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  1. I have some old 128 tracks that I got from Napster and now I can't remember which ones they were. If I can't tell then the drunken public certainly can't. Even less so with the iPod generation bought up on MP3s. Seriously, I bet some don't even know what a WAV is.
  2. Apple have invested mega bucks in a massive data centre. It's thought that a cloud based iTunes is going to one use for it. Would be good to pay a monthly sub and have unrestricted access. Unless the net goes down midway through a set :wall:
  3. I quoted a woman once for a wedding and she seemed keen. Her husband then got in touch and added around £150 worth of extras for this and for that and god knows what else and he wanted it for THIS price. I politely told him I wouldn't be providing my services. Superb
  4. D.X


    80s is best for when people are drunk. All the tracks you mentioned are fine. Some tunes that have never failed me include ... Debarge - Rhythm Of The Night Jermaine Stewart - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off Medley & Warnes - Time Of My Life (extended version before the last dance works particularly well) Bon Jovi - Living On A Prayer Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now Tina Turner - The Best Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody
  5. Just got back from holiday and the DJs in the clubs were playing it several times per night. Massively irritating track :wall:
  6. Tagging WAV files is tricky. Using ID3 tags that MP3s use breaks the WAV container. There may be other ways but don't count on the Denon hardware/software supporting it.
  7. You should be able to format the drive long before you select the keyboard and language settings. Boot from CD and after it has loaded all the things it needs to install the OS you should be here. You need to delete the current partition. Create a new partition then format it to NTFS. Then you can load the OS on to it. Then wonder why it doesn't work as the serial number is for another machine (if it's a real copy). http://farm1.static.flickr.com/46/124152337_d75f22de5c_o.jpg http://www.microsoft.com/library/media/1033/windowsxp/images/using/setup/winxp/xp-setup-4-format.
  8. My pole is massive thanks
  9. If you only want 1 sub and tend to do smaller gigs then you might want to consider a HK Audio Lucas system.
  10. Maybe they should, just dragged this off another site :wall: Disco/DJ: * Plays at set volume, often too loud for some guests * Starts at fixed time and often ends at the very time when the party is at its peak * Will not accept prior play-lists * Will not have all requests * Will often be a factor in older guests deciding to leave early Juke Box: * Plays at the volume you prefer and can be adjusted accordingly or even turned off * Is available for up to twelve hours and only stops when you pull the plug out! No restriction on time
  11. Then don't say anything :dukesy:
  12. I asked this in a shop back in March, exact same question about the exact same lights. I wanted to control the lot with a CA-8 but he said it wasn't possible as the 2 lights had different amounts of things you can control. For example, lights, gobos etc. How true this is I don't know. Maybe you should email Prolight and ask them.
  13. Had a few non contacters, makes turning up at the gig over 100 miles away a bit nervous but it's always turned out fine. What annoys me more are the people who fill out my enquiry form asking for a disco from 7-12 then after I've quoted them they tag on wedding breakfast background music and then oh, that will be in another room and oh, the disco goes on till 1am, sorry we didn't know. Yeah right, you didn't know what time your own wedding party finishes. I got wise to these "want something for nothing" people after a while. I now jack the price up every time they ask for something t
  14. I used to have the X500, HD2500 and Acme DMX plus a 2U QSC Amp in a 10U 3U from DJKITKASE. Even though there was supposed to be a spare U of space it was pretty tight between the Amp and HD2500. A 3U amp wouldn't fit.
  15. Ohms is a measurement of electrical resistance. The lower the ohms the less the resistance so a 4 ohm speaker will draw more power from an amp than an 8 ohm speaker. If speakers say they're 8 ohms then they're 8 ohms, nothing else. It's the amp you need to look out for. That amp you posted runs at 400 watts a side but only with 4 ohm speakers connected. It probably only runs at 200 watts with 8 ohm speakers. You could connect two 8 ohm speakers on the same channel which will make the amp run at 4 ohm but still, each speaker will only get 200 watts each.
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