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  1. Great idea! Name: Sacha Current Occupation: Network Engineer (IT) DJ with my current band The B Sharps, I'm also the manager and drummer for the band. Looking to go solo with all my DJ hear and with what I have learned so far!
  2. Has anyone checked whether the charger is the issue? Also, the make and model of the laptop? Laptops are built to be break/fix and repairers including dell normally make a guess on what the issue is...sometimes they get it right but other times they get it wrong. This is ok if you have something like dell's 3 year warrenty plan, but if you don't...well trying to fix it may cost you more then a new laptop! Start with the simplest then work from there. You need to discount the charger out of the frame, after that it'll be the battery and so on. Do not authorise expensive board rep
  3. Yes I've come across this with my band/DJ setup i.e. we need you to be setup and out of the venue by 3pm. Trouble is that I don't think our MU insurance covers us for gear left unattended. In the event I have always stayed behind to keep an eye on stuff! In fact last night we gigged in Bristol and were required to be setup before 6pm which we were. We all stayed and everyone but me retired to the hotel room. I walked out of the venue to have a smoke only to come back and find some kid beating the hell out my drums with the stupid parent stood their laughing?? I soon ejected the oink - in
  4. I agree with this too. And we too are busy. 3 years ago we made the decision to move away from pubs and clubs and concentrate on weddings and corporate type gigs. This has turned out to be the best move we ever made. We offer Band and DJ and 99% of our clients snap this up with the other 1% opting for the truly terrible £50 DJ. Demand for our services is quite high and I'm guessing this is down to the type people we target. Over the past year we have found ourselves playing less at hotels are more for landowners in huge marquees in a fields they own. These people seem to be resistant to t
  5. Well both devices - Laptop and MP3 controller - achieve the same desired result. Yes I accept that they're many things you can do on a laptop but the same can be said for the controllers. I opted for my D2 purely becuase a) a cannot afford 2 DECENT laptops and b) it's nice to have everything in one case. My D2 has skiped or paused up at times - due to opening a corrupt WAV file and for browsing through files without building the library. Luckily this was only when I was learning to use it in my house and both occasions were my fault. I agree that dedicated kit should not be prone to fail
  6. Hi, I know this thread is quite old but I'll add my 2 cents... When I first got my D2 I copied my CD based stuff using EAC to my WD drive. All MP3s are sampled at a VBR of up to 320Kbits. At first I had 400 files per folder on a FAT32 drive. When I copied the songs from the File browser selection I too found that the current track playing would stutter or even stop. Now bear in mind that this was before I built the library. Songs also took about 5 seconds to load. Now when I built the Library I found that songs took about a second to load and that there was now stuttering o
  7. Hi all, I know this is the wrong forum but I am unable to post in the techie forum - most likely due to my low post count. My band had all its gear PAT tested yesterday and as I'm the drummer/DJ my DJ rig was tested too. Currently I own a Numark D2 Director with a Numark CM100 mixer. The D2 Director passed the PAT test - well its power adaptor did - but the CM100 failed for not having an earth. I called my local DJ store - DJ Supplies in Kidderminster - to ask them if this was a common issue. They said that the mixer could be double insulated and if it were they'd be a "square w
  8. Cheers for that chaps! I've been in the band for just over a year now, but have played in cover bands for approx 9 years. Started playing the drums when I was 16 (15 years ago http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/huh.gif ) Catch u laterz
  9. Hi all, Newbie alert!!! I'm a DJ that DJ's with the cover band that I play the drums for...the cover band I play in is located at www.thebsharps.com We play at weddings and corporate do etc etc. The disco side of things is a new edition to the band package but it doesn't half make a difference to the service we provide! People who book us are well chuffed that they can get a band and disco all in one enquiry! Anyway less babbling from me...so a big HI to all DJ Sacha
  10. Hi all - I joined a while back but this is my first post!!! I've decided to post on this thread as I'm a drummer in a Cover Band. The cover band I'm in provides a DJ option for a disco as well the live band, this way we don't have any problems with DJs. I DJ when the band is not on stage and then jump back onto the drums when the band is back on. This setup is great as we can offer a complete package to customers, be incharge of the whole show, and at least part of the package is going to get people up dancing...oh and we charge more money too! This band and the previous band used to
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