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  1. Hi all, Hope you are well and looking forward to the silly month. Coming to the end of the weddings this weekend for me. Friday Wedding in York Saturday Wedding in London Sunday afternoon couple of hours playing at a christening in Birmingham and then burn down the M5 to Exeter for another wedding gig. The last gig for me is rapidly approaching. After a lot of soul searching, New Years Eve is the last gig ever for me. Been at it for 23 years and need to move on and do something else. So January will be a case of Ebay here I come.
  2. Just woke up after a late night and just seeing what was going on. Busy old weekend again..... Friday in Exeter at a wedding....good night. Saturday Wedding in Carlisle...really cracking crowd but didnt finish playing till 2am. Was supposed to be up there again tonight for a 50th birthday but they cancelled at the last minute because the birthday girl wasnt feeling very well. So was going to stop over somewhere but decided to drive back. After packing up didnt get back home until 9am!! Was going to stay awake.....that lasted about half an hour when I fell aslepp on the settee downs
  3. Only do the miles if I can reclaim the petrol money and the wear and tear costs on the van. Normally work out a price per mile and then a percentage on top for paying breakdown cover and wear and tear costs over the year. To be honest, most of the places I work are National Trust properties or the nicer hotels where the clients are paying a considerable ammount for the wedding anyway and want to go all out for a great day. About half of those are playing alongside a band as well which means that sometimes you end up just being their lighting technician and playing for the last hour but as
  4. Depending on their first dance, I always follow with a few 70s classics that everyone knows. Always works for me. Deffo a good idea to try and get other couples to join them during their first dance, after the photographer has done his bit ideally. Then if you go into some classics and you retain a lot of people, good. If not consider a change after a couple to something else. Dont be disheartened if no one dances for the first half hour to an hour. Doesnt happen often but some just want to have a chat and wait for the buffet and also a few more drinks before they start to let their
  5. Back to the silly miles this weekend. Friday down in Plymouth for a wedding Saturday went up to Harrogate for another wedding, very good night thogh with a few bookings out of it. Then today just getting ready to go down to Tenby for a wedding anniversary come retirement party. Just doing my bit for the environment!!!
  6. Things are picking up again for a change Weddings on Friday and Saturday, which went down a storm, cracking guests and great requests. Sunday had a low key 50th birthday which went well Managed to get a couple of midweek 80s nights until xmas to try and generate some footfall for a new pub/club in Birmingham. Only £250 a night but all the gear is in there along with a nice new oodj! Which I really want. Next weekend more of the same really. Just trying to finalise the xmas gigs which is looking quite healthy so will have to see how it goes. Nevewr quite happy until everyt
  7. I,m so knackered this morning. had a right late one last night. Good but very triring. Went on till 4am which is quite rare for me these days. Don't know where they got their energy from! Other than last night the usual wedding do on Friday and got a strange Masonic Party tonight which is always a strain on my patience because thay seem do do loads of speeches and you end up playing just background music all night and then playing about half an hour at the end. Been asked to do them regularly for the next couple of years with an event nearly every week between the different local lodges b
  8. Mixes are fine when you are starting out as a DJ as it gives you plenty of time to find requests, sort out later tracks etc but after a while you should be able to mix the tracks yourself anyway. I still have a case full of old mastermix CDs and don't want to get rid of them but can't remember the last time I bothered to take them with me.
  9. I've been a wedding dj for 20 years now and tbh they have gotten a lot easier nowadays as the bride and groom have a good idea on what they do and do not want. Personally I love playing at weddings. It never fails to amaze me how certain songs just keep doing the rounds over and over again. Last weekend still got requests to play Love Shack, Amarillo, Love Really Hurts. Same tracks but its always a different crowd so you have to act like you rarely play them! The main difference nowadays is they want someone to take charge of the evening. I have gotten to know most of the photographe
  10. another weekend nearly over Thursday got a new residency playing old school house and club classics to a packed house of 3000 Friday had a wedding in Birmingham, very good night Saturday, last night, cracking wedding in Tamworth, really good crowd, nice people Today, got a nice family party to celebrate fathers day. The clients have hired a big marquee and entertainment for the kids as a jazz band then I'm on till midnight with party classics. Just hope the rain holds off!!!!
  11. so much for retiring this year!! The phone never stopped ringing so I have decided to give it another year and re assess it then. shouldnt complain i suppose. All those years of hard work promoting myself still pays off. So this weekend I have been doing a 40th a 60th and a wedding. Usual really.
  12. Problem is that I am after a professional to take over not an amateur!!!!!! :aa
  13. I mentioned ages ago that I have decided to retire this year and even though bookings are still up this year, I am still calling it a day in June when I start my new job. I have been studying for a MA in Graphics for the last 4 years and decided that I want to go back to work full time. Don't get me wrong, the money is great and I am still enjoying it but I would rather retire now than get to ap point where I doing gigs just for the money and not putting my all in to it. I have seen too many go this way. Still Djing till there nearly retirement age and it looks embaressing to me.
  14. Hi Had a couple of good gigs so far Thursday was a retirement party in Birmingham. They said there was going to be about 70 guests and in the end there was more like 200!! Good job they booked a decent size room. They were a brilliant crowd and had loads of requests and in the end didnt finish until 1.30! Last night was a 40th birthday party. Again lots of people all up for a party. Really enjoyed it last night as they left me to it. Nearly every tune I put on, people cheered and the floor was packed all night. V. good night. Tonight, Saturday, got a wedding to do in Harrog
  15. I have had an accountant for several years now and never had a problem yet
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