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  1. as far as i am aware you still can, But i physicaly go to there office and purchase them http://www.evl-lighting.com/spin.html oh and
  2. Indeed, But buy spins direct of evl just over 100 quid plus vat a piece
  3. Hitachi 2000 Lumens Projector CPRX70 This is no crappy benq projector Will confirm lamp timer, However it is low to be honest. Comes complete with bag mains lead and 10 metre vga lead, Will also include VGA splitter, To enable you to split vga signal 4 ways without any loss of quality. Also comes with a piece of spandex which can be stretched onto any 3 metre trussing / goalpost rig, To enable you to create a rear projection screen, It is'nt hemmed we just used duck tape to hold it to the posts on the rear, Worked fine and get alot of compliments. Looking for £200
  4. Pair Class D 350W RMS Bins, Speakon in and out, Internal crossover Real nice sound, Selling due to not needing 2 pairs, This pair has hardly been used, Looking for £199 for them, Pick up from derbyshire just of J26 M1, Or willing to meet little further afield if diesel is covered
  5. Well i went have to say found it rather dissapointing, Few plus's the pioneer and denon stands where good, Alot of rubbish there, Reps not clued up enough on stands, All in dissapointing certainly won't be returning again
  6. I agree with what you are saying, And although it may seem that i am cutting corners, I am trying to get things done all in house, a full risk assement would be done, And i am going to confirm with supplier re scaffolding, And that is being installed by a proffsional team of fitters
  7. Not poaching work at all, The client one of the biggest banks on the high street, Work on the basis of i want this do it, And hence i deal with all aspects of there requests, But the problem i have found with this, If i subcontract to a specialist they then try and get the foot the door in with the clients, And well that does'nt happen when i sub a job to you. Everyone works different but once bitten twice shy and all that. I will speak to the supplier and seek there advise, I was thinking scaffolding frame to hold the weight
  8. I have'nt asked the supplier, The request can be completed so i am not to concerned as if needs be a scaffolding frame can be installed and have added this into the quote, I was just wondering how if any pros on here did it how they acheived it. I appreciate a specialist can travel all over country, But i only use trusted specialists i know, As previous experience they try and poach repeat work directly with clients
  9. Have been asked to supply and install 20 metres of starcloths, Now getting the cloths is not a problem and already sorted, What i want to know is how you hang it, Trussing yes but pain and expensive, I beleive from what ive been told when large events take place they use scaffolding ? Is this correct, I have also been told to use winch stands and have a custom metal piping made so it can be winched up and down rather then scaffolding
  10. Having a clear out of the rigs, And downsizing a few of them, Up for grabs first is: 1 x Citronic 10:4 Mixer, Fully working and as you can see from the pic its the MK4 Version, Has had little use to be honest as was in a backup rig, So it for sale has been cased when we had it up with foam around the screws, So rack rash is praticaly non existant Am sure you all know the specs, So wont bother adding them, Looking for £80.00 Plus £7.95 delivery, If paid for before 14:00 goes out the same day anything paid for after that goes out the next day, On a UPS Next Day Basis.
  11. Yeah i see what you mean, I personaly the the thumping bass you can acheive with an active crossover, Which i have so will try bi amping them, I havent as yet tried them at a gig just in the lockup so that isnt realy a gud demo to be honest, Will try at weekend and report back
  12. bad news that is, but keeping it in a trailer is asking for trouble
  13. If your fully ripped digital, Then i would suggest the software from swift elite
  14. We have been asked at last minute to help out a local irish club, Who forget to book a band with 3 hours disco, We have told them its not an area we do normaly and they are happy for anything we can do Any suggestions of what would go down well, They ussualy would have a band
  15. Ok so i have a pair of Warrior PSR 15's Passive, 8 OHM 350 W RMS They sound nice to me and im happy with the sound and quality, I wanted to add a bottom of bottom end for larger rooms, So i purchased some class d bins again 8OHM 350W RMS Know im confused here If i go into bass bins first and out upto the tops in my eyes should be a 4ohm load, Class d tell me its 8ohm why is this ? And if i want 4 ohms go into the tops first, And down to the bins, If i wana get more power out the amp
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