Tandy Realistic SM58 mic, but then I dropped it! So now everything is less than 3 years old, the oldest thing is my SRM450s
  10. Norfolk, I'm going through exactly the same process at the moment and am considering the Kam TRI140 F-SCAN http://www.kam.co.uk/index.php?action=prod...;product_id=295 They are available at £229 at many places which is about my budget, not sure what yours it, as the possiblities are endless with lasers ... If you like the look of it can you buy one and let me know how you get on! lol :joe: :joe: :joe:
  11. OK, if Sandstorm is the kind of thing you are after, you will of course struggle to top Sandstorm for a euphoric anthem ... but try for a bit of rave up ... tiesto - adagio for strings dj jean - the launch kerkraft 400 - zombie nation public domain - operation blade cosmic gate - fire wire if you want to keep things a bit more sane and you have a 30 something audience then tunes to try livin joy - dreamer strike - u sure do the original - i luv u baby robin s - show my love
  12. anyone heard them ? The freq response on paper looks a bit shy on the bass to me for a 15
  13. i had a pair a year or so back. ... pretty sure they don't do master slave.. sorry.
  14. Have a look at AudioGrabber It too uses the LAME encoder. Installation is pretty simple and it recognises most of my CD's http://download.cnet.com/Audiograbber/3000...4-10016038.html
  15. Looks like mine didn't make the cut then ... lol :) i take your point on Jeff Beck - Silver Lining ... if you are looking to avoid the groans then songs that have been played to death like 'Come on Eileen' for instance Ill restake my claim lol and say that the ones below are cross generation S Club 7- Reach Amarillo - Tony Christie Hey Baby - Dj Otzi (or Bruce Chanel) Sandstrom - Darude Low - Flo Rida Surfin USA / I Get Around Beach Boys Do You love me - Contours Build me up Buttercup - Foundations I love Rock and Roll - joan Jett We Will Rock
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