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  1. Yes they are 12" but they pack quit a punch. They do need EQing to get the best from them though as Dan says they can be a bit harsh. Nik
  2. Pete thanks for all the replies to my questions I give you cudos for that :Thumbup: and I agree with much of what you say and have enjoyed reading your answers. Sadly I think your on a hiding to nothing and I feel that in a few years time you might just fell like Dan seems to feel now. But I hope I am wrong. :dukesy: Nik
  3. I got from the local PC market a single IEC in to three so one lead up the pole for electrics and one HDMI Down for TV plus if DMXing then one DMX lead. Works great but as mentioned in another thread the wiring takes the time. Nik
  4. Yes here you go Hope this helps Nik
  5. Especialy when you have something to sell maybe Nik
  6. Not me on this one brother.. Nik
  7. I was just looking at DJU and noticed that McCardle is a section mod on most sections of the forum but not seen a post from him for a while. Has his keyboard finally broken from the mammoth posting he used to do on here. I did not always see eye to eye with him as I don't with most (Just makes life and the debate more interesting), but I miss his posts they were informative and interesting to read although a little long winded at times. I hope he is ok and returns soon. Nik
  8. I have a pair of the 450s I brought them second hand of a keyboard player who really looked after them. He purchased one then a year later the other one was made in the US the other china. The chinese one alwas gives a little thump when turned on the US one does not. The chinese one the thumb screw at the rear has broken and wont tighten up any more the US one is fine. Even the two bags one made in the US other some third world sweat shop the US one stands up on its own the TW one does not the TW one the hadle has broken the US one is fine. When you look at the bags you can see a differe
  9. Wha twould happen if said smoking DJ was offered a gig in say the USA and had to endure a 4 - 6 hour flight would they turn it down? Just another thought to throw on the fire that is the smoking debate lol. I would have typed more but I need a break back in five Nik
  10. Are fag smokers so addicted they cant go 4 5 6 hours with out the weed? A call of nature is not the same it is a bodily function and as you get older when that call comes you have to go lol. Nik
  11. So what tiers do they have such as bronze Silver Gold Platinum etc. And if as a DJ you were to apply and got anything less than a gold would you really put this on your site. I think it might make a customer (if they really even take any notice of such a thing) go look for a gold DJ. How do you check the paperwork is legit? and what credibility can this truly have? And can you answer the points Dan makes above? Nik
  12. Hi Pete Welcome to the forum. I too like Freestyler but dont get to use it to often as most of my gigs I have to be set up with in an hour and by the time I have rigged and EQ the PA and wired the lighting they want to start. It is an amazing bit of software for free though. Nik
  13. That is a shame Dan and you have given me a little bit of a downer on my new purchase now. Do I have a ticking time bomb of bad caps or has bose got its bottom into gear and made improvements only time will tell I guess. I used the L1 Compact again last night and it does sound a treat and is so easy to set and pack up. But I guess if the components are shoddy in time it will fail like yours. Oh well time will tell. Has any one who has the Bose PA had any problems with it or is Dan just unlucky here. All kit has its good items and bad items was Dans a Friday afternoon manufactur
  14. I am sorry I don't like it. I can see you have gone to a lot of effort to make the tripods on your speakers look nice etc but I just think it looks odd. It reminds me of an American movie where they are about to move house and all the furniture is covered in white sheets. Sorry to be so negative but I am only being honest. Nik
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