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  1. Welcome to the Forum Louis, there are a lot of really great people here who are only happy to help you out with any questions and provide support! Cheers Jose
  2. So I had a christmas party tonight in a venue where I haven't played before. I called them and explained that I was playing there tonight and if there was easy access and any stairs, they told me that I could park just outside the doors and there were no stairs. When I got to the venue, this was in fact true however I was booked in the room upstairs which was up 2 flights of stairs with no lift and you had to park on a busy road, doh :-0 Normally I ask these questions in my booking form but it wasn't returned, I was just given the deposit as it was a friend of my mother in law t
  3. I would suggest approaching a few and see if they are looking for professional DJ's to add to their books. Personally I've had good and not so good experiences but now have some good relationships and have made it clear I will only work for £X so I only want the top end bookings and not the average low paid pub stuff. I don't get loads of bookings but then ones I do are good and this is great for me. Once you have had a few good bookings and get good feedback you will find you get more offers of work from the agent. Make it easy for them by providing testamonials, references, so
  4. I would call and say that I had kept the date pencilled in the diary for them, however they haven't returned the contract and you have now had another enquiry for that date. Ask them if they still wanted to go ahead with you in which case you would need everything back and sorted within 48 hours otherwise you will have to take the other booking. This will show if they are then serious about booking you and should move them along to a decision either way. If this doesn't move them along then release the date and find another booking for that day. This isn't advice just what I wou
  5. I would ask them what sort of background music they would like. When I play background music for the meal, I normally offer a choice of Ratpack type stuff (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin etc.), Mellow Jazz (Easy Jazz is a great 3 CD album), Modern chilled out pop etc.. If you ask them then you won't get it wrong, ask them for a few songs they would like to hear during this part and if they arn't sure they say you will play a mixture. Remember it is meant to be background music so shouldn't be too loud, they should be able to speak to each other at the tables with the music providin
  6. Hi Jas, I would be inclined to keep the fee the same but either offer an additional service for a discounted fee or if you have to free at the same price. If you get the fee you were looking for, you could offer uplighting for free as this wouldn't cost you any more if you already own the equipment. For me I would rather get the fee I wanted and give away a bit more of my time rather than money. I had a situation where a customer liked the all day package but didn't want to pay the extra for it, as it was a local booking I agreed that I would setup early and leave an IPOD
  7. She specifically asked for me not to talk on the mic much lol :-) I've used that trick before, this one is for our lovely bride etc...
  8. Well had an interesting evening tonight. Did a wedding via an agency and the client had said they wanted a mix with a litte cheese but no macarena etc.. I was asked to play top 40 tunes before the first dance so I did. Then after the first dance played a bit of soul & motown which went down fairly well. Then I was asked to play new stuff and this killed it, I started to build the floor up then was asked to announce the buffet which resulted in a mass exodus off the dance floor. Anyway it got going about 10.30pm and it seemed that the crowd wanted older tunes. The bride came
  9. At a gig on Satuday I played James Brown - Sex Machine (about 5 mins long) and later on Guns N Roses - Sweet child o'mine ( over 6 mins long) Both went down well but they are long songs and I was actually going to fade out guns and roses half way through but I didn't as it was going down well. I've had people before get bored of sex machine after about 3 mins because it is fairly samey through the song and Sweet child o'mine would have been better as a 3.5 min radio edit :-) Just wondered what other people do with long (5min+) songs?
  10. Hi Slim, Welcome to the forum, this is a great place to get hints and tips and share experiences with other like minded people! Enjoy :-)
  11. Don't take this personally, I had a really bad gig a few weeks back where nobody danced and I had a really bad crowd. I found it helpful to get it off my chest on this forum and it was great to get encouragement from other DJ's as we have all had the gig from hell! If it was a regular occurance then I would say you may want to take a closer look at yourperformance or go out with another DJ to see how they do it. However I'm sure it was just one of those bad nights. Keep your chin up and look forward to the next gig :-) I've had some great gigs since my bad one and next time
  12. Hey DX, Just seen this and I'm also an ex raver :-) One day I will rip my collection of rave tapes on to MP3 to enjoy again. Been listening recently to the sets from the Fantazia at Castle Donnington in 92. This for me was a great time for rave music before it split it to loads of subgenres - you would hear hardcore, techno, house all mixed up in one set. I'm finding a real mix at the weddings I do, many couples want the traditional mix of music with cheese and some dance bits. However there are couples in their 30s who want me to play loads of club classics, dance anthems and a bit
  13. Great wedding yesterday at Priory Barns in Little Wymondley, its a lovely barn with a raised stage and the high ceiling meant the moving heads worked really well! Played the usual mix of genres and was asked to play a set of club classics at the end which went down well. There was a sound limiter which was set at 95db and it didn't go off, woo hoo! Makes a change to be able to play an acceptable sound volume with these things!
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