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  1. Sorry link dont work try this one http://www.redhot-worldbuffet.com/ Just drinks and food they serve a selection of food from around the world. Indian, chinese, italian etc. Something for everyone. No gear demos etc. But If we meet and then this is something people want I could arrange a venue for next time.
  2. Hi All, Ok this is on a couple of other forums but want to invite anyone on here that has not seen it. We are having a DJ Meet for the Beds, Herts & Bucks areas. But anyone else that can make it from other areas feel free. The plan is to meet here at 7.00pm on the 3rd of March... http://www.redhot-wo...ynes/index.html Now this is being posted up on 2 or 3 different forums so can you please confirm you are coming by adding your name to the list below..... 1. Gavin Thanks Gavin
  3. Serato Scratch Live. The best dj program i think on the market and works fine and dandy on vista
  4. Where from i am after one as well??
  5. Hi All, I have 2 SL1210's for sale. They are in perfect working order but have a few marks on them. The covers (lids) are pretty knackered but that doesnt effect them. These do NOT come with needles (carts) so you will need them. Will not post so collection in the MK area. Email me at gavinthorogood@hotmail.com Make me an offer Gavin.
  6. Martin Wizard Extremes best lights I have ever had!!
  7. I use T Mobile web and walk as my main internet connection these days and find it mine as long as you are in a 3G area!
  8. Used it for 8 years while working as a radio producer and still use it so any help you need let me know. Gav
  9. No idea on that one. Show me love was a great song but never really did anything in the charts
  10. DJGAVT


    I really think they sound rather "naff" on a mobile disco so I wouldnt bother mate. Saying that though I worked as a radio producer for 11 years so if you really want some (but not for free) :joe:
  11. I have my rig up at 3 metres (depending on the venue of course).
  12. I once owned Final Scratch and found it not very stable at all. You want to Get Serato Live mate its a far far far better program.
  13. Not all of them are broken, enough still work to make it look good and I have been using it as a dj front for over a year now so it can work that way.
  14. I say the same about my Mackie rig.
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