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  1. David Bowie - Heroes Rolling Stones - Little Red Rooster (Spuds) Abba - Angel Eyes (Angel Delight) Madonna - Express Yourself (Daily Express) Marie Osmond - Paper Roses Nena - 99 Red Balloons Las Ketchup - Ketchup Song ... Maybe not, are you after a product or brand name? Baz Lurhman - Everybody's free (to wear sunscreen) ... Again questionable Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - Islands in the strea (Soda Stream) http://planetsmilies.net/grinning-smiley-9522.gif Helpful I hope.
  2. Im pretty sure the drivers in the speakers have a five year guarantee. Have been known to be wrong though :msn-wink: I've had the L1 model 2 for about 3 years now and it gets used weekly, sometimes twice a week at weddings, birthdays, pubs, you name it and I've done it. I can't speak highly enough of it, best piece of kit I've ever invested in. I've had the L1 Compact (the one Nick is talking about in this thread) for a year and again it's simply awesome. I use it for children's parties, quizzes, barbeques, christenings, 90 year old birthday parties etc. As always, we speak
  3. Sorry Mr Muppet posting here, who or what is Dj@? http://planetsmilies.net/confused-smiley-17487.gif
  4. Rose Garden - Lynn Anderson Blanket on the ground - Billie Jo Spears What I got in mind - Billie Jo Spears Ruby don't take you love to town - Kenny Rogers I love a rainy night - Eddie Rabbit Country roads - John Denver ... Finished many a great night with this one Always on my mind - Willie Nelson ... End of the night track I walk the line - Johnny Cash Ring of fire - Johnny Cash Crystal chandeliers - Charlie Pride Jackson - Johnny cash & June Carter There's a few I play when the time is right (I hope )
  5. Welcome to the mad house, enjoy I'm sure you will. http://planetsmilies.net/eat-drink-smiley-7819.gif
  6. Nik, your comments do not surprise me in the least, really glad you are happy with your investment. I would suggest anybody thinking about Bose simply do a search on you tube for 'Bose Compact', especially by Cap capello there are loads of great scenes on there, such as ... Bose Compact. You can also trawl the Bose forum for feedback and great stories.
  7. Cool, I'm sure you'll never be disappointed with the outlay. I'll be looking for some gig reports from you Nik! Ref the RMS output, no idea I'm afraid.
  8. I would say, in no particular order ... 1 Ease of set up, no stands simply take off the cover, put the extensions in (if needed), connect mic and/or say laptop, all done in 60 to 90 seconds. 2 Quality of sound, absolutely stunning, so clear. 3 The carry of the sound, check out you tube for Bose Compact clips especially those by a chap called Cap Capello and you'll be amazed at how far the sound carries. As I said in an earlier post I used it at a school sports day and you could hear everything beautifully from 300 yards plus away AND at 180 degrees either side of it. The
  9. They are good but sorry no way are they fantastic. They don't hold a candle against the Bose Compact and yes I have listened to them. I tried them speaker V speaker against the Bose Compact in a large room. It was in http://www.absolutemusic.co.uk/st Poole. Okay so the Bose is £500 dearer but talk about money well spent. Within 2 minutes from walking a room I am set up!
  10. Don't know what your budget is but I've got one of these ... Bose Compact It's a fantastic piece of kit, awesome sound, ideal for wedding speeches, children's parties, Bbq's, smaller parties, quizzes, back up speaker etc. I recently used it at our 6 year old daughter's school sports day and summer fete. It blew people away with the quality of sound outside for such a small unit, compliments galore and a couple of bookings! :Thumbup: I use mine a lot. You simply plug it in, one input for a mic and different inputs for music. Plug an ipod in and you are up and running in litera
  11. This is the one for me, love it (as stated above!)
  12. dj.silver


    Hi Gary, I put all my downloads through this as soon as I download them, brilliant piece of software. http://www.softpointer.com/tr.htm
  13. dj.silver


    Yes, On the assumption the tracks came from those albums. :Thumbup:
  14. dj.silver


    Nik, Nothing to do with cataloguing, it's how they are downloaded from some sites. The number indicates the track number on the album. http://planetsmilies.net/not-tagged-smiley-10097.gif
  15. I always use two tracks when 'sound testing' to give me clarity and thump! Paul Simon Diamonds on the soles of her shoes and Billy Idol White Wedding. On the Bose Paul Simon sounds sublime just so crystal clear and then Billy Idol gives it a right old banging! http://planetsmilies.net/music-smiley-1306.gif
  16. Have you considered Bose L1 and 2 Base units?
  17. I don't mind what I rip/download at. I then, without fail put them through this and they all sound great ... http://www.platinumnotes.com/
  18. Good luck to you, enjoy and keep 'em bopping! http://planetsmilies.net/party-smiley-551.gif
  19. I do one quiz in a New Forest pub and get £85 and another nearer home for £80. I set all my own questions, normal music 'bits & pieces' round, a full colour laminated picture round, where there are faces, landmarks, album sleeves, anything really. The main quiz is 30 questions of general knowledge, sport, entertainment, history, geography etc. I take a laptop plus a Bose compact and that is all, set up in less than 5 minutes!
  20. Nice tunes there ... I was a bit before that, more disco stuff. One track that I love but just doesn't cut the mustard on the floor is Crown Heights Affair's You gave me love. Belting track for me and probably ONLY me! http://planetsmilies.net/music-smiley-7528.gif
  21. Taxi for dj silver! http://planetsmilies.net/machine-smiley-5071.gif Well done indeed, another lesson in the never ending learning curve in mobile disco land!
  22. Anyway back to the original post. My daughter aged 26 went to a wedding two weeks ago and the dj was playing dance (90's) and trancey stuff. She said a few of the older, of which there was quite a lot there, were moaning about what he was playing and were definitely not enjoying themselves. The strange thing is and what your bride needs to realise, is that people over the age of 40 want to have a good party and dance too!
  23. Howsabout ... Judge Jailer Jet Pilot Juggler Gamekeeper Golfer Green Goddess I'll try and think of some others.
  24. With that budget I would, without a doubt go for Bose. One L1 model 2 with 2 B2's (base units). If you can afford an extra £350 now or in the future then get a Tonematch (T1). This gives you a fantastic sound. That is the set up I use and it's easy to carry, simple and very quick to set up and beautiful to listen to. My set up is what you see in my avatar, as I've suggested above. I play right across the board everything from Vera Lynn to Prodigy, yes and sometimes at the same gig! Now the problem with Bose is there is no sitting on the fence, no grey area, they're just like
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