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    Besides DJ'ing i am also a Rugby League fan, a big supporter of the Widnes Vikings. Besides mobile dj'ing with computers, i have just bought some turntables and am hoping to get a job in a club someday... although there is a lot of work to be done first!
  1. I'd just like to thank Paul of "high fidelity disco" for allowing me to go to a gig with him last night. I learned loads of stuff i didn't know about mobile DJ'ing and feel much better prepared for my inevitable leap into the mobile dj circuit. I'd recommend going out with a local DJ like this to anybody who is thinking of starting up in business, it's the best way of learning the ropes by miles. Cheers High Fidelity http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/thumbup.gif
  2. Also, could anyone reccommend a decent-ish budget set of cd dekcs? Cheers http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/042.gif
  3. Cheers for the help guys, i shall be steering clear of that system then. I was thinking of buying a good PA kit to begin with and simply hiring the lighting, rigging etc because the PA kit tends to be the most expensive item to hire.
  4. Hey guys, im still trying to find a good setup for my mobile dj'ing! What do you guys think to this package: http://www.htfr.com/more-info/MR128962 Any pro's / cons that you guys could point out for me would be greatly appreciated. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/042.gif
  5. Hey all, I'm looking to buy a decent PA system in the £600 region. As a relative newbie to the mobile dj'ing business, im not entirely sure about this system: 1050 Watt Sound System Package 4 x 15" (ABS Moulded) A complete PA package comprising: 4 x Soundlab XA-300 15" Speakers 1 x C-Mark Amplifier 525 + 525W 4 x Speakon to Speakon speaker cables 1 x Jack to RCA signal cables Power Output Total: 1050 Watts - 1050 WRMS I mean, 1050 watts sounds good, but it's shared between four speakers. Will this make any difference? Can anybody reccommend anything better for £600?
  6. I'm currently trying to establish whether or not it's legal to play Napster subscription downloads to an audience. Its an absolute nightmare trying to establish legalities! Napsters T's & C's state that you own the licence to each track until the next billing date. If they receive their money on the billing date, then the licence extends to the next billing date and so on. HOWEVER the T's & C's also state that downloaded music, in any capacity (purchased or rented via subscription), cannot be used for public performance???!! If this is the case, then what's the point of the Dig
  7. Good points actually. I'll have a re-jig with the site, try to make it more representative of what we can offer. Technically, my friend isn't going to be a partner in the business, as i am putting all of the funding towards the equipment and the music. He's just going to help out with transport etc, and be payed in return. We are doing our first gig, which is a charity do, on 14th July. I think that this will be the best way to gain some initial experience and to make a note of what will be needed for future gigs etc. For the time being, i am renting some decent equipment from a loca
  8. Hi all, my names Tom and im currently setting up a digital mobile dj business: www.resonic.co.uk with a friend from college (you may know of him, john.griffifths, as he's been on this forum before) Obviously, finances are somewhat tight http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/sad.gif ! Now, Napster charge £0.79 per track usually, but they also offer unlimited downloads for £10 a month. However, this does not allow you to burn the track to disc, and it means that each downloaded track is only available for as long as you are a napster member. Essentially therefore, the music is rented!
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